Reaper of the Martial World
806 Second Trial 125
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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806 Second Trial 125

The Ahpuch Elders were taken back by Dyon's words. In any other situation, they would have felt endless disgust and disdain for such a statement. But, while others might not know it, they knew exactly who the father of this child was! If they lost here today, it would be their final chance to keep these proceedings quiet. Before they could manage to regroup and attack again, that monster would have broken free of his bindings! And it seemed like his son was growing into a monster even fiercer than him!

Dyon's heart began to thump madly as the golden flame that resided within it was lit ablaze, shooting out of the chamber it was within and racing through his veins toward the glaive.

The golden flame erupted from Dyon's hand, coursing through the etchings of the glaive and lighting them all up, one by one.

The glaive unleashed a roar of delight, erupting in a black-gold light that seemed only more domineering when compared to Dyon's bright golden wings.

The body of the glaive began to flake off its outer layer, shedding the skin that had hidden it for so many centuries.

Dyon had seen a weapon manifest a dragon before. He still remembered the day the Dragon King took a nap in the skies of the World Tournament. But, when a golden dragon appeared in the skies of Planet Haven, he had to admit that he was still very much surprised.

When the Dragon King appeared, he didn't truly understand the significance of it. But, now, how could he not? For this weapon to contain a dragon soul, was it truly a mere transcendent level weapon? He had always wondered where the Dragon King received the technique he used to become a weapon… Did it originate from here?

However, it turned out that Dyon was thinking too much about it. After his soul connected with this weapon, he understood its origins and it wasn't as lofty that the Dragon King. It wasn't that it was a bad weapon, it was just that it was almost impossible to match up to a weapon forged with a faith seed as its core.

That said, saying that this glaive's origins weren't as lofty as the Dragon King might be slightly misleading. Because, if what Dyon was seeing was correct, this was one of the many weapons forged by the Dragon Sovereign!

The current Sovereign race, or ruling race, of the Drago-Qilin quadrants is a clan of Golden dragons that was founded by the second strongest Dragon in their history: The Dragon Sovereign. One can see just how powerful this man was considering the Dragon King was only known as being in the top ten, while he was indisputably number two.
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What shocked Dyon even more about this information, though, was the fact that a beast could be a weapon's smith! However, when he thought about his newly gained knowledge of runic vein theory, he understood. Although beast soul talent was too poor to be great array alchemists – other than exceptions like the celestial deer, of course – their body cultivation talent was unmatched! Of course, there would be amazing runic masters in their ranks.

It seemed that this glaive was stolen from the Dragon Sovereign along with the information about dragon anatomy that was used to create the Dragon Refining Arts. It also made sense that Dragons would have the most information about their own veins, after all, runic vein theory relied on you first understanding your own body before you gained the ability to improve it.

Knowing this, Dyon's respect for the creator of the Dragon Refining Arts was increased to another level. To have the audacity to steal from such an entity, and then create a technique that would make every Dragon in existence want to kill you… That took some guts.

The black flakes of the glaive burst into nothingness, revealing veins of gold coursing with blazing golden flames.

The blade of the glaive erupted with sounds of metal sharpening as its edges became thinner and its body extended by another foot, pushing past 3 feet.

"Huh." Dyon's voice cut through awed silence. "Seems like it's not so difficult to gain acknowledgement of this weapon after all. Seems your Ahpuch Clan is simply incompetent."

The dao formation expert didn't know how to respond. Even an idiot could see that the weapon that had never once responded to their long line of Emperors was being wielded by a mere child right now with absolute ease.

"It seems you're quite good at stealing things that aren't yours. It seems like your father truly raised you right." Veles' voice was seething. He had to tact in his words and emphasized the word father, knowing well that it was Dyon's weak point. Dyon had no idea his father was still alive, so one can imagine how deep those words cut.

"Ah," Dyon swung the glaive casually, causing a mountain range in the distance to be split in two. "I almost forgot about the other Emperor Clown Clan of our lovely quadrant. Do you want to be shown how poorly you used your treasures as well?"

Veles' brow furrowed, but his eyes seethed as he witnessed Dyon pull out a large tome.

"I heard that you only had 9 levels." Dyon let go of the glaive, allowing it to float beside him. "So, how come I see 9 acts of 3 levels each?" Dyon made a big show of licking his thumb and flicking through the pages before reaching the 10th and flipping it around.

"Here's the start of the 4th act," Dyon flipped some more, "Here's the 5th… Here's the 7th …"

By this point, Veles was ready to implode. By the time Dyon got to the last page, he was completely fed up while the Angel Clan was dying of laughter.

In that moment, Laura, who had been watching this entire scene unfold, finally set aside her apprehension about Veles. This anger… It couldn't be faked… Veles truly hated Dyon's guts!

"Since we're allies," Laura said to Veles in a whisper, "I can't exactly leave you out to dry like this, now can I?

"Members of the Moon Clan!" Laura's sweet voice rang out, "Attack!"


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