Reaper of the Martial World
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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781 Second Trial 100

After about half an hour, Amphorae had arranged her thoughts and calmed, "Tell me about this method you used on my husband. Is he still under its influence? If so, how do I remove it? Is his life in danger?"

"I - …" Luna's face was still buried between her knees, but it was clear that she had difficulty explaining. "I have the ability to manipulate energy as I see fit. Normally, cultivators are limited to what energies they can utilize by their cultivation, but I have no such limits. Not only can I manipulate them easily, it also comes with a host of other abilities even I'm not all too familiar with or aware of.

"One of my abilities allows me to subtly manipulate the emotions of others, and if that person is unconscious, I have no need of using any subtlety at all. The truth is that the energies of the universe aren't limited to essence, saint, celestial and enigmatic, there are other profound energies most aren't aware of and even less understand. One of these is the life essence of a person. This life essence decides everything from personality and temperament to vitality and life span…"

By now, how could Amphorae not understand? In fact, the mere fact she did horrified her. Was there really such an overpowered ability in this world?

Luna saying that she could manipulate all the energies of the world freely meant that Life Essence was no different! If a person was conscious, she could manipulate it subtly, changing small things. For example like… Making Amphorae believe every word she had spoken until now!

Amphorae suddenly realized why she was so trusting and why she felt conflicting emotions about protecting vs harming Luna.

Even further, what happened between her and Dyon was obvious. Someone had managed to knock her husband out and while he slept, Luna made him fall madly in love with her!

"His life isn't in danger… But, it's already impossible for me to undo what I've done. If it was so easy to make people fall out of love after it was already deeply seeded, I would have likely made him forget you long ago…" Luna said softly.

What she said wasn't without merit. Her mission would have been far easier if Dyon fell out of love with Amphorae and he would have been far easier to manipulate. From then until now, Luna still had no idea how Dyon resisted, let alone broken away from her. But, her means weren't by any stretch infallible.

In real life, just because someone has fallen in love, doesn't mean they couldn't learn to hate that person. Unfortunately for Luna, Amphorae had never once did anything to make Dyon hate her…
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Years ago, Luna had tried once, but failed miserably. There was once a personal guard named Michael who Luna subtly manipulated to make him fall madly in love with Amphorae. It took time, but because so many had hidden feelings for this red-headed beauty, it wasn't too difficult either. But, even after he asked Amphorae to leave with him, Amphorae refused.

Luna never dared to tell this story. She knew that if Dyon knew this, his hatred for her would become so deeply seeded that her heart wouldn't be able to take it. Even though she never meant any harm and was only trying to give Amphorae the happy ending she had stolen from her, her actions had inadvertently led to Michael's death.

It wouldn't be an exaggeration to say that Luna hated herself. She was the cause of all of this, and even when she tried to help, she failed and was only hated more. Her once strong mind seemed to take hit after endless hit.

Eventually, Amphorae collected herself. The fact Luna dared to tell her this ability of hers likely meant she wasn't lying, but Amphorae couldn't help but be even more cautious.

"His life isn't in danger… In fact, his life span should be longer than a normal individual's now. Even if he doesn't achieve much on the path to cultivation, he should be able to live to a few dozen millennia old… That is the only gift I could give him…"

Amphorae was once again stunned. The life span of a celestial was only ten thousand years! Yet, Luna had practically just said that Dyon could live to almost 40,000 years old or more easily even if he doesn't cultivate any further. Just what kind of abilities did this woman have?! Where were her limits?!

When Amphorae thought back to Luna's explanation of Life Essence energy, she suddenly understood. Since it decided vitality and life span, since Luna could manipulate it, she would definitely be able to affect someone's lifespan to a certain extent!

However… What Amphorae didn't know was that this ability of Luna's could only be used by siphoning away her own Life Essence to another… Although she could also do this by taking the Life Essence of someone who was unconscious, Luna disdained to do so. How cruel was it to steal the life force of someone else?... She couldn't bear to do so.

There was only one person she had ever done this to. The only person she had ever hated with her everything and the only person in the world Luna believed deserved such a thing… The only person she had ever forcibly taken Life Essence from was her very own father…


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