Reaper of the Martial World
800 Second Trial 119
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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800 Second Trial 119

Luna could only continuously stare at the now clean dungeon ground as she squeezed her delicate head between her knees. Suddenly, her head snapped up, looking in a particular direction with unquestioned complexity written on her features.

In that instant, her plan went up in smoke. It seemed she had underestimated this husband of hers again… Not only was he back… He was more powerful than ever…

Luna's doubt strengthened manifold in that moment. Was she wrong in not believing in him?


Dyon soared through the skies, cutting through the air like a hot knife through butter. His bright golden wings outshone the slowly rising sun, basking the desolate Angel Clan with a blinding light.

In that moment, every Angel clan warriors looked up into the sky to see their King approaching with the dawn's sun as his backdrop. He looked like nothing short of a God descending from the skies.

The Angel clan warriors were in shock. They had never seen anyone with golden wings. In fact, they had never seen anyone with more than a single pair of wings, but suddenly, their king had four!

A gentle wind swept through the prepared battle ground as Dyon lightly slowed to hover before Amphorae. The anger in his eyes was gone, replaced by a gentle and loving look that even his a bit of remorsefulness. However, he knew that now wasn't the time to pay Amphorae back… He didn't know if he would ever get to pay her back at all…

But, Amphorae only lightly smiled, seemingly content and understanding.

Dyon shifted to Amphorae's side. The sky brightened, erupting in a blessing that forced the illusions of both Dyon's and Amphorae's manifestations into existence. They weren't real, nor did they give them any boost in power… But it was as though Dyon's presence along with his queen's forced them to show themselves… As if they would be remiss had they not.

The Angel Clan looked up in awe as a Goddess bathed in pure white light stood beside a domineering man bathed in gold. Their wings spread outward, gently caressing every angel present, instilling their hearts with even more resolve.

At this point, Dyon knew he didn't need to say anything. There was no longer a need. Everyone already understood. Today, they would fight together. Their hearts would be as one and their goals would be in sync. With their King and Queen behind them, what did they have to fear?

They all faced ahead, standing outside the tall walls of the Angel Clan just as the rumbling of an approaching filled their sharp senses.

Dyon felt Amphorae slip a spatial ring onto his finger, causing him to nod in acknowledgment. He had these spatial rings formulated for the strongest 5 members of their clans, all of which were peak dao formation experts and happened to include Amphorae's father. He set these members aside, purposefully not placing them into the squads that formed his radius formation strategy.

As for their function, that was a secret that would soon drive the opposing army quite insane. This strategy would have been impossible had Dyon not incorporated ancient world formation theory, so he had to thank the Angel Clan ancestors for the benefits he gained.
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In a mere few moments, an army tallying nearly three million appeared in the skies, led by Laura Moon, Jabari Ahpuch, and Veles Viserion, along with their dao formation protectors.

Seeing Veles, Dyon didn't have a single change in his facial expression. It was as though he had never seen this man before in his life. If it wasn't for the fact Veles' expression was twisting and grinding as though he might explode at any moment, one would never know that there was a relationship between the two.

Jabari, however, had been completely nonchalant until his eyes suddenly landed on Amphorae. After all, unlike the unorganized attacking army, only Dyon and Amphorae stood in the air on the defending side. Their presence was extremely eye-catching.

Dyon's Perception spread out, seemingly piercing through everything as the irises of his eye moved so rapidly that it almost seemed as though his cool hazel-green eyes had become completely white. Unfortunately, unlike when he used his soul, Dyon's perception required him to purposefully land his eye on what he was observing. Even more unfortunately, personally scanning three million people was quite the burden. That said, it took Dyon less than ten seconds to finish.

"What a woman!" Jabari's large frame suddenly emanated a deep demonic aura as he slightly enlarged, "For you, beautiful, as long as you all surrender your spiritual vein and swear allegiance to the Ahpuch Emperor God Clan, I won't touch a single hair on that pretty little head of yours."

Amphorae didn't answer, nor did she seem to have any reaction. It was as though Jabari was a fly she couldn't be bothered to deal with.

Jabari raised an eyebrow before suddenly noticing that there was someone standing beside this beauty he had been so focused on. "Ah, I understand. This must be the pitiful man you were promised to? Don't worry, I don't particularly care whether you're a virgin or not. I'm only interested in making you mine. Who cares if I own your purity if I don't have the power to make you stay by my side?" Jabari fiercely grinned, his eyes reddening visibly. He hadn't been this agitated by a woman since he saw Luna!

Amphorae finally looked up, and met Jabari's demonic eyes, completely unperturbed. She knew that Dyon had no intention of standing up for her now, and she also knew the exact reason why not. If it wasn't for a purpose, with Dyon's personality, wouldn't he have had Jabari's head on a platter by now?

After all of the effort Amphorae had put in to turning the clan's image of women around, if she showed apprehension in dealing with a little harassment, wouldn't all that work fly up in smoke?

"Jabari Ahpuch, crown prince of the Ahpuch Emperor God Clan, is it?" Amphorae spoke lightly and gently, yet her voice seemed to travel to everyone's ears easily.

"Haha!" Jabari's chest puffed out in pride. "So, you have heard of me!"

"Of course." Amphorae nodded, still completely indifferent. "I've long since heard how you came in second to my husband despite being almost an entire realm higher in cultivation and more than a few decades older. Truly impressive.

"If my chosen man is pitiful, then how exactly do you label yourself?"


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