Reaper of the Martial World
784 Second Trial 103
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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784 Second Trial 103

Dyon's father rushed to Luna's aid. Although he didn't know this girl very well, he knew the character of his own son. If he didn't do it, Dyon would have. Since he had claimed her as his woman, he would treat her as such until she gave him a reason not to. So, the then Angel Clan King acted, crossing the universe barrier, and then the quadrant barrier, as though he was just taking a leisurely stroll. It was clear that his dao of space had reached otherworldly levels.

However, what he didn't know was that while he made his way to save this woman, she was being convinced to do something she might very well regret for the rest of her life.

Although Luna detested her father and her elder sister always bullied her out of jealousy, she had a deep love for her mother. Even further, despite how her elder sister treated her, Luna always forgave her because she thought her father was to blame for the way she acted.

Luna's elder sister, Laura, was more than a hundred years her elder. While this wasn't much in terms of the martial world, to Luna, that was already almost two times her current age. Because of this, Luna had always pitied her sister for spending so long alone under the wing of that monster. And truth be told, she wasn't entirely wrong.

Much like Luna, although on a smaller scale, Laura was constantly used as a pawn in their father's schemes. Because their mother was far too kind hearted and weak, she was completely unable to stop King Moon's actions. Even when she did try to, she was savagely beaten and "reminded of her position as a woman". The ironic part was that it wouldn't be an exaggeration to say that the Moon Clan's power was built on the back of its women.

Luna's father was truly despicable. He had never seen any schemes as beneath his dignity as a King. If it meant becoming more powerful and elevating to a higher position, he would do it. When Luna learned of how her father had been using her sister before her birth, how could Luna ever bring herself to be mad? She understood Laura more than anyone else.
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The stories were maddening and endless…

In her younger years, Laura had fallen in love with the Little Prince of a God Clan (youngest prince of a royal line). At the time, the Moon Clan hadn't ruled Planet Haven yet and was thus also a God Clan of equal standing. However, King Moon wasn't satisfied…

Even knowing of Laura's love for that God Clan's Little Prince, he married Laura off to that Prince's father as a concubine…

Thinking that the Moon Clan wanted friendly relations, the God Clan didn't dare to refuse the marriage. In terms of etiquette, although what King Moon did was disgusting to many, to refuse his proposal would not only destroy Laura's reputation, it would also offend the Moon Clan. Even though it pained him to do so, the Little Prince of the that God Clan begged his father to accept, turning his eye away from his childhood love.

Seeing his son plead with him, the King accepted, but had silently made a vow to never touch Laura. Even though her father had ruined her in the public eye, at least in private, he would allow her to be the woman of his son.

However… None of them understood just how deep and disgusting King Moon's schemes ran.

To keep up appearances, the King and Laura entered their nuptial chamber. Keeping to his vow, the King didn't touch Laura and was actually only planning to peacefully sleep through the night… But, that was when Laura released a potent poison capable of killing even dao formation experts!

The Moon Clan immediately attacked. With the strongest of the that God Clan now dead, and the fact they had a convenient excuse to be in the clan at the time – to attend the wedding, of course – a God Clan was wiped off the face of the Planet in a single night…

The truth was that Laura had only done this because her father had told her that during one of the Little Prince's visits to the Moon Clan, he had added a slow acting poison to his food. If Laura didn't comply, her first love would die within the year!

However, Laura had underestimated just how despicable her father was. Wanting to remove the roots and avoid any possible revenge, he heartlessly killed the Little Prince even as Laura begged and pleaded. She had no choice but to watch as he bled to death in her arms.

This was a story no one dared to talk about. With the Moon Clan absorbing all of the resources of that now wiped out clan, they were without a doubt the most powerful on Planet Haven. No one had the right to stand up to them, so who would dare to say a word of complaint?

Maybe this sounds horrible enough. Maybe one would believe that it couldn't get any worse… But, you would have once again underestimated the vile nature of that man who went by King Moon…

While others might have a bottom line they would never cross, this King Moon knew of no such thing… Whether it be his daughters, his wife, or his concubines, none were safe from his schemes…


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