Reaper of the Martial World
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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780 Second Trial 99

Amphorae was stunned. A mixture of anger and resentment flashed through her face. Luna hadn't said much, but how much more did she need to understand? All of these years she had spent thinking she wasn't good enough, that she had no choice but to temper her feelings… That she just didn't have a right to love in this lifetime… It was all because of this woman before her?!

After moments passed, Amphorae finally managed to suppress her emotions. Now was not the time to vent her frustrations, nor was it the time to set off on a revenge war path. However, what this did do was elevate Dyon's position in her heart to a point where no one could contest it. This was especially so after Luna explained further without any prompting.

The man she loved had never abandoned her. In fact, he had somehow fought back through all these years, racked with endless guilt before finally making his way back to her. When Amphorae learned that Dyon had never even touched Luna until a day or so ago, it was like all of her resentment from the past decades were washed away.

The human heart was complex. No matter how much someone loves another, it was often times impossible to remove shadows that weighed on it. Although Dyon had gained Amphorae's forgiveness, it was impossible for him to remove the bitterness she felt in her heart in a short time. There was even a strong possibility that she would always feel that inferiority for the rest of her life.

Before Amphorae knew all of this, she had felt gratified that Dyon had come back to her, but in the back of her mind, she thought that he had only done so for the sake of the clan. After so many years of neglecting the Imperial Concubines, the inner strife of the Angel Clan had reached an unprecedented level. Amphorae couldn't help but feel like a tool for Dyon to grasp hold of the clan's morale again…

However, now she knew that none of this was ever her husband's choice. His heart was simply too warm and he trusted the wrong people… And yet, he had somehow fought through all of that and grasped a hold of his mind again.

As for Dyon taking Luna's virginity, she didn't care. In fact, in Amphorae's mind, it was good that this woman before her had suffered a loss of something. Wouldn't it have been too much of a joke if she spent all these years leading her husband by the nose, yet kept her purity? Amphorae even had the mind to throw her to the military brigs and let the army have their way with her. If it wasn't for her former status as Dyon's woman, Amphorae wouldn't have hesitated.

It wasn't that Amphorae couldn't see that Luna was remorseful, but she couldn't be sure. This woman had managed to trick them all for 30 years and had just now practically sentenced their Angel Clan to death!

What were they going to do about a joint attack between the Moon and Viserion Clans? The Moon Clan was a Royal God Clan who had three other God Clans under their rule. And that wasn't even mentioning the backing of the Ahpuch clan! In fact, there was no guarantee that the main Viserion branch wouldn't get involved considering it was their hallowed technique that was stolen! The only saving grace for the latter matter was that Amphorae was familiar with Veles and knew he was much too prideful to do such a thing. Which almost made her wonder why it was he had set that pride down to attack with the Moon Clan….

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'Maybe he won't?...' Amphorae's brow furrowed. She hadn't gotten word that Veles allied with the Moon Clan, but the Angel Clan information network was far too weak to intercept such important inner workings. So, Amphorae had decided to exaggerate and take into account all worst case scenarios because it was only like this that she would manage to overcome this shortcoming. But, she just now realized that if she accounted for the Moon-Viserion alliance, she should also account for the possibility of the main Viserion Clan getting involved.

However, she immediately dismissed the idea. While the Ahpuch clan was involved, it was only to the extent that their first prince and his guards were here. It was as though the Ahpuch clan had washed their hands of this.

Since this was the case, there was a reason… And it was likely that that reason also bound the Viserions since the two Emperor God Clans were in an alliance.

The more Amphorae thought about it, the more her emotions settled. While the Viserion branch clan attacking was a bit unexpected and worrisome, it had its advantages. The warriors of the Angel Clan were quite familiar with the Viserion warriors. Also, the Viserion battle form had a major time restriction that could also be taken advantage of. Not all of them were like their King who could practically spend an entire day and night in his second battle form. But, even Veles could only use his third battle form for at most half an hour.

Amphorae inadvertently began to pace as she melded the new information she was gathering with her husband's laid out plans. The more she did so, the more in awe of Dyon she became. It was as though every question she asked already had its answer…

The only problem was that if Dyon didn't get back before the battle began, their ultimate trump card would be unusable.


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