Reaper of the Martial World
773 Second Trial 92
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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773 Second Trial 92

Veles found this quite depressing. He wanted to spend more years leading the helm of armies and being a grand general whose name shook the heavens. However, he had a responsibility to uphold and he couldn't let his father down.

It was obvious that with Veles' personality, he had exhausted all methods of trying to repair his old man's vitality. This search led him to excessively studying the Dragon Refining Arts to the point where he had reached the level he had today.

There was a simple reason he did so. The vitality of beasts far outweighed that of humans. They usually lived for longer and had a better connection with the universe. So, Veles cleverly thought that if he reached a high enough level of refinement, he would be able to share a small portion of his blood essence with his father. If it was potent enough, maybe he would be able to cure him.

In reality, this would harm Veles' talent and impair his ability to conquer the cosmos in the future. However, for your father, what sacrifices wouldn't you make?

This was why Veles was so pained by the robbery of their sacred treasure. The only reason their mere branch family had the original copy was because he had had a bet with the Viserion main branch on the day of the universe tournament. With him being the winner, and the affair being so public, they were forced to hand it over, or else they would lose a lot of face. This was actually part of the reason they pressured the Ahpuch family to allow Luna to marry Dyon, because they were angered by the fact the Ahpuch had become witnesses to their promise with Veles.

Dyon stealing the Dragon Refining Arts was almost like sentencing Veles' father to death. How could Veles not be angry beyond belief? He felt like tearing that little vixen who stole it apart!

Here, those familiar with an expert's memory might wonder why Veles didn't just memorize the technique. The truth of the matter was he had… memorized the parts he could see.

The Dragon Refining Arts was a truly fascinating divine technique. According the Viserion family, there were 9 stages, each harder to reach than the last. But, when Veles received the book, he realized that there were 18 blank pages while only 9 had words on them! Even if you beat Veles to death he wouldn't believe that such a high level technique just had random blank pages on it.

Normally, he might have ignored this. Since the others of the Viserion long line had never seen what was truly meant to be on those remaining 18 pages, he should just take things one step at a time, no? However, the moment he broke through the major 6th to 7th stage bottle neck, he suddenly felt something special when he looked at the book. As though… It wasn't complete…. Like there was a mountain beyond the one he was climbing now.

When he broke through to the 8th stage, only one away from the supposed peak, the feeling became even stronger! How could he stand the holder of the secret being taken away from him when he was already so close?!

Not only had Dyon stolen his chance to save his father, he might have cut off his former friend's future! This was an irreconcilable event! This grudge wouldn't be settled so easily!

Veles calmed himself so that he could respond to his father, "I know father. I am only feeling guilty. I've trusted the wrong people and I've lost something of overwhelming value." Veles grinded his teeth, unable to contain his emotions.

Old man Viserion gave his son a deep look. Despite his age, his eyes were filled with strength and his back was straight as a javelin. It was as though he was peering into Veles' soul. He looked as if he wanted to say something, but he simply shook his head.

"Don't allow this to cloud your heart. A cultivator's mind state is as important as the techniques they practice. Never forget this."

Veles opened his mouth, but then closed it. It was clear what his father was saying. He had seen through what Veles wanted to sacrifice for him, but while he was touched, how could a father allow their child to sacrifice for them? He would never accept such a thing.

Before the father and son pair could finish their heart to heart, a sudden flash filled the throne room as the sounds of numerous bodies hitting the marble floor filled the room.
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"WHO?!" Veles was already pissed off enough today. Whoever it was that was disturbing his private talk with his father would face the consequence!

But, when he turned around, he was immediately stunned speechless. Weren't these the celestials that went off to chase Dyon?! How did they end up here?! And why were they all on their asses?! What the hell happened?!

However, when he looked to question them, he saw that they too were confused about what happened. There was a flash of light, and all of a sudden they were here!

"WHAT KIND OF EXPLANATION IS THAT?!" How could Veles accept such a reason?! He knew from the beginning that Dyon would decide to separate so as not to implicate the Angel Clan, so that meant that 10 celestials were outdone by a saint?! What kind of person with even half a brain cell would accept such a thing?!


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