Reaper of the Martial World
805 Second Trial 124
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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805 Second Trial 124

With Dyon's expertise, he could immediately see through this weapon. Normal weapons contained veins similar to meridians, which allowed one to flow their energy in and use it to a higher level. Unfortunately, Dyon never dared to do this because the weapons he used were much too high level. If he tried pouring his energy into the Dragon King, for example, he would be sapped of all of his strength immediately.

The reason why he never switched to a lower ranked weapon because of that was because the effectiveness of a transcendent weapon, even without energy supplementation, was far beyond those weapons below it. When Dyon did switch to a common level weapon, it was only to hone his sword will, not because it was the better choice for survival.

However, the truth of the matter was that this form of weapon was only one aspect. For example, Dyon's Aurora Steps could accept his soul pressure, and this glaive, used his body cultivation. The veins that made it up were quite similar to runic veins, which wasn't all that surprising considering the Ahpuch placed heavy emphasis on Body Cultivation.

Come to think of it, so did the Viserions and Angel Clan. Even the Moon Clan had special bodies, with the exception of Luna was something much more special. If Dyon had to make a guess, this was definitely a quadrant that followed the Body Path.
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It seemed the Ahpuch Elders finally couldn't hold their tongues any longer. Seeing their clan treasure being held by an outsider crossed their bottom line. If one were to put this weapon on a scale similar to that of Energy Path weapons, it would definitely be of the transcendent level, most suitable to be used by celestials.

Considering how rare supreme level treasures were, even when one broke into the dao formation level, you would be lucky enough if you have one transcendent level weapon. The Ahpuch Clan simply couldn't afford such a loss!

Even worse, this was no normal transcendent weapon. It was a weapon reserved for the crown prince and future Emperor of their clan. It would only be passed down from the current Emperor once their chosen successor broke into the celestial level! Its importance was unprecedented. To the Ahpuch Clan, this glaive was just as important as the Viserions Dragon Refining Arts because they were both found in the same place! It was on that very day that the Viserions and Ahpuch made their first pact as unwilling allies.

"Oh? Is this weapon important to you?" Dyon said lightly. He didn't even bother to answer their ridiculous question. They should be worried about making enemies of him. What did he care for a bullshit Ahpuch Clan?

The Elder grit his teeth. "That is our clan treasure. Return it immediately, or else you'll gain the wrath of the Ahpuch Clan in full."

"Your clan treasure? Then why is there no owner of it?" Dyon suddenly chuckled. "Your supposed clan treasure doesn't seem to care about your clan all that much."

The Elder's domineering spirit was immediately washed out by an embarrassed light before his rage built again.

It was true that no one of his Clan had ever gained acknowledgement of the weapon. But, luckily for them, its spirit seemed to be dormant, so it didn't lash out when used by an ordinary wielder.

Much like the Angel Clan, the rest of this quadrant also had fairly low-level weapons. Well, more accurately, they were low level in Dyon's eyes because he had a whole room filled with transcendent level weapons and even had a supreme level ring and tower. But, in this era and especially this quadrant, transcendent weapons were rare as phoenix feathers. Even though they couldn't control the glaive, they still took great pride in owning it.

"I'll say it again." The elder said through gritted teeth, ignoring Dyon jabs. "Return the glaive. Return our prince. Lest you make an enemy of our entire clan!"

"Are you a fool?" Dyon finally turned around, swinging the glaive out from himself casually. The glaive seemed to sing, vibrating in agitation as though it was waiting for Dyon to do something it had waited for, for ages.

The surrounding armies were startled. Not by Dyon's response, but rather the reaction of the glaive. Although they weren't holding it, they could clearly feel its changes. Didn't this weapon not acknowledge anyone? What was going on?

"What did you say?!" The elder was so angry he didn't even notice what everyone else did. He was more shocked that a junior dared to speak to him like this.

"You're seeking to wipe out my Angel Clan with this pitiful display of yours and you're warning us to not provoke you?" Dyon's eyes sharpened as his Presence added another layer of overwhelming pressure. "Let me make something clear to you.

"Even if your Ahpuch Clan never stepped foot on Planet Haven after this day, we would come seek out your heads!"

The Angel Clan warriors roared in unison, spurred by their King's dominance and feeling their blood boil. The Heavens seemed to quake with their rising mood, causing clouds to roll through the once clear morning air.

What they didn't know was that their King was about to do something to raise their morale even higher.


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