Reaper of the Martial World
783 Second Trial 102
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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783 Second Trial 102

The truth of the matter was that Dyon didn't know how powerful his father was. He had spent his whole life believing that his Angel Clan was weak and it wasn't until he stepped out into the world that he realized his own strength was more than a few notches above those of his age group.

The reason he stepped outside of the clan to begin with was to temper himself and grow beyond himself. But, it turned out that he already stood at the top of their quadrant's younger generation, placing first despite being almost a Great Realm lower in cultivation.

Despite this, Dyon knew that their clan was just too small to weather the storm of the world. So, he kept his origins a secret, not knowing that his own father was a well-known monster.

If it hadn't been for those of the mysterious clan descending, Dyon would have died because if his father hadn't detected such a large fluctuation of high-level energy from those experts, he would have never come and seen his own son being beaten down like a dog!

The moment those experts stepped into their universe, Dyon's father sensed it and flashed toward his son, expecting to take him back to the clan for refuge before stepping out again. But, what he found completely enraged him beyond belief.

When Luna's father found out Dyon's identity, he stumbled and fell to his knees, begging profusely for forgiveness, even shamelessly using his position as Dyon's supposed "Father-in-law" to protect himself. Such a man was truly worse than a dog.

However, Dyon's father's personality was similar to his son. Although he was strict and disciplined, even willingly following authority when the situation dictated it, he was still arrogant to his bones!

Luna still remembered his words to this day. "Since she is my daughter-in-law, she has married into the Angel Clan! There is no other man beside my son who has to the right to have such strong ties to her! Since you dared to beat him down, you've slapped the face of your own daughter! You deserve death!"

It was only the second time in Luna's life that someone had acted for her own sake. Both of which somehow came from the very same family… The first was when Dyon threw his own wishes aside to take her as a wife and protect her reputation. And now, her future husband's father was also protecting her dignity. It wouldn't be an exaggeration to say that the ties Luna had to the Angel Clan were far stronger than any connection she had ever had to the Moon Clan…

Despite his anger, since Dyon's father didn't know what Luna's wishes were, he only crippled King Moon's cultivation, leaving him slumped on the floor before attempting to take his son and Luna away. But, that was when the experts finally arrived. Because Dyon's father was delayed, he didn't get the chance to hide them away. A matter of a few seconds was the equivalent of hours to others in the face of these high-level cultivators!

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When those cultivators saw Dyon's father, there was a mix of anger, respect and fear on their features. It was clear they knew of this man and didn't dare to take him lightly. However, before this, no one had ever known this cultivator to have any connections. To the world outside this quadrant, this man was an unfettered cultivator without woman, child or friend. And yet, they had stumbled onto such an interesting scene. Could it be they had found this mighty cultivator's home base?

The truth was that while the Moon, Viserion and Ahpuch clans were wary of Dyon's father, they knew little of what happened outside of their quadrant. So, they had no idea that Dyon's father was so famous elsewhere! If they had, how could they haven't taken advantage?

Because of how high level those cultivators were, it was easy to see the connection between the unconscious Dyon and this cultivator they had feared for so long. They were obviously father and son!

Seeing the beaten Dyon and the crippled King Moon, they put two and two together. It seemed they finally had the means of suppressing this man.

The most dangerous thing in the world of cultivation was a power expert who had nothing to protect but themselves. The Epistemic Tower in modern times proved this concept. While it was exceptionally easy to protect one universe, once one expanded, they would have no choice but to sign treaties to allow others to enjoy benefits lest they be attacked from all sides. Now that Dyon's father's weakness had been found, he couldn't act so wantonly anymore!

However, when their eyes landed on Luna, their greed exceeded previous levels. The issue was that since Dyon's father knew he had been approached, he automatically labeled Luna as his daughter-in-law, taking her under his umbrella for protection.

Unfortunately, Dyon's father's personality was just as inflexible. Despite being in a disadvantageous situation, he was still arrogant and aloof. Even when all five experts attacked together, they were the ones at a disadvantage!

In the end, Dyon's father was able to protect Dyon, but failed to protect Luna, causing her to be taken away. With no choice, and Dyon's life still hanging on by a string, he took his son back to the Angel Clan to be healed before going to save Luna.

When Luna got to this part of the story, every word was labored. This story wasn't just another story to her… It was her greatest shame…

A father in law she hardly knew risked his life to save her… Treating her more like a father than her own ever had… And how did she repay him?...


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