Reaper of the Martial World
785 Second Trial 104
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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785 Second Trial 104

After Laura's traumatic experience, she went into seclusion for a long time, completely unwilling to see or talk to anyone. If it wasn't for her father constantly and forcefully infusing her with energy, even as a cultivator, she would have long starved to death…

However, King Moon still had more uses for her.

Under threat of the death of Queen Moon, her mother, Laura was sent to work at various brothels around Planet Haven and the universe it resided in. With her reputation already ruined as a 'Black Widow', a woman who caused the death of her husband, King Moon knew that he couldn't use the same scheme to get rid of his competition again. On top of that, he was angry at Laura for "not understanding the bigger picture". So, he took drastic measures, not caring for the face or purity of his daughter.

Maybe the most sickening part was that Laura didn't lose her virginity to the King she was married off to, nor the Prince she was madly in love with, nor was it the brothels she was sent off to.

Disdaining the idea of his daughter losing her purity to a stranger, King Moon took it upon himself to take it.

Laura was a broken woman by this point. She didn't know what she had done in her past lives to deserve such a father, but her every moment of everyday was a living hell. A vicious cycle of self-blame ensued the likes of which Laura couldn't extricate herself from.

All she wanted to do was die, but if she did so, her mother would follow along with her…

So, Laura began to work in brothels, using the very same slow acting poison her father fed to her long lost love to slowly get rid of the competition for the Moon Clan. If things had continued as it did, it wouldn't have been completely impossible for the Moon Clan to graduate to the leagues of a low tier King God Clan by conquering the Planet Haven Universe…

However, whether it be by luck or circumstance, this was when Luna was born…

When Luna's father saw the auspicious signs surrounding Luna's birth, he immediately knew that his petty schemes would be nothing in the face of what this daughter could bring him…

He completely stopped giving Laura new missions and allowed her to come home… But, it was obvious by that point that Laura would never be the same…

Now, Laura had to watch the very same father that used her as nothing more than a toy to exercise his lust for power, and even often just plain lust, dote her little sister as though she was some irreplaceable treasure.

Why could he have loved her like that? What was so special about this little sister of hers? What did Luna have that she didn't?

Laura began to hate everything. She hated the father that used her. She hated the life she lived. She hated this little sister of hers that got everything she ever wanted. She even began to hate her mother, the very woman she had practically given up her life for, all because Queen Moon loved Luna as well.

What happened next is exactly the reason Luna would never be able to bring herself to hate or resent Laura… In fact, if Laura wanted Luna to give up her life, her happiness, for an existence of endless pain, Luna would do it without hesitation all because of this moment…

When Luna was still young, no more than 5 years old, she once asked Laura why she hated their father and mother so much.

"Daddy is so nice! Why are you so mean to him!?" She remembered whining like a little brat. Maybe she had been quite adorable at that time, with large blinking violet eyes and a small round face, but she had no way of knowing that those words were nothing less than stab wound after stab wound into her elder sister's heart.

Laura restrained herself from answering. While she hated her little sister, Luna was still her little sister, after all. She couldn't very well reprimand a 5 year old for not knowing anything, could she?

So, she forgot about it, instead going to sleep and ignoring that little sister of hers while the endless decades of pain she had suffered gave her endless nightmares…

By this point, many of you might be confused… Since Laura hated her father so much, why would she now hate Luna for supposedly killing him? Didn't Laura say that she would make Luna pay for doing so while she laughed at her tears? '

The reason for this is simple…

Still being young and naïve, Luna thought that her elder sister was just being ungrateful. Their father was a great man, how could he deserve to be treated the way elder sister treated him.
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Having just come into many of her abilities, Luna thought that it would be a simple matter to fix everything…

"All I have to do is make big sister fall in love with daddy, right?" Her thoughts were so innocent and pure that it wasn't until years later, when she understood the horrific man her father was, that she collapsed into tears…

Manipulating her elder sister's Life Essence in her sleep, Luna began to subtly change the way Laura felt about their father… Every night for years, she would sneak into her sister's bedroom, making use of energy's love for her to hide her presence, before slowly weeding out the endless hatred in Laura's heart and replacing it with love…


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