Reaper of the Martial World
770 Second Trial 89
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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770 Second Trial 89

In the next instant, Dyon's body flashed forward once again. However, this time it was different. He no longer bothered to stay in the eyeline of his pursuers, he completely melded into the darkness of the forest!

The celestials froze. None of them had thought that after all this time that their "easy prey" was still hiding his abilities. The scouts were much more surprised because they hadn't witnessed the battle between their King and Dyon. However, the other 9 celestials felt a wave of embarrassment come over them. How had they made such a mistake?

It was only now they remembered just how much of a boost in power this little King got once he used his wings. It should have been obvious to them that he was holding back this entire time!

The only thing that made them sigh a faint breath of relief was the fact he should be easily spotted. With such bright golden wings that gave off their own light, even his transformation would be blatantly obvious to them.
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What they didn't know is that Dyon had prepared for such a contingency long ago. He had purposefully not used his wings until now. And, he purposefully dampened the effectiveness of his movement technique. Even further, if they were intelligent, they would be wondering why Dyon hadn't used his movement technique against King Viserion!

Since Dyon woke up, King Viserion was the first to even remotely push him to his limits. Even then, he was toying with him. Dyon knew all he needed to win after King Viserion unlocked his third battle form was more speed. Yet, why had he decided to use his strongest form instead of using his movement technique?

Intuitively speaking, wouldn't it have been smarter to use the weaker form and hide the stronger? Anyone who saw this might think Dyon was a fool.

However… How could Dyon not have his own designs?

Before he came to the Viserion clan, he had already prepared for the possibility of Luna betraying him. The problem was that his relationship with Veles was much too fragile, and was easily exploitable. As such, the scenario of a chase had always been on Dyon's mind.

In his original plan, he had prepared to be chased by dao formation experts. So, how could a mere group of celestials faze him? That was nothing more than a joke.

Dyon was aware of the forested landscape of the Viserion clan. He was also aware that his wings had changed their color. And, even if they hadn't, before his break through, Dyon had had one white wing. That wing was just as bad for stealth as his golden wings. So, Dyon long knew that relying on his wings would be a detriment and not a helper in this situation. Knowing that, why not make his potential pursuers think that his wings were his true final trump card?!

The celestials had organized themselves, thinking they understood Dyon. They remained relatively close to each other after their encirclement plan missed. And while they would have loved to attack, if they alerted any of the more powerful Earth or Heaven beasts in the area, it would be problem.

In the end, the spread themselves out a mere two or three meters away from each other. Their thinking was simple. Even though Dyon was powerful in his winged form, in this dark environment, he would be hard pressed to sneak up on them. Then, since they were so close, they'd be able to react in a short amount of time, immediately surrounding him.

However, what they never expected was the fact that Dyon had hid such a profound movement technique! After seeing him use it, and seeing how he became drenched in sweat, they began to relax, thinking that this was his true limit. All the while, they never knew that using the movement technique to such a small extent was never that difficult for him to begin with! While it might cause minor fractures in his legs, those injuries were quickly healed by his overwhelming blood essence in addition to the perfect fusion of him and his humanoid manifestation!

All this time, Dyon had only used his movement technique to the first stage of the first act. Limiting its profoundness and therefore his injuries. But now? He pushed it to his highest level of understanding, climbing to the peak of the second stage of the first act. In an instant, the efficacy of the technique almost tripled, causing Dyon to vanish from sight!

Just as the elders were feeling vigilant, a flash of blinding gold came from their left flank, immediately followed but a scream of agony. But when the elders followed through with their plan, converging on the blinding light, it suddenly disappeared! However, unlike what they assumed, Dyon was already gone, leaving behind an elder with broken ribs, and an oddly angled arm from a vain attempt at blocking.

The elders sucked in a breath. Was this really a saint? Although this elder hadn't even completely the first cycle of the first celestial stage, only having filled 2 or so meridians with celestial energy, he was still a celestial! It wasn't normal for a saint be able to even fight with him, let alone hurt him so severely, so quickly!

A cold sweat began to permeate down their backs. They were all of quite lowly status, often attending to small matters. Even the strongest of them, a patrol with second stage celestial cultivation, couldn't claim to be capable of hurting this comrade of his so quickly…

What had they gotten themselves into?!


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