Reaper of the Martial World
794 Second Trial 113
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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794 Second Trial 113

When Dyon thought to this point, he was quite pensive. This was a huge leap in logic by him, but often times, he was usually right when his mind jumped to conclusions. It was as though his brain had computed the most likely possibilities with him being a bystander, before it let him know what the answer was. As for his brain's logic, he would come to understand it later.

That aside, Dyon was surprised to find out that his master didn't have much information on runic veins either. It was no wonder he didn't notice it before. If it was a huge store of information, he would have likely stumbled across it by accident earlier on.

It seemed that Runic Veins were most prominent in universes and quadrants that followed the body path. Dyon remembered that the universe Jabari originated from followed the energy path and they had ostracized those of the soul path, even to the point where those without backing, yet had the "audacity" to have high soul talent, were punished severely. Other than that, Dyon had little information about these paths, other than their fairly obvious definitions. In fact, the Dyon's universe didn't even seem to have the qualifications to follow a path.

At this point, Dyon couldn't help but smell another wisp of conspiracy. The three paths were exactly like schools of thought or political affiliations, except the difference here was that all sides were losing by having such deep seeded biases. If Dyon was right that the cosmos could only be saved by combining all three equivalents, then people were essentially turning their nose up at the solution because they thought their path was the right one.

In the past, Dyon remembered thinking that constitutions were essentially the cosmos' way of screaming out for help. Those who were born with God Constitutions often became the most powerful among their generation, and that was because constitutions gave a healthy dose of talent to all three paths! It was such an obvious sign, yet everyone was ignoring it as though someone had pulled wool over all of their eyes!

For now, Dyon could only ignore these points and focus on the knowledge his master did have. He already knew that if he wanted to travel along the rune master route, he would have to find someone more knowledgeable, because his master just didn't know enough, but it would have to be good enough for now.

Following the same line of logic that vein construction decided various aspects of bodily talent, runic veins could be drawn to deal with all sorts of things. There were vein patterns capable of increasing speed, strength and even speed of thought. However, they all came in two major categories.

The first category was a limitation category. This was when a runic vein was inscribed on a runic tablet and infused into the skin as a tattoo. When this method was used, depending on the talent and strength of the body of the person in question, there were limits to the quality and quantity his or her body could handle. This could also be modified depending on the material the runic veins were etched into. For example, a higher quality material would be able to help the host withstand the burden better, and thus result in said person being able to handle more runes.

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The second category was one that made Dyon's eyes flash with a sudden realization.

Highly skilled runic masters were able to use the human body as their canvas. This method wouldn't have any limits at all and would only be based on the skill level of the rune master. However, it came with an added level of risk and a fatality percentage that did depend on the talent and cultivation of the person. For example, if someone wanted to reconstruct the veins of a person at the foundation stage to be able to use the speed of a person at sainthood, to say that likelihood of survival was less than 1% would be giving this idea far too much credit. However, according to the knowledge Dyon's master possessed, it was theoretically possible, albeit as hard as ascending past the heavens.

As it went, the first method had a much higher survival rate because it allowed abandoning part way through if one decided they wouldn't be able to withstand it. However, the second method provided no such option.

The reason Dyon found the second method so interesting was because the Dragon Refining Arts was exactly such a method! Except it was structured in such an ingenious way that had Dyon never learned of runic veins, he would have never thought much of it.

The Dragon Refining Arts seemingly did the impossible. Normally, as previously stated, it was impossible to stop midway while using the second method. However, it managed to do exactly that! In fact, its complexity far outweighed anything in Dyon's master's memories. It wasn't a simple one attribute rune, it combined all aspects of becoming a dragon into one! This type of rune… It was simply heaven defying!

Two attribute runes were already very rare in Dyon's master's time. Three attribute runes were even more unheard of. But, Dyon could hardly count the number of attributes this Dragon Refining Art provided. It gave dragon eyes, strength, speed, defense, vocal cords, soul and it was likely the remaining 18 pages had even more!

This wasn't just a peak divine cultivation technique… It was a rune of a level even Dyon's master couldn't properly place!


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