Reaper of the Martial World
802 Second Trial 121
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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802 Second Trial 121

All of this aside, even if Dyon's soul and energy cultivation were unsealed, he wouldn't want to fight Jabari in such a situation. All Jabari cared about was his own pride, however, Dyon had an entire clan to worry about. His formation worked most effectively while he was heading it, for one. Secondly, the dao formation experts sent to protect Jabari would never let him die, so what was the point? Although Dyon had methods to make sure Jabari died, he didn't want to reveal them just yet.

However, there were some things that even someone as rational and intelligent as Dyon would ignore. To challenge him for his own woman wasn't something he would take lying down. Since Jabari wanted to embarrass himself, Dyon would happily oblige.
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Dyon slowly descended from the skies, landing beside an unassuming teenage boy with fiery eyes. His battle intent was clearly flickering, but Dyon could see a tinge of nervousness in his eyes when he looked over to his left to a girl that was about his age.

Although Dyon refused to add essence gatherers to his army because of their youth, he unfortunately couldn't afford to give up saints. Because of the talent of the Angel Clan, essence gatherers were aplenty even in children as young as 10 years old. Unfortunately, that meant that some saints were barely 16 or 17 years old. Here, that was both a gift and a curse.

The boy here was clearly not afraid to fight for his clan, but with the addition of who Dyon assumed was his crush into the mix, he couldn't seem to focus. Dyon knew that this was likely a problem many were facing, however, the benefits of adding 50,000 warriors outweighed the drop in battle prowess the original army would suffer while worrying about their significant others, daughters and mothers.

Dyon understood this more than almost anyone. There was a point in his life where he felt the need to be beside his wives every step of the way, making sure not even the tiniest mosquitoes bothered them. However, he too needed to learn how to let go. Women were delicate flowers every man wanted to protect with their lives, but often times that blinded these very men from understanding that each of those women who had a place in their hearts had prowess of their own… And… They wanted to give their life for you just as much as you wanted to for them.

Dyon lightly smiled, ignoring the fuming Jabari in the air. "Do you love her?"

The boy was startled. He was so engrossed in his own thoughts that he hadn't even noticed his King approach him. By the time he processed the words Dyon said, his ears immediately went red as he inadvertently glanced at the delicate beauty who was a few rows from him. Because of their arrangements, Dyon had purposefully given those with strong relationships battle radii near each other.

When Dyon's words spread across the battle field, the girl suddenly noticed the boy's gaze and she too immediately went red. The innocent moment lightened up the tense atmosphere that permeated the Angel Clan army, even causing some more of the shameless older men to laugh and jeer.

Dyon ruffled the boy's hair, "There's no greater sign of love than to fight beside one other. Always remember, she wants to protect you as much as you want to protect her. Only when you're side by side can you both be worry free."

Dyon's words stunned the army of warriors. The women felt their grievances had finally been laid to bare, while the men suddenly realized that maybe they had been too hypocritical in their steadfast biases. Although that didn't shift the culture of the Angel Clan, it was definitely a step in the right direction. In fact, it worked two-fold in allowing the tense nerves to relax.

Amphorae, who still stood in the air, smiled. She hadn't seen this charismatic side of her husband in a long time and no one was happier with its reappearance than her. Dyon's Presence seemed to make everyone cling to his every word… This was what a King should be.

"I understand." The boy lowered his head, half ashamed, but also half determined.

Smiling, Dyon said no more on the topic. Acting as though he suddenly remembered something, he looked up into the sky at the Jabari fool whose head was seemingly about to explode.

"Actually, I came here for another reason," Dyon said with a devious glint in his eye. "What weapon do you use, Malihcki?"

The boy was stunned. He had never expected that their King knew his name, but the moment he heard it, a deep warmth spread through his chest. He suddenly felt as though he would jump through fire for the man standing beside him.

"Responding to my liege, I use chakrams." The boy proudly held up two completely round blades. They were sharp all around with their only dull parts being within the inner circle meant to act as hand holds. They had a finished sheen to them that made it clear that this boy took care of them diligently.

"You take care of your weapons well," Dyon praised without reserve.

The boy blushed, avoiding Dyon's shining eyes to hide his happiness. "Did sire need them?"

Dyon smiled, accepting the two round blades from Malihcki. "I've never used these before. So, while they may be deadly in your hands, it's akin to giving a child a weapon in mine."

The boy was about to refute, but Dyon continued before he could get a chance to.

"Since that's the case, I thought it would be the perfect handicap to give the fool in the sky."


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