Reaper of the Martial World
778 Second Trial 97
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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778 Second Trial 97

Thinking to this point, Dyon immediately immersed himself in the tome. He was certain that what allowed a human to integrate a reverse scale had to be some sort of method that allowed one to integrate their base blood essence with an outside source. Not only that, but it had to be complex as well and somehow had to override the rules of the universe.

Remember, one wasn't able to take the blood essence of a dead individual unless they were given consent or there was a chain of consent. Yet, for some reason, this rule didn't apply to reverse scales used with this technique, nor did it count toward reverse scales conquered through combat.

This was the universe's way of balancing things. Every good thing was coupled with a bad. Because dragons and qilins were able to increase the size of their "cups" through battle, they also had to allow the possibility of their essence powering their enemies after their death and without their consent.

By the time Dyon had turned to the 9th page, searing the technique into his mind, it was already night of the following day. It had already been a day and a half since Dyon was chased out of the Viserion Clan, however, he found it to be worth it.
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Without his soul, Dyon couldn't speed read, which was why it took him so long to get through the first 9 stages and memorize them. While nine pages didn't seem like a long, the pages of the tome were large and the font was quite small.

In addition to these two points, body cultivation techniques often included complex diagrams of the human body and detailed explanations. It was as though Dyon was reading a medical textbook teaching him about an organ system he had never even heard of before. Even more poignant was the fact that this technique require creating an all new organ system for the body. It was almost like the process of tempering your meridians, except you would have to create them. The level of complexity was off the charts. It was no wonder so few made it to its peak.

Dyon had suddenly come to an understanding, though. The circulatory system of dragons and qilins were far more complex than that of humans. And, it was exactly this complexity that allowed for them to integrate the blood essence of other of their species so easily.

The problem here was that since the system of a human was far less complex and far less robust. Within the average human body, a fully-grown adult would have 100,000 miles of vein and artery tracks. However, in the body of dragon, to say it was a million times that amount wouldn't be an exaggeration in the least!

Not only did Dyon need to memorize these patterns within the diagram, he had to use the calculations within the tome to adjust them for his body type. In addition, he also had to account for his transformations in the future so that they could expand and contract along with him easily, the same way the rest of his body did.

This was without a doubt a peak divine level technique. If someone told Dyon it was at a level even surpassing that, he would believe it without hesitation. Suddenly, the level of impressiveness of Veles' feats began apparent.

At the same time, Dyon understood why his boost in body cultivation talent gave him such a boost in controlling all aspects of his body. If all top level body cultivation techniques required such fine manipulation, Dyon had an unprecedented advantage!

In the end, the Dragon Refining Arts was simply a process of forging a Dragon body for yourself. By then connecting allowing a symbiotic relationship with this newly formed circulatory system along with your old one, it would then become easy to integrate a reverse scale for yourself. The reason it was necessary to wait until the 5th stage before one could have a reverse scale is because it's only at that point that there would be enough Dragon Veins, as the tome aptly named them, to support it. By that point, one could use reverse scales as though they were energy stones, although instead of progressing your energy cultivation, you would be progressing your Dragon Refining Arts.

This method of integration also gave Dyon another wild idea. If he studied the veins of other supreme beasts, could he integrate their blood essences too? It seemed beast taming might have more benefits than he once thought…

Dyon took a deep breath when he had finally reached the end of the 9th page. However, when he flipped through his mind, superimposing the stages and comparing and contrasting, he realized that it was somehow… Incomplete!

If Veles had heard Dyon's conclusion, he would have been shocked beyond belief. It wasn't until he reached the 7th stage, having grasped and practiced a large portion of the technique that he understood this. And yet, Dyon had done it by tracing the process out in his mind? Maybe monster was the only way to describe him…

Dyon's brow wrinkled a bit before he flipped backward, scanning through the numerous Dragon and Human diagrams, trying to see if he missed something. The problem was that he was sure that the last 18 pages were blank! Even though he found it odd, he had decided to ignore it for the sake of memorizing the first portions first. But, now it seemed he had no choice but to delve into the mystery of the rest of the tome.


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