Reaper of the Martial World
765 Second Trial 84
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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765 Second Trial 84

Behind the five fleeing men and one unconscious female, a raging tempest of celestial energy erupted behind them in plumes of three. As expected from the Viserion clan, despite sending out all of the dao formation experts and so many celestials, they still had so many left!

At the moment, nine experts rushed out from behind them, quickly following as Veles' voice of rage continued to bellow.

Without regard, the closely following elders burst into their battle forms. Although they hadn't reached their King's lofty 8th stage, they had still done well for themselves, managing to reach the 4th and enter their first battle phase. Unfortunately for them, progress in this technique had little to do with cultivation and everything to do with talent and understanding. As such, despite cultivating for thousands of years, they paled in comparison to their King who had only cultivated for a few decades.

As for the Dragon Refining Arts, Dyon didn't bother leaving it behind, instead choosing to keep it close to him. If he was going to suffer for Luna's actions anyway, why not benefit from it instead? He had long been interested in this technique, but had banished the thought of asking to see it until his and Veles' relationship grew stronger. After all, this was a secret technique of the Viserion clan, it couldn't be shown to outsiders to wantonly!

The blurs in the skies streaked across the city, quickly coming up to the gates where Dyon's carriage was still waiting. Luckily, it was pulled by celestial level horses which would allow them much breathing room since they specialized in speed. However… Dyon had other ideas. The anger in his heart was too much to escape like this. If he sat in one place for too long, he felt like he might explode. In fact, he was dangerously close to giving up on this trial entirely.

The moment they touched down at the gates, confusion colored the features of the elder and the personal guards that had stayed put. But, Dyon didn't have time to entertain them. So, he spoke quickly. Far quicker than someone without cultivation could understand.

"We don't have much time, they'll reach us with enough time to obstruct in less than ten seconds. So, listen carefully and do not forget any of my words under punishment of execution!

"Firstly, do not follow me. This will not end so easily and I am the main culprit. They will chase me long before they chase you. The Angel Clan is still in a precarious position and we cannot afford to leave it without protection for long."

There was clear dissatisfaction at Dyon's first command. But, remembering the punishment that was waving over their heads, they didn't dare to voice it, instead deciding to remain silent.

Those who hadn't been part of the situation couldn't help but look to and from Luna's still unconscious figure. It seemed like she could wake up at any time, even worse, it looked like she was having a terrible nightmare. For an old man to be holding her like he was, there was no doubt that it was more than just a little inappropriate. This was the queen of their kingdom! How could she be touched by another man so easily?

However, when they saw that Dyon couldn't be bothered with it, and even further that he had no worry on his features for the state of his own wife, they all couldn't help but suck in a cold breath.

Tears fell from Luna's unconscious figure as her murmurs became louder. Her murmuring was almost intelligible, but from what they could hear, it was a constant stream of 'I'm sorrys' and 'I had no choice' mixed in with a flurry of 'Dyons' and 'Luna Moons'. Whatever it is was going on had completely turned Luna's emotions and mind to mush. And yet, there was still no reaction from their King.

"Secondly, I've already prepared everything. In my place, there stand Queen Amphorae. Anyone who dares to disobey her order will face my wrath. Not only is she to set the rules, she is to lead you into battle!"

Dyon's words were like a torrent, never ending and not allowing any rebuttal. But, when they heard the idea of a woman leading them into battle, only of the personal guards couldn't help but interject.

"Kin –"


Dyon's fury melted over, nearly caving in the side of the personal guards face with an unrestrained open palm. The guard fell to the ground, listless. Completely unaware of what had just happened.

How many years had he followed Dyon? Practically from birth! They had all prepared and trained along with Dyon for decades. Never once had he ever raised a hand against them! Never once had he ever felt the need to berate them or be angry with them! That even included when Michael tried to steal that love of his life, Amphorae!

When those around them thought of this, they suddenly realized something else. Did he just call Amphroae, Queen? What the hell happened?! When did gain such a title?!

The mixture of shock and confusion reigned, it was as though they were unable to feel any other emotions.

Dyon didn't feel any remorse about his actions. Whether or not he was angered beyond belief right now, he would have taken the same course.
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He was King! His orders were not to be questioned!


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