Reaper of the Martial World
771 Second Trial 90
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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771 Second Trial 90

The elders couldn't help but shiver. Their greed had blinded them, causing them to dive head first into this mission, never once signaling for help. But, if they signaled now, even if their dao formation experts had somehow magically come back from their war with the barbarians so quickly, it would take at least a few minutes for them to reach here. With the battle prowess this young King had displayed. Would they last that long?!

What they didn't know was that this was all a façade Dyon had purposefully put up. However, that was how he liked it.

He had just spent hours slowly laying down formations, how could he not use them? Right now, he was panting heavily, waiting for his limp and bloodied arm to heal. However, his face was completely expressionless, as though the heavy breathing and broken arm weren't even his own.

Dyon flashed outwards again, seemingly disappearing in an instant before appearing behind one of the weaker elders that were rushing to the position of the still roaring elder. As a sainthood body cultivator, Dyon's vision was already far better than most cultivators even above his station. After all, blood essence cultivation improves all aspects of the body, including the eyes. Because of this, he had sharp and clear sight, even in this dense darkness.

Unfortunately, Dyon also understood that this wasn't much of an advantage. Although these elders were relatively weak, they still practiced the Dragon Refining Art. Even if they hadn't made it to the 4th stage, they would have still had the first level of Dragon Eyes at the very least because one only needed to reach the 2nd stage for this ability. Since they Dragon body-type abilities scaled with cultivation, their vision was tens of times better than a normal lower celestial. As such, Dyon still remained cautious, understanding that not only would they likely be able to see him if he was in their line of sight, they could also see his body heat!

Another agonizing scream erupted as Dyon's fist completely shattered the spine of the elder he aimed for, cutting their numbers from 12 to 10 with a mere two attacks. Although he purposefully didn't kill them, he had definitely crippled their abilities to participate further!

The elders spun around, hoping to catch sight of Dyon, however, he had once again disappeared. They were incredulous, how could it be possible for someone to be so fast?! And why couldn't they sense him?!

At the celestial stage, a soul would gain more properties. As Dyon also had explained to him when he nearly died at Zabia's hand, it was only when the soul reached the 9th stage that it would be capable of leaving the body and operating independently. With this, came many other abilities, including a sort of divine sense or bird's eye view.

However, how could these lower celestials have such an ability? In the cultivation world, finding someone whose soul kept up with their energy cultivation was rare beyond belief. Usually only alchemy or formation experts would invest in such a thing, and even they would usually lag behind substantially. Therefore, these celestials didn't have this divine sense. They could only rely on their instincts and eye sight! Unfortunately, Dyon always attacked from their blind spot, and their Perceptions were weak!

Remarkably, Dyon had had a pseudo divine sense for a long time now. But, he couldn't use it now since his soul was locked away. That said… When his soul did finally break away from its current stage, the world would witness the birth of a divine sense the likes of which had never been seen before!

With their second elder taken down, the cold sweat on the backs of the elders increased.
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"BACK TO BACK!" The calm elder that first noticed they had gone in a large circle barked.

However, how could Dyon allow that? With an expressionless face, ten motes of light accelerated forward with a blinding speed. They seemingly appeared out of nowhere, rushing toward the elders. These were none other than a portion of the arrays Dyon had laid!

The reason why even celestials didn't notice that Dyon had led them in a circle previously was because the path he had taken was much too devious. The truth was that the circle he led them in wasn't even all that large, it was at most a few hundred meters in radius. The path Dyon took was long and winding, but the only places he set down arrays was within this specific circle he mapped out in his mind.

In an instant, the lights were upon the elders. They all simultaneously punched outward. Although they all disdained this weak attack, they didn't dare to underestimate it. After losing two of their elders to injury, how could they have the heart to be arrogant anymore?!

However, that was when something they didn't expect happened. The moment their punches connected, it felt as though they had hit nothing but air… As though they were really trying to punch light. Many of them lost balance, falling head-first in the mote of light. In an instant, all ten figures disappeared, unable to resist the pull of teleportation.

Under normal circumstances, it would be easy for a celestial to resist the pull of an array. Dyon had witnessed this first hand when he tried to teleport away from the Niveus Sect Matriarch. However, these were no normal arrays, they were comet level arrays!


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