Reaper of the Martial World
774 Second Trial 93
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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774 Second Trial 93

The elders shivered on the ground, not even daring to stand up in front of Veles' rage. They still didn't have a single clue of how they ended up here, but now they were facing the anger of their King, so they could only remain silent.

In truth, they only had themselves to blame. They were too greedy and not careful enough. They ended up underestimating their opponent, and in the end, they suffered for it.

But, when they tried to relay the story, Veles got even angrier.

"FUCK!! SO YOU'RE SAYING THERE WEREN'T TEN OF YOU, BUT TWELVE?!" The more Veles thought about it, the more he raged.

In that instant, another blinding light fell and two heavily bandaged elders fell to the ground, groaning.

When Veles saw this, his face went such a dark shade of red that they were afraid it might explode. Veles was one more push away from fainting in anger.

However, he was calmed by his father's wrinkled hand resting on his shoulder. "Calm down, Veles. I'm sure you already have a plan to move forward, don't you?" He said knowingly.

A sinister glow flashed through Veles' features. "It's already too late to seal this information completely, but take this list of spies and detain them all. I've already placed them under watch, so they won't have been able to leave."

The celestials were shocked by their King's sudden change in demeanor, but they remained quiet. For some reason, this calm version of their King filled them with endless fear.

"Tomorrow, we will go to Moon Clan and ally with them." The glow in Veles' eyes became more and more savage the more he spoke.

He had no doubt that the Moon Clan would accept his alliance because he had information on the Angel Clan no one else had! He knew exactly why the Moon Clan was so wary, it wasn't just the power of Dyon's father, but also the fact that their clan was simply filled with too many mysteries!

Although Veles didn't want the Moon Clan to know that the reason he was warring with the Angel Clan was to retrieve the Viserion technique, especially since the Moon Clan was allied with the Ahpuch clan, he knew they wouldn't dare ask why he had had a sudden change of heart because he could provide something they had been longing for!

In the end, the Moon Clan was treat their not asking questions as payment for the information the Viserion branch clan provided. In this way, Veles would be able to show his sincerity by completely selling Dyon out and would also be able to keep his intentions secret. The last thing he wanted was for the Ahpuch Clan to gain the his Viserion clan's Dragon Refining Art.

Hearing these words, Veles' father frowned. He had been best friends with Dyon's father… And now his son was about to destroy the clan his sworn brother had spent so many hard years keeping afloat? To say that he had complicated feelings was an understatement. However, all he could do was sigh. It was no longer his place to change his son's decisions so publicly. The moment he handed over the position of King, he no longer had the right. He was not like Concubine Mina, he had to keep his emotions in check.

'Old friend… I'm afraid your son has made a big mistake… Are you still alive?... I can no longer protect your Angel Clan…' With that final thought, old man Viserion disappeared in a wisp of smoke as though he was never standing there.



At this moment, Dyon had quickly used his last remaining strength to exit the Viserion Clan territory. If he was caught there in the morning, it wouldn't be a good look.

The moment he did, he fell and stumbled into a river, allowing it to carry him down while he tried to recuperate. Obviously, this was one of the landscapes he had accounted for long ago. After drifting for a moment, Dyon flashed out of the water and into a mount range, yet another landscape, still not daring to use his wings.

Finally, he came to the place he planned on just as the sun was about to peak over the horizon.

He had expertly gotten rid of his trail using the river, before disappearing into a winding mountain range. He doubted that even dao formation experts could track him now. He was too cautious.

Because anyone intelligent would know that his final destination would be the Angel Clan, Dyon had to find a way to approach his clan from a direction completely opposing that of the Viserion clan.

Dyon knew that by this point, Veles would likely have chosen to ally with the Moon Clan. He had touched his bottom line, wasn't this an obvious result?

As for why the Moon Clan would ever trust him, that would easily be resolved considering how much information Veles had on the Angel Clan. Considering Dyon had also thoroughly explained his battle strategy to Veles as well, it could be said that only he truly understood everything aside from Dyon and Amphorae.
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However, Dyon didn't seem to have any reaction. His face was still cold, and his heart? Even colder.

He scaled a mountain all while his body ached, before diving into a valley between the mountain and cutting into its face with a master grade sword he had taken from the Angel Clan. Then, he began to meditate.


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