Reaper of the Martial World
786 Second Trial 105
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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786 Second Trial 105

By the time Luna was about 8 years old, Laura's attitude had completely changed. Instead of the same scolding remarks and endless fiery hatred in her eyes, she began to look on her father lovingly, as though he was the most important person in her life…

The memories of the past that she used to hate, she began to look upon fondly. Even to the point that she was glad that the man she loved most in the world was the one to take her virginity.

As for her time in the brothels? She dismissed it as necessary for the clan. Everyone had to make sacrifices for their family, right? What was the harm in her doing so a bit? In fact, if her father wanted to send her out again, she would accept happily.

The sick and twisted change in Laura's personality wasn't even seen as odd by King Moon. He only thought that his daughter had finally understood his point of view. He even disgustingly allowed her to warm his bed from time to time.

By the time Luna was mature enough to realize that her father only viewed them all as pawns… It was too late…

As she grew, she came to learn of just how dangerous it was to manipulate the life essence of another. If she actually went back and tried to undo what she had done to her elder sister, there was a large risk of Laura becoming an invalid.

So, Laura's fate was sealed… Maybe somewhere inside her, her past memories were screaming, asking her how she could love and lie in bed with the man that had caused her so much pain… But, because of her little sister, she was forever doomed to love the man she should have forever hated…

This was why Luna would never blame her elder sister. This was why, no matter how much pain it caused her, she would never betray her elder sister again. She made this vow to herself… That no matter what, she would protect the happiness of Laura… Even if it meant betraying her own first love, Dyon…

Guilt was a powerful thing… It was even more powerful when placed in the heart of a good person… So, when those of the mysterious sect threatened the life of her mother and her sister, Luna didn't hesitate to comply, even though the Angel Clan had been nothing but good to her.

Having gained Luna's acceptance so easily, the elders of those mysterious clans knew that she would be easy to control. However, they also knew that no matter what tricks Luna tried to use, having her help kill Dyon's father was nothing more than a dream. That man was too intelligent, too cunning, and far too powerful for Luna to be of any use, even in a surprise attack.

In addition, at that point, Luna was still too young and inexperienced, so her abilities were still useless against high level celestials and above. So, despite having questioned Luna about her abilities, they knew she wouldn't be of use here. But, that didn't mean she was useless.

Understanding Luna's abilities, and also knowing that Dyon was that "maniac's" son – as the called him – they quickly devised a plan to control him, through his son, and by proxy Luna. As long as they controlled Luna, they would be able to control Dyon's father!

So, when Dyon's father arrived, they made no move to kill him. Instead, they did something they would have never bothered to do before: Seal him!

The reason they had never done this before was that they knew that even if they brought out their best treasures, they would only be able to hold this man for a few decades at most. Then, when he broke out, how would they handle his wrath then? They would have wasted millions of enigmatic stones worth of resources, and would have only bought themselves what was worth the blink of an eye to experts of their level? It wasn't worth it!

However, this time it was. Because with a few decades, Luna would be able to take perfect control of the Angel Clan!
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This said, there were multiple reasons they hadn't attacked until now.

For one, in order to maintain the seal, all of those elders much stay put. As a result, they would need to make use of the Moon Clan to retrieve the Energy Core treasure they sensed. The problem was that the Moon Clan was still too weak at that time to take down the Angel Clan. How could the clan of that maniac be weak?

Because of this, they had no choice but to make use of the Ahpuch clan to strengthen the Moon Clan to the point of being able to wipe out the Moon Clan in one sweep. Unfortunately, this would take time because the Ahpuch needed to avoid detection by the Viserion Clan.

The Ahpuch Clan was promised an alliance with those mysterious clans, which would obviously be vastly better than their alliance with the Viserions. However, if the Viserions found out in advance, would they sit idly by and allow it to happen? The worst case scenario for the Ahpuch was that the Viserions would sniff out their purpose.

The question then would be, why wouldn't the mysterious clans make an alliance with both the Viserions and the Ahpuch? Wouldn't that have saved them decades of work? Why would they use such a roundabout method?


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