Reaper of the Martial World
799 Second Trial 118
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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799 Second Trial 118

Within the cells of the Angel Clan, Luna remained in a daze.

For the past two days, she constantly thought of Amphorae's words. Being by Dyon's side shouldn't be something to feel guilty about… She should feel honor…

No one truly knew Luna's thoughts but herself, but she hadn't lied to Amphorae that day. She had said everything without reserve. Maybe it was because she felt like she owed this girl who should have been her sister wife too much, or maybe she wanted someone to finally sympathize with her… Whatever the case was, she had blurted out way too many truths without hesitation. If she didn't know better, she would have thought that Amphorae had the same abilities as herself.

The truth of the matter was that Luna had been trying to find a way to help Dyon without betraying her sister. She felt like she owed her life to Laura and wouldn't hesitate to jump off a bridge if her elder sister asked her to, however, she didn't know when, but she had fallen so deeply in love with Dyon that it was affecting those very vows she had taken so long ago…

From the moment she met Dyon, he had placed an irrefutable stamp on her heart. She still remembered that arrogant and unrestrained smile that hid a deep rage toward those who underestimated him. She still remembered his shattering doubt after doubt as he soared higher and higher on the Universe Tournament Rankings, seemingly defying all logic by his own will. She still remembered him boldly proclaiming that she was his woman, even in the face two Emperor God Clans and her egomaniac of a father.

In the beginning, Luna was quite indifferent. She had seen too many people who thought so much of themselves, and this was especially so after her father paraded her around to practically every influential clan in the quadrant, hoping to pawn her off for more power. The problem with all of those people was that they always folded the moment things truly became difficult, only then would they become as feeble as kittens, only capable of relying on whatever background they had.

Luna couldn't lie to herself, she assumed that Dyon was some sort of hidden young master of some prestigious clan she couldn't bother to remember the name of. After all, how could someone as talented as him come from a such a small clan? But time and time again, he completely shattered her expectations, even reforming the way she thought about the world. And better yet, when he faced adversity, he didn't shrink, he only pushed forward, growing further.

During the tournament, Dyon always said that Veles only ranked 5th place because he was at the peak essence gathering stage, while he placed first because he had broken through to sainthood. The truth he didn't always tell was that Veles and Dyon had entered into the tournament at the very same cultivation level. They were both head strong, both more willing to die than willingly give up, however Dyon had a special attribute about him… While Veles could picture his defeat and would just refuse to break down mentally in the face of it, Dyon refused to acknowledge defeat at all!

No matter what the situation, no matter how dire, no matter how hopeless, Dyon only saw the path to victory. There was never a single sliver of doubt in his mind that he would succeed. So, when Dyon fought Veles for the right to enter the final four, he broke through while Veles could only accept his defeat.

When Luna thought back to these events, she inadvertently smiled, forgetting the inner turmoil in her heart for a small moment before she came back to reality.

Her mind wondered back to Amphorae's words again… Was she wrong?... Did her love matter at all if she didn't believe in her husband?... Would he even take her as a wife anymore?...

However, Luna found herself hoping that her plan would work anyway…

When Laura told Luna that she wanted her to ruin the alliance between the Viserions and the Angel Clan, Luna hadn't known what to do. But, in that moment, she also realized that her primordial yin was gone, so suddenly, a very hard choice became very easy…

By ruining the Viserion alliance with the Angel Clan, he knew that Veles would be angry beyond belief. With Dyon's personality, he would definitely choose to split from them and run away on his own. However, because Luna didn't want Dyon to be captured, she orchestrated the rebellion by the barbarians by telling their leader that his daughter, Mina, was being mistreated. This was incredibly easy to pull off considering her abilities to make others believe her words.

Luna's hope was that the remaining elders would be too weak to catch and kill Dyon, but also strong enough to occupy him long enough for this battle to end. By the time Dyon shook off those elders, the Angel Clan would be completely wiped out and Luna would have long since killed herself with her Moon Clan and the Ahpuch, thus putting an end to this whole mess.

With her death and the annihilation of the Angel Clan, even if the mysterious clans wanted to vent their frustrations, they would have nothing to do so on. In ten years, Dyon's father would be released and exact revenge along side Dyon who would have been smart enough to hide since he only had his own life to protect now.

Luna had been so sure in herself before… But was she wrong?...
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