Reaper of the Martial World
775 Second Trial 94
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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775 Second Trial 94

Quickly, Dyon began swallowing pills. A light flashed in his eyes when he felt their impurities, but he immediately used a purple-gold aurora stone to burn them away, leaving behind the pure medicinal effect.

In modern times, it was impossible to do this. For one, aurora stones were practically extinct. Without the Energy Core, it would be impossible to create them. The only quadrants who would have them were the oldest ones within the top ten of the Epistemic Tower rankings.

The second reason this was impossible was because auroras, like even Dyon's innate one, had lost their violent tendencies. This was done deliberately by Dyon's grand teacher in order to make it safe to use and pass along.

That said, there was a way to remove impurities though, that would just by using the aurora flame to guide them out of one of the body's orifices. It was more time consuming, and took more control, but it was possible. This was how Dyon removed the pill that Madeleine's former master had forced on her.

In that moment, the efficacy of the pill skyrocketed. It was originally a crude grandmaster level pill that Dyon was sure his grand teacher was disdain to label as such, but with Dyon's manipulation, it became a true treasure.

A flooding warmth overwhelmed Dyon as his wounds began to heal at a visible speed.

It was a secret that the efficacy of pills were decided by the percentage purity. However, Dyon had never had to harp on such things so he normally ignored it completely. With his skills and Perception, concocting pills with 100% purity was child's play. His soul talent was simply too high.

Maybe the only reason Dyon hadn't realized just how amazing such a feat was, was because he had never truly interacted with other alchemists. The first one he could truly name as such was Madeleine's mother, Nora. However, even then it was short because he still disdained the fact those two old fogies hadn't told Madeleine their identities.

With how intelligent Madeleine was, Dyon was sure she had likely seen through it. With her normally calm and laid back husband suddenly snapping at two dao formation experts, with such pointed remarks about parenthood, how could she not tell? But, she chose not to say anything.

It had already been a long time since Madeleine saw Dyon as her closest family. Even though her foster parents raised her with love, they made the wrong decisions time and time again. So, while Madeleine still loved them, she had slowly drifted apart from them.

That aside, when Dyon learned that Nora couldn't even concoct a pill his grand teacher labeled as a master level one, he didn't know whether to laugh or cry. Was this really a supposed Moon level alchemist? Wasn't that joke too fierce?

The truth of the matter was that there were some pills that could only be completed if the alchemist was capable of creating with a certain level of purity. Most of Dyon's grand teacher's formulas required at least 90% purity to be completed. Such a thing was incredibly rare in modern times and the only pills with such requirements were practically holy grails to alchemy guilds.

What these alchemists didn't know was that it was only by understanding the universe by studying formations, before combining that knowledge with your alchemy, would you be able to reach such levels of purity.
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Nora was exceptionally talented in the way of the aurora. Unfortunately, she was brain washed into believing that the disciplines should be separate. So, the reality was that it wasn't just Dyon's soul talent that allowed him to do the "impossible", it was also his luck in finding good teachers.

After taking a deep breath, Dyon settled himself. Today would be the day of the evacuation, and he couldn't afford to bring trouble to the Angel Clan now. Therefore, he had to waste some more time for now and only go back the following day. While he was sure that Veles sent experts to surround the Angel Clan to check for when he came back, he knew that with Veles' character, he wouldn't attack innocents. So, he wasn't worried about that.

Finally, Dyon's injuries were dealt with, so he finally took out the Dragon Refining Arts. Since he was being punished for a crime he didn't commit, he might as well take full advantage, no? He had wanted to see what was inside for a long while anyway.

It was lucky for him that after leaving a certain range, he was able to put the tome into his spatial ring again without worrying about it bursting out in alarms. However, that experience let him know that there were likely many formations protecting this large book. So, he approached cautiously.

Since the world was against him, he'd give it a reason to be against him.


In the Angel Clan, Amphorae had taken full control of the situation. She displayed courage and leadership the old-fashioned Angel Clan Ministers couldn't help but be in awe of.

Even after hearing that her husband was in a precarious situation, Amphorae showed no change in emotions and immediately gripped the reins of the clan even tighter, carrying out actions swiftly and effectively. The evacuation was on schedule and they were already prepared to move out.

No one knew the inner turmoil raging through Amphorae's heart or the fierce hatred she now felt for Luna.

All this time, not once had Amphorae had a single negative thought toward Luna. Even after her childhood sweetheart was stolen from her, even after she was neglected, even after she rarely saw the face of the woman who ruined her life, Amphorae never hated her. But now? Even if Luna was dying a death filled with agony before her, she would extend a hand to help.

However, Amphorae kept all of this bottled up. Her long red-gold hair danced in the wind as she floated above the clan like a goddess monitoring her people… Feeling the loneliness of a ruler.


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