Reaper of the Martial World
764 Second Trial 83
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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764 Second Trial 83

Luna's whole body shook as her vision blackened. She could no longer express how deeply Dyon's words hit her, but as she had once said, what's done is done. There was no changing it.

Dyon had always been a person with a soft heart when it came to women. In fact, in his youth, before he met Madeleine, it had come out as an overly flirtatious attitude. In reality, that was just his own immature way of following the words of his mother. In her memory, he had taken her words of always complimenting and protecting women close to you to his heart. They were words ingrained within him even more than the teachings his father beat into him… Maybe it was because of his mother's gentle approach, or maybe because her death came at a time where Dyon was far too young, but either way, those words stuck…

However… For the first time in his life, Dyon completely ignored the words of his mother. He wasn't caring, or understanding. He didn't try to comprehend why it was Luna had done something so foolish, nor did he have the faintest curiosity. He was hurt beyond belief, and despite the coldness in his eyes, his heart was bleeding with its own tears.

Luna tried to let go of Dyon's hand, but Dyon gripped onto it tightly. With a swing of his arm, Luna's petite body flew across the room and into the arms of the Angel Clan dao formation expert. Before anyone had realized what had happened, Luna finally couldn't take it anymore. The rough way Dyon handled her, as if he didn't care for her life or death was the final straw… Her vision completely blackened, causing her to faint.

"Keep her alive, for now." Dyon's voice cut through the loud blaring noises and Veles' enraged roar. It sounded as though he had just raised himself up from the abyss of hell. His voice was deep, and grating… Filled with an endless rage that made the saint guards who were about to surge forward tremble with fear. Dyon had never felt so angry in his entire life. "When we get out of this, I'll deal with her personally."

"YOU!" Veles roared in anger. "To think I actually thought of trusting you! Leave here? If you don't die today, my name isn't Veles Viserion!"

As soon as he finished, Veles thought of erupting forward with unbridled killing intent. But, that was when he remembered the fragile Mina was still in his arm. With all the loud noises and raging killing intent filling the room, Mina was like a delicate feather being tossed around to the whims of a storm. Veles couldn't possibly leave her now. Since Dyon and Luna were so despicable to have used his goodwill to steal their clan's most valuable treasure, who's to say that they wouldn't use despicable means to tie him down? Unfortunately, before this, everyone had seen how important Mina was to him!

Even worse, there were at most a handful of high level experts left in the Viserion Kingdom. They had all just left to deal with the barbarians! Such timing was…

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Veles couldn't help but freeze. He had found the barbarians attacking to be odd, could it have been planned this way from the beginning?

As for Dyon's showing of anger toward Luna, Veles didn't put it in his eyes at all. For one, it could just be an act Dyon put on to convince them that it was all Luna's doing and not his own. The second possibility was that he was truly mad! After all, hadn't Luna failed? She had disabled two, but not the third mechanism. How could that not piss Dyon off? A once foolproof plan had been ruined by her. Or so those around them thought.

Dyon didn't bother explaining anything. With his intelligence, how could he not tell what those around him were thinking. This plan of that former wife of his were truly too devious. He even thought that maybe she planned the barbarian raid as well. However, Dyon didn't feel any warmth because of that. After all, wasn't it in Luna's best interest to increase her own chances of escape? It made sense that she would do such a thing. It had nothing to do with Dyon.

By this point, Dyon no longer had any good thoughts of Luna in his heart. The bleeding in his heart was becoming a shriveled mess of blackness that looked more like an overripe fruit than the source of one's vitality.

Looking at his personal guards and elder, he shouted without a shred of emotion in his voice that wasn't akin to unending rage. "GO!"

With a flash, wings of gold sprung from Dyon's back. His feet stomped onto the ground, rocketing him up and out of the hole in the ceiling Veles had made earlier in the day. On his tail were his personal guards and the dao formation expert. Although the elder could easily overtake Dyon, how could he not protect his King's rear? As for his personal guard, they had the same thought.

Their destination was, of course, the carriage waiting at the City gates. They had only brought a few of their experts in, in consideration of Veles and gaining his trust. Unfortunately, that had partially backfired as they had no idea what was happening now!


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