Reaper of the Martial World
762 Second Trial 81
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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762 Second Trial 81

Dyon smiled when he saw this. It should have taken Veles a couple hours to do this, but hadn't a couple hours passed already? Even while he was speaking with Dyon, his cultivation was slowly being adjusted. He only needed one more push to breakthrough, and that came in the form of anger. It was a well known fact that emotion was an important tool to cultivation, which was why your temperament made such a big difference in the paths you should or shouldn't take. It was clear Veles was perfectly suited to his Dragon bloodline.

That aside, Dyon could understand why Veles was so angry. He understood, from the memories he had unlocked, that despite how Veles may come off, he wasn't a reckless person, that was proven by how long it took Dyon to convince him to join him. This all meant one thing: He wouldn't trusted the barbarians so easily, and for him to do so, he had some sort of insurance.

As for who the barbarians were, there was no set definition for them all. Rather, they all fell into a similar umbrella of life.

Barbarians, also known as Rogue Cultivators, were often criminals ostracized from their former clans for some reason or another. After managing to escape having their cultivations crippled, they made their way to often remote planets, taking up refuge and starting their own communities. Often time, so as to remain lowkey, they continued to commit crimes. After all, if they started their own clans, if they grew too large, their old clans would find the similarities and thus chase them down again. So, they usually remained relatively small and lawless.

When a cultivator betrays their clan or sect, it was almost guaranteed that said cultivator would have their cultivation stripped of them. In the eyes of the clan, how could they allow a traitor who knew their secrets to roam about and potentially spread them? It couldn't be tolerated.

Understanding this, one thing was obvious: all barbarians were either ridiculously lucky, or powerful beyond belief! In order to escape the ire of an entire clan, just what kind of talent did you need to be? Of course, there were some that just had dogshit luck, but the vast majority were simply too powerful to die under the hands of their clans. This was why, despite being barbarian clan, they had plenty of celestial and dao formation experts. From Dyon's understanding, there were at least a few hundred high level celestials, and a couple dozen dao formation ones, with their leader being at the 5th stage! Such cultivation was almost unheard of, especially on this small planet.

How Veles corralled them? Dyon had no idea. But, it was clear his former friend thought he had succeeded where he hadn't.

Veles stormed out of the room, stepping over the still kneeling elder and no longer bothering with him as he stomped through the castle, roaring for the elders to meet him now.

Hundreds of men, ranging from young men to older codgers flashed through the skies, ironically using the hole Veles had blasted through the castle earlier in the day when he rushed to fight Dyon to descend into the main hall.

"My King." A chorus of voices rang outward as they all kneeled. Yet, despite the showing of respect and reverence, Veles' anger wasn't quelled in the least.

"That damned half-baked, sorry excuse of a man has incited trouble in my Kingdom! The nerve of that bastard after I gave his criminal past the benefit of the doubt!

"Did I not treat them well? Did I not marry his daughter? Do I not treat her well?!

"The one thing I, King Viserion will not stand for, is betrayal! I want his decapitated corpse before me within the day.

"I want his skin torn from the bone! I want the meat of his flesh to be scarred beyond recognition! I want his eyes gouged out and his manhood crushed! I want him with salty streaks of years mixed with blood, kneeling before me!

"Do you understand?!"

Veles' voice roared through the city, his rage resounding through the ears of everyone present. Maybe only Dyon was truly unaffected. No one knew how Veles managed to nurture and half-step King Reverse Scale, but one could imagine that he had fought a lot of bloody battles. A man like that wasn't one to be trifled with.

At the same time, how could Dyon not tell that this was a partial warning to himself? Who else had the possibility of betraying Veles? Was it not himself?
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However, Dyon had 0 intentions of doing so. While Veles might be skeptical, Dyon was firmly against the Moon Clan despite what his past might suggest. His only true path to survival was with Veles by his side, and that also required his full trust.

Suddenly, as Veles was raging, the awkward, yet quick steps of a lady holding up the hem of her dress could be faintly heard. She was a delicate beauty, and while she wasn't otherworldly, any small city would likely have someone of her stature take the helm as top beauty. However, right now, that delicate beauty had tears streaking down her face as she ran, stumbling with every other step. For a cultivator to be uncoordinated, Dyon had never seen it. But, that was when he noticed that this poor beauty was at the mere foundation stage.

Why was such a fragile beauty here?


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