Reaper of the Martial World
803 Second Trial 122
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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803 Second Trial 122

Malihcki stifled a laugh, suddenly understanding the purpose of his King. But, looking at Dyon's hold on the chakrams, he also understood that this king of his had truly never used these weapons before. They were quite dangerous if used incorrectly, so he was also slightly nervous.

What Malihcki didn't know was that the moment Dyon's hands touched the blades, he felt an unmatched closeness with it. It was the same closeness he felt no matter what weapon his touched. The problem was that the feeling was much weaker than it was usually…

Without his Weapon's Master will, and considering his weapon's pagoda was sealed away along with his soul, his closeness with weapons wasn't so exaggerated as it had been before.

"I'll bring these back to you in a few moments," Dyon said lightly before soaring in the skies.

The boy watched with admiration in his eyes as his King stood before a man an entire half meter taller than him without an ounce of fear in his eyes.

Dyon nonchalantly spun both blades on a single finger. They were so sharp that he could feel the wind groan at their movement.

At this point, Jabari was about to lose it.

"To humiliate your enemy. Is this the way of the Angel Clan? How appropriate for you to be brought to heel." A dao formation expert of the Ahpuch Clan spoke out in disdain.

Dyon didn't bother to look at him as he spoke. "2 364 822 essence gathering experts. 1 682 455 of the 5th grade. 592 524 of the 4th grade. 89 799 of the lower 3rd grade. 44 of the peak-lower 3rd grade.

"573 534 sainthood experts. 102 456 of the 5th grade. 365 782 of the 4th grade. 105 296 of the peak-lower 3rd grade."

"154 693 celestials. All at the peak-lower 3rd grade. 125 803 of the lower celestial stage. 21 343 of the mid celestial stage. 7 543 of the high celestial stage. 4 at their peak celestial stage on the verge of a break through, but will merely become 3rd grade dao formation experts in the future."

Maybe it wasn't until Dyon's last sentence that the opposing army realized what Dyon was doing. And it wasn't until then that they realized they shouldn't feel any pride in the words they were hearing…

"Ah, yes. You also have 9 present dao formation experts protecting 3 fools I didn't bother to include."

When the dao formation expert heard Dyon emphasize the word present, he suddenly understood that this young king had already seen through their ploy…

"As for you three, all of whom are mere 3rd grade dao formation experts at the mid-high level, don't you think it's more humiliating for you to attack our clan with such a poor showing?" Dyon looked up, his eyes piercing through to the dao formation expert who spoke, allowing his peak King Presence to weigh down on the battle field until his enemies could hardly breathe.

"103 349 warriors. 81 593 sainthood experts. All of the peak first grade. 21 739 celestial experts. All of the first grade. 17 dao formation experts. 12 of the second grade. 5 of the first grade.

"You do not deserve to stand on the same battle field as us." Dyon shifted his gaze back to Jabari. "And you do not deserve to stand on the same battle field as me."

The blood of the Angel Clan boiled. How could they not understand the reason their King had said these words?

They were too short sighted in only seeing numbers. Maybe if they were still only 50 000 strong, the number difference would still be insurmountable, however, with their numbers doubled, their strength was unparalleled!

"I WILL KILL YOU!" Jabari finally lost his last shred of patience. He turned into a blur, charging toward Dyon like a raging bull.

Dyon shook his head as though he was lamenting being peerless in the world. However, all of his analysis of Jabari stood true even until now. Raging or not, this was not an easy opponent. Unfortunately for Jabari, Dyon had no intention of fighting him head on. The best way to deal with such an idiot was to use your head.

A stone with flashing comets shone as it hung loosely from Dyon's neck. Tossing the chakrams into the air, they suddenly disappeared from sight completely.
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Malihcki, who was still standing on the ground, was stunned by this. Could his weapons be used this way? Did his King lie? Did he actually know some sort of secret technique?

However, his thoughts were stalled as Dyon took a step forward toward Jabari's raging figure before disappearing from sight as well.

Jabari froze in complete confusion. How could a person just disappear? He was sure that Dyon hadn't used a movement technique… He had just vanished? What was going on?

In his rage, Jabari hadn't even taken out his glaive, wanting to tear Dyon apart with his bare hands. But, now he was apprehensive. He suddenly regretted never spending time honing his senses. His soul was still far from the celestial stage despite his energy and body cultivation having long since reached that stage, so he had no divine sense. He had no idea where Dyon was!

"YOUNG PRINCE!" The dao formation experts sworn to protect this Ahpuch crown prince suddenly shouted out in horror. As dao formation experts, no matter how poor their soul cultivation talent was, how could they not have at least managed to reach the lower 9th stage? Therefore, although they were baffled by Dyon's disappearance too, they knew he was still in the area!

However, it was too late.

Dyon nonchalantly waved his hand, slicing a gash into Jabari's back.

Jabari spun around violently, lunging forward with newfound ferocity. Unfortunately for him, Dyon had expected this.

The biggest problem when dealing with those stronger than you was that even if you immobilized them or caught them off guard, dealing serious damage was difficult. This was a major problem Dyon had when he fought Loki and Elder Daiyu, which was why the battle didn't simply end after he pressured their souls with the Aurora Steps.

Dyon knew that if he wanted to injure Jabari badly, it would take time. And that time would give this crown prince of the Ahpuch Clan too much time to become acclimated to his concealment array, not to mention give the dao formation enemies time to step in. A dragged out fight would have the opposite effect of the morale boost Dyon was going for. So, he needed a way to end things quickly.

That was when Dyon suddenly thought of an idea. Instead of using his own power to harm Jabari, why not let the overgrown gorilla harm himself?!

Jabari charged forward, spreading out his arms in hopes of catching even the faintest sign of Dyon. His speed burst forward as his devilish aura was pushed to its max, stimulating his God level bloodline to the best of his abilities and spurring his speed on.

However, the moment he was looking for never came. He reached his top speed in less than a meter, before abruptly coming to a stop just as fast.

Jabari froze, unable to move even an inch further as a stunned look in his eyes washed over his features.

Dyon slowly appeared as blood trickled down Jabari's forehead and his hand.

There, Dyon stood holding a chakram high. On one end was his strong and large hand… On the other… Jabari's sliced skull.


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