Reaper of the Martial World
787 Second Trial 106
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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787 Second Trial 106

The reason the mysterious clans wouldn't want to form an alliance with the Viserions all connected back to their legendary technique: Dragon Refining Arts!

Unfortunately for the mysterious clans, despite their power, they too had enemies. And, unfortunately, those enemies happened to be a beast alliance primarily consisting of dragons!

Much like the relationship between the Ahpuch and Viserions, the relationship between the mysterious clans and the beast alliance was also a tentative balance. They were allies, but would constantly look for ways to suppress each other!

Now, one might imagine what kind of super clan would be able to force clans that even made Emperor God Clans fear them, ally together, but that was a discussion for another time. The important point was that if the beast alliance ever found fault with the mysterious clans, they would take advantage! What greater fault would there be than to house a clan that was audacious enough to absorb Dragon Blood?!

There was no doubt that the best option for the mysterious clans would be to destroy the Viserions completely, however, with all of their elders occupied sealing Dyon's father, such a task wouldn't be by any stretch easy! Even they couldn't completely ignore the strength of an Emperor God Clan with their elders otherwise occupied.
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On top of this, if they threw caution to the wind and teamed up with the Ahpuch to wipe them out before attacking the Angel Clan, would the beast clan sit idly by and allow that mysterious clans to absorb such a bounty?

Because of all of these reasons, everything had to be done discreetly. By their estimates, they could seal Dyon's father for up 4 up to 5 decades. As of now, only 3 had passed! They still had time.

As such, the complex political systems of the ancient martial world were set into motion. The mysterious clans hid their actions from the beast clans. The Ahpuch hid their actions from the Viserions. All to deal with one man and his clan.

So, Luna was sent back to the Angel Clan, unable to look Dyon's father in the eye. With the past King of the Angel Clan's intelligence, how could he not see something was very wrong with this situation. He was sealed yet the girl he came to save was sent back? Only a fool wouldn't see that he had been betrayed.

Once Luna returned to Planet Haven, Dyon was still unconscious… She proceeded to manipulate his emotions, ensuring that her position in his heart far outweighed everyone else. But, contrary to her expectations, no matter what she did, she couldn't remove Amphorae's shadow on his heart. The best she could do was make him feel endless guilt and thus ignore her out of shame.

By the time Dyon woke up from his injuries, he wasn't even able to look Amphorae in the eye anymore because he was madly in love with Luna.

As for Dyon's father, it was Luna who told everyone that he was dead. With her abilities, everyone believed her without question. No one even found it odd…

In the end, Luna's role was simply to make sure that Dyon's father would always be with a hand tied behind his back. Because Dyon loved her so much, he was willing to do anything for her, and that even included going against his own father. What father would willingly harm his own son? It was clear that characters like King Moon were rare even in the martial world…

Luna spent many years hurting over this, but her resolve remained the same.

On a particular date even she couldn't be bothered to remember because that gave that terrible father of hers too much face, she stole King Moon's vitality and gave it to her elder sister, indirectly killing him. Because her father was crippled by Dyon's father, the task was incredibly easy… However, because King Moon had been steadily recovering, and only died when Luna visited for the first time in months, it was no wonder why Laura knew Luna was responsible.

With Dyon's father sealed, Luna knew that she had no chance to save her mother and sister unless she complied. Even though the elders were occupied, sending an assassin to kill two weak woman would be as easy as waving a hand to those of those mysterious clans. That was not to mention the fact it would be even easier for the Ahpuch clan who in an alliance with them. It could be said that she truly had no choice…

After many years of accumulating strength because of the Ahpuch Emperor God Clan's contributions, the Moon Clan was finally ready to launch and assault.

Because of the sensitivity of the mission, even their crown prince Jabari didn't know the full details. He thought he was going to Planet Haven to snatch back the bride he had lost all those years ago, so he was all too eager.

As for his appearance, it was the perfect disguise. While the Viserions stopped the Ahpuch all those years ago, they didn't do so for some higher moral purpose, so why would they care if the Ahpuch crown prince went to steal someone else's wife? In fact, it all made purpose sense. If anything was surprising, it was the fact Jabari had waited so long to do so because the Viserions were still unaware of who Dyon's father was!

Such was the 30 year plan… All formulated to deal with one clan of a mere 200,000 people… While the Ahpuch and Viserions didn't understand the history of the Angels, how could their stronger clans not?

Such was the prestige of the Angel Clan!


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