Reaper of the Martial World
797 Second Trial 116
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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797 Second Trial 116

Dyon's heart began to beat at an odd, but steady beat. It was as though he had two, not one heart. The chamber housing his blood essence pumped at a far faster rate than the chamber the fumes were floating up to.

The wisps of golden fumes reached their own chamber. Dyon could sense faint sparks flying between them, causing him to know that he was close to succeeding.

Moments later, a bright golden flame flashed into existence, causing Dyon to immediately slow the beating of his heart before collapsing to the ground. Within his heart, a flame danced about rampantly before dashing out and coursing through his veins.

The flame grew, stretching along and being nurtured by Dyon's body cultivation. Hours passed as it slowly grew from a common level flame to a peak grandmaster runic flame, corresponding with Dyon's peak saint body cultivation.

When the flame finished exploring Dyon's body, it suddenly became happy beyond belief when it noticed the collection of the Demon Sage's blood essence. However, it seemed to notice that it couldn't reach it like it wanted to.

If the flame could frown, it likely would have done so. But, it suddenly lit up with an idea.

Suddenly, the flame began to work on something Dyon had gone through all this trouble to do. It bore into Dyon's body, forcefully creating new veins. Inch by inch, it made its way to the Demon Sage blood essence before fusing the veins Dyon had been slowly creating with it to his new body cultivation talent.

Dyon's unconscious body convulsed, jumping two feet into the air before dropping down. The Demon Sage's blood essence finally found its bridge to truly become a part of Dyon's body.

It tore its way through Dyon's veins, shooting straight toward his heart to be stored along with his true blood essence.

In that instant, Dyon's bodily cultivation pushed past 28%, tearing through the 29% bottle neck before punching through the 30% barrier!

Celestial energy raged through the skies. Earthquakes seemed to erupt, all centering around a single incognito cave.

Dyon's flame danced around happily, stealing wisps of the Demon Sage's potential to strengthen itself. It tore through its own bottle neck, becoming a comet level flame in a single leap.

In the instant the Demon Sage's blood essence revolved around Dyon's true blood essence, the thunder in the sky clapped so profoundly that a crack gashed through the accumulating grey clouds. A single ray of sunshine beamed through it, resting at the cave entrance as though to bow down in respect to the birth of a true talent… In that instant, it was no less than the auspicious signs seen during the birth date of a world-shaking talent.

Without exception, every elder capable of understanding such signs looked into the skies and sighed, lamenting the fact this talent wasn't being born into their own clans.

There was a simple explanation for all of this. When Dyon's body absorbed the body kernel, his body had been rebirthed along with Clara's. This was why he technically took Clara's virginity twice, once before the kernel, and the other after.

However, his and Clara's talents were hidden away from the universe because they increased through unnatural means. It was only by perfectly fusing his olden talent with his new that the universe could no longer ignore Dyon's presence and was forced to create a sign as though he was a newborn. However, this baptism increased Dyon's Heaven's Blessing once again!

In the end, Dyon's blood essence integration finally stopped at 32%, resting at the lower celestial level. It wouldn't be until he reached 55% that he would break through again.

At this point, the tome was clearly agitated. It could now sense Dyon's body cultivation talent, but what enticed it even more was the potential of his runic flame. It could tell that although Dyon's runic flame was at the comet level, it would be a stretch to say that his knowledge was at the common level. However, the tome didn't care about current strength, it cared about potential, and it had never seen anyone with as much potential as Dyon, even its own master!

However, the tome also had a very clear set of rules to follow. If Dyon couldn't understand how to make it submit, it wasn't allowed to arbitrarily choose him…


Within the Moon Clan borders, the Moon Clan and its subordinate clans were preparing to move. With their size, it would take a bit more than a day to reach the Angel Clan, despite their cultivation, so, they were moving and organizing themselves now.

However, in typical martial world fashion, there didn't seem to be much organization. If anything, they simply placed the canon fodder clans at the front. To them, if everything went well, there would be no need for their more important elites to risk their lives at all.

"King Viserion," Laura greeted politely. She didn't think they needed this man here to win, but having him on their side was better than having to lose more of their comrades against him. In fact, she planned on using the Viserions as canon fodder. She snickered to herself, thinking herself very clever. "May I ask where you armies are?"

King Viserion's vision snapped toward Laura, his eyes snapping into a yellow and slitted form as though he wanted to use his Dragon eyes to bore into her soul.

"You think that I joined your side to be used as canon fodder? My armies are here, however you'd better stick to using your little pretentious schemes on the enemy." With those final words, Veles walked away, not bothering to look back toward Laura whose eyes were currently flashing with murderous intent.
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'I'll let you keep up your attitude for now. However, war is quite a chaotic time. It would be a shame if a talented individual like yourself were to die… Such a shame indeed.'


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