Reaper of the Martial World
789 Second Trial 108
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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789 Second Trial 108

"It won't be easy to get him to forgive you…" Amphorae said softly. Although she hadn't forgiven Luna, the hatred in her heart had faded.

Luna shook her head bitterly. She didn't tell Amphorae her story to gain forgiveness, she only wanted to let Amphorae know the full scope of the situation so that she could prepare properly. If the Moon Clan was defeated, her sister and mother would be safe, at least in the short term.

The movement of the Moon Clan this time would, without a doubt, catch the sights of the Viserions. According to the plan of the mysterious clan, both Luna and the Energy Core had to be brought back to their clan before suspicions rose too high.

If the Viserions or the Beast Alliance caught wind before hand, then it would be much harder to justify keeping both treasures.

The Viserions would definitely demand that the Ahpuch share in the spoils, not knowing that the mysterious clans were behind their actions. And the mysterious clans would have no choice but to react in that case, however, once they did so, the Beast Alliance would act as well! It would become a massive mess that Luna was sure Laura and her mother would be able to escape.

The truth was that the only reason the Moon Clan hadn't collapsed after the death of their King was because of the support of the Ahpuch. If the Ahpuch were otherwise occupied, there was no doubt in Luna's mind that all of the clans the late King Moon had offended in his rise to power would come for revenge. At that time, the eldest princesses and the queen could fake their deaths and escape to a corner of the universe to live out their lives peacefully.

"His forgiveness isn't something I deserve in this life… Maybe the next…"

Amphorae sighed and no longer said anything else. They both knew Dyon's personality, and weirdly enough, Luna probably knew it the best.

After so long manipulating Dyon's Life Essence, it could be said that other than himself, Luna knew Dyon best.

Dyon was intelligent, resolute, stubborn, and most of all, arrogant! How could he stand the idea of one of his own women betraying him? His pride ran so deep that even Luna couldn't see the end of it.

Having a woman you love essentially tell you that you weren't good enough to protect her, wouldn't that enrage you?

No matter what reasons or stories Luna had to justify her actions, the fact of the matter was that the trusted in the power of those mysterious clans more than she trusted in the power of her own husband! That was a blow Dyon wouldn't easily forget. In fact, he might never forget it at all. Unless something drastic happened, Luna's position in his heart would be forever tainted.

"You're wrong about one thing." Amphorae spoke, seemingly reading Luna's mind. "When I say that our husband is the most intelligent man I've ever met, that might not mean much considering I haven't seen much of the world, but it's enough for me to know that he was aware that you manipulated his emotions long ago. Whether he knew the method you used or not is one thing, but I'm sure he knew.

"Yet, he didn't act against you until this very moment. You know why don't you?"

Tears started falling from Luna's eyes again. When she heard Amphorae say 'our' husband, she couldn't hold in her emotions any longer. She didn't know when, but she must have been seeking approval from this woman that she should have been sisters with.
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"It was because he had already said that you were his woman. Before any of this happened, before you acted against him, before you betrayed him, he had already made that decision in his heart.

"Despite knowing you willfully acted against him, he wasn't angered, he didn't toss you away, nor did he even ask about it. He was waiting for the day you told him yourself."

"But…" Luna choked down her words. She wanted to say that Dyon couldn't act against her, he had manipulated his emotions. He would rather die than hurt her, wasn't that right?

However, Amphorae shook her head. "Is he not still under your spell now? There's nothing here capable of undoing what you've done, yet he treated you coldly and even had the elders throw you in the cell and chain you to the wall."

Luna shuddered, a sudden realization coming over her… Did that mean?...

"Our husband isn't a man who bows to his own desires so easily. He's strong headed and stubborn. Even if you had the ability to distort his feelings, he would never bow to it!" A dignified and holy aura suddenly erupted from Amphorae, sweeping away all of the filth of the dungeon in an instant and replacing the foul smell with a soothing fragrance reminiscent of spring winds. "Even if the Gods descended from the skies. Even if the Devil cracked the earth open and tried to pull him in. Even if all the clans of the world turned on him. He would not take a single step backward!

"If you are his friend, he'll upturn the world to make sure you're safe. If you are his enemy, there's no rock, hole or safe haven in the entire cosmos that can protect you.

"There is only one Dyon Sacharro in this world. To be by his side shouldn't bring you pain, it shouldn't bring you grief, or guilt, or remorse, it should only bring you pride!"

With that, Amphorae walked away, her red-gold hair blazing as her final words hung in the air.


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