Reaper of the Martial World
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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777 Second Trial 96

At this point, one might be surprised. After all, although Dyon's martial father wasn't a supreme beast, he was still a peak transcendent one who managed to reach high attainments in cultivation before he died. Could a human really supersede him? But, this was just how tyrannical that Demon Sage was! Even among the most domineering beasts, his aura and body cultivation talent didn't lose out one bit!

Obviously, once Dyon learned this about the result of fusing his three blood essences, he decisively used the celestial deer and demon qilin blood lines to power his Florence family technique. Before, he hadn't even bothered to think of his own blood essence because he was too weak. He knew that other than his soul, he had no other talent.

But, now, it was completely different. His blood essence would supplied by the talent of tens of billions, how could he continue to ignore it. The problem was that fusing a true base blood essence with an external one was a technique Dyon had never heard of, even in his master's memories.

The question was, why could he fuse the other three blood essences, but was now struggling with two? The answer was simple. While the other blood essences only worked to fill the cup, Dyon base blood essence had characteristics of being the cup itself! On top of that, his blood essence wasn't sand… It was water!

Going back to the analogy, the closer in power and the stronger two blood essences are, the harder they are to combine. While it's easy to fill sand between the cracks of golf balls and marbles, it was exceedingly difficult to fit water between the cracks of sand. If you put in too much, the water would float above before slowly being drained, if you lost patience, the cup would overflow!

Even more unfortunately, the cultivation world didn't like to always follow nice and simple analogies. Because Dyon's base blood essence was actually a part of the cup, deciphering which aspects of it should be fused, and which shouldn't, was another complicated issue. In the end, Dyon had just placed the dilemma to the side, not having the knowledge to deal with it.
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To Dyon, if all he could use his overwhelming body cultivation talent for was to unlock constitutions to boost his affinities, he wouldn't mind. After all, just because he couldn't make full use of his newfound blood essence, didn't mean his new talent didn't have its own advantages. However, this Dragon Refining Arts provided him an interesting opportunity to solve this problem!

This was all to say that if Dyon could pry the secrets of this tome apart, he might learn the secret to learning how to make full use of his blood essence's talent.

Why was this important? Considering the second reason Dragons cultivate their reverse scales again, it was about increasing their blood essence's talent, and thus enlarging their cup. Simply put, it was easier to drink from a cup that was less filled, than one with water brimming at its rims. Not only would you gain more control, it would be easier to handle more water and add more water.

In much the same way, Dyon's cup should have been larger than anyone could even imagine. However, he was currently still using the very same cup he had before he fused with the male body kernel.

This meant that Dyon might not even be able to improve his integration beyond a certain point! In fact, Dyon's original limit would have been about the 30% mark he was approaching right now! If this continued, his body wouldn't be able to contain his quickly growing soul, and he would die. Luckily for Dyon, he never worried about this because he never knew. And now, it seemed like the heavens were smiling down on him with this opportunity. His Heaven's Blessing increasing was truly making its presence felt.

All of this said, it wasn't impossible to increase this cup size. It wasn't as rigid as talent. The unfortunate problem was that the only way to increase the cup size was by energy cultivating. This was the truth behind why energy cultivation was so much more popular than body cultivating. Not only could it support the soul, it supported the body! It was no wonder why most gravitated toward it.

Why would a talent focus on their body or soul when they knew that they soul would always be limited by their body, and their body would always be limited by their energy, all while their energy would never be limited by anything other than their talent!?

Dragons followed the same concept, except they had a cheat code of sorts. They didn't have to energy cultivate to increase their cup size, although they had the option if they chose to. They could also choose to increase the grade of their reverse scale and the results would be the same!

A lower bronze grade reverse scale would be able to handle 80% integration with the Demon Sage! This was the vast difference between humans and beasts.

One has to acknowledge the fact that the higher the integration, the more difficult it becomes. Integrating 30% was hundreds, if not thousands of times easier than integrating 80%. This was why, despite the fact a lower bronze grade reverse scale could integrate 80%, it would take a lower gold grade reverse scale to integrate 90%, and it would take a Peak King Grade Reverse Scale to integrate 100%!


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