Reaper of the Martial World
782 Second Trial 101
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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782 Second Trial 101

Over time, Amphorae slowly learned of more of Luna's abilities… The more she learned, the more shocked she became… She became certain that if Luna said she wasn't a Goddess, no one was worthy of claiming the title.

However, in the end, it seemed that Luna's abilities were still too weak. She was still bound by many things and could only fully display her abilities if the target was unconscious. And even then, it had to be a deep sleep, making things even more difficult for her.

That said, her abilities were only limited by her ability to control when it came to everything else. Luna could even send a sharp wave of enigmatic energy if she so chose and the only price she'd pay was a bit of mental fatigue. She was truly heaven defying! It was no wonder those mysterious clans wanted her primordial yin so badly! If her virgin essence gave even 1% of 1% of the abilities she had, wouldn't it be giving whoever conquered her the wings of a God Above Heaven?

On top of all of that, that was only if that man was completely incompetent. If someone actually managed to properly refine such a primordial yin, gaining about 10% of Luna's abilities wasn't impossible!
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One could only imagine what someone with a ruthless personality would do with such an ability…

"… yes, it's essentially impossible for me to be hurt by any energy-based attack if I don't wish them to. The same isn't true of physical ones though…" Luna continued to explain

"Alright, that's enough," Amphorae waved her hand, not inclined to listen anymore. "Then, tell me about these mysterious clans. Will they participate?" Amphorae already knew the answer to this question, but she had to. Luckily for her, because Luna's spatial ring was taken away, Laura had no idea that this questioning session was taking place.

"I don't know much about them…" Luna said softly. "I only know that the Universe Tournament attracted their attention because such large events don't usually happen on our small planet…

"When they came to check out of curiosity, they not only detected your spiritual vein, they also saw through the uniqueness of my body… Their methods… Are unfathomable…"

A solemn expression spread on Amphorae's features. She knew just how right Luna was.

Although their planet was small, they didn't lack dao formation experts despite them being rare. Yet, none of them detected the vein. Even the elders of the Ahpuch and Viserion main clans who came to the Universe Tournament hadn't! Just what kind of existences could do what those monsters couldn't do in a mere instant?!

There were only two explanations… One was that their cultivations were much higher… Or… Their daos and comprehensions far exceeded that of theirs.

"But, there's something I still don't understand. If these experts are so unfathomable, why have they waited so long?" Amphorae's eyes narrowed.

"Because your husband's father is even more unfathomable!" When the words 'your husband' escaped her lips, Luna trembled imperceptibly, but she steeled herself. Since she had gotten herself into this situation, she would accept her fate.

Hearing this, Amphorae was sure if she should believe it or not. After spending her whole life in the clan, she wasn't sure how other experts stacked up to her Angel Clan. However, was it really possible for a King of such a small clan to be so powerful? And if he was so powerful, what about the other Angel Clan elders, were they as well?

Luna didn't need to look up to understand Amphorae's thoughts, "You look down on your Angel Clan too much. I don't know what happened in your past to cause you to decline to this extent, but there is no doubt that among humans, there is no more domineering bloodline than yours.

"Whether it's that man, or his father… They both have accomplished unfathomable things…"

"What happened?" Amphorae finally asked.

Luna took a deep breath. "After your husband placed first in the Universe Tournament and defeated Jabari, the Ahpuch were obviously unhappy and had thoughts of killing him. However, they were directly supressed by the Viserions who usually take opportunities where they have the moral high ground to dampen the Ahpuch family prestige and power. It's not that they're so good, but rather they're hypocritical bastards." Luna spat.

"After being surprised and having the situation explained to him, your King took responsibility very publicly, and my father had no choice but to smile and accept. However, in private, he tried to directly supress him. At the time, my father was already a dao formation expert and your husband was a mere lower saint, there was obviously no contest.

"My father proceeded to viciously beat him. The truth was that the simplest thing to do would have been to directly kill him, but my father wanted to humiliate him."

With her own anger clouding her judgement, Amphorae almost missed the rage in Luna's voice. 'She can't really care for my Dyon, can she?'

Luna sneered, "But, what that father of mine didn't know was who your husband was. If he had known, that spineless coward wouldn't have dared to raise a finger. Unfortunately, your King wasn't willing to divulge the name of your Angel Clan for fear of implicating them in his problems, so from begin to end, he used a fake name."

Tears fell from Luna's eyes, "If those men and women from that mysterious clan didn't come, he would have died that day."

Thinking back to Dyon's courage and conviction, Luna's heart began to swell with a deep disdain for herself. Why didn't she have such heart?


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