Reaper of the Martial World
766 Second Trial 85
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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766 Second Trial 85

Without another word, Dyon wings flapped and left, not looking behind for an instant. On that day, Queen Amphorae gained power that she had never wielded before.

With no choice, the personal guard could only hand his head as he quickly got up. He knew that he was in the wrong. While it was okay to convey your ideas to a King when possible, this was clearly not the situation for it. In a life or death moment, where quick decisions needed to be made, the King's word was the final word!

Seeing both the personal guard's and Dyon's reaction, the two dao formation elders nodded in approval. Although they disliked their King's command, there was no doubt that this was the way a king should act. Before, many had questions about the character of their King, many calling him too soft and too willing to please. However, in one afternoon, he had shattered all of that. Not only was he willing to punish his former love, Luna, for her actions as severely as anyone else – despite it clearly being painful for him – he had been willing to reprimand a childhood friend of his. To be able to steel your heart was a trait any King should have.

As for the personal guard, only regret could be read in his eyes. He was clearly a man of high character who had already acknowledged his mistake. There was no need for anyone to say anything else, no one was worried about him holding on to any resentment. Instead, they all quickly entered the carriage, flashing away at top speed.
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Before this, the speed of the horse had been purposefully slowed. But, now there was no time for a leisurely journey. Heading back to the clan was top priority! In all likelihood, they had just gained another strong enemy…

The best case scenario was for their King to live and somehow gain forgiveness of King Viserion…

However… In the worst case… The Viserions would attack with the Moon Clan! Making an already impossible situation even worse!

Because of the actions of one foolish woman… The future of the Angel Clan was as precarious as ever…


In the Moon Clan Palace bath, Luna's elder sister, Laura was laughing so hard that her sides hurt. Because her and Luna's mirrors were connected, she could check on her sister whenever she pleased, even if the mirror was within a spatial ring. So, she had seen everything that happened from beginning to end.

At first, she was shocked beyond belief that her sister had actually given up her virginity to that puppet of a man, she didn't care too much. After all, after almost 30 years of spending every night together and with how handsome he was, even Laura couldn't be sure that she would never be moved. Plus, all that mattered was Luna's primordial yin.

In the martial world, as long as a woman's primordial yin was in place, it was just as difficult to tell if she was a virgin as it was in the mortal world. This was because all treasures capable of testing such a thing, did so based on whether the primordial yin was present or not.

So, Laura didn't care. It was only a blip on her radar. This was because she knew how special her little sister's primordial yin was. Among all the women in the world, maybe she was the only one who could safe guard her primordial yin regardless of cultivation!

Normally, this would only be possible if the woman had vastly superior cultivation to the man she decided to give herself to. This was normally to protect the man she loved, or else, he would either become impotent, or in the worst cases, die.

However, you could imagine how rare it was for a weaker man to win the heart of a stronger woman. So, even those cases were incredibly rare. It was no wonder Laura didn't care.

Laura's laughter rang through her fog filled bath. The ripples in her ample chest causing waves to stir in the water even as she watched her younger sister continue to tremble in her sleep.

When she finally caught her breath and calmed down, she sneered, putting the mirror away. Since Dyon had escaped by separating with them, the show wasn't as interesting anymore since there was obviously a range the mirror was limited to.

This action of Dyon's only made Laura disdain his existence even more. She couldn't imagine how a man could be so angered, yet still take actions to protect the woman who betrayed him. If that wasn't a simp, then what was? How her sister fell for such a weak man, she would never understand. It was obvious to her that Dyon had separated so that Luna would be safe while the Viserions chased him.

Thinking to this point, Laura leisurely reclined in her bath. Her legs squeezed together as she imagined the tears streaking down her little sister's face, deriving some sick pleasure from it.

With a wave of her hand, a servant girl rushed forward.

"I think I'll taste Casanova today," She said lightly, "He's not the biggest, but he's quite skilled. Quickly, I'm moist and not in the mood to wait."

The servant girl didn't dare be slow as she rushed out of the room to commandeer her mistress' gigolo.

In anticipation, Laura couldn't help but think back to the scenes of Dyon ravaging Luna. It had left a faint imprint on her heart… The kind where she wanted nothing more than to steal her sister's man and make him, hers.

"You think I don't know that you caused the death of our father, little sister? Does that buffoon who's in love with you know how truly sinister you are?

"I think I'll spare his life for now and keep him around as my sex slave. Maybe I'll even let you watch.

"For all the decades of pain you've caused me… I'll return them a hundred-fold!"

(Awe: This whole family should seek some therapy… Or at least get on some meds… Jesus…)


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