Reaper of the Martial World
761 Second Trial 80
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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761 Second Trial 80

After a meeting that lasted about 4 or so hours, Dyon and Veles had finally hashed out everything they needed for the coming war. According to Dyon's estimations, the Moon Clan would act 3 days earlier. However, that was when Veles let him know that they haven't changed their speed of preparations.

Hearing this, Dyon laughed to himself. He knew that Jabari was an arrogant King, but he didn't think he would be so arrogant to give him, Dyon Sacharro ample time to prepare. He must have been tired of living!

Dyon was already planning on teaching Jabari a lesson for daring to have designs on a woman he called his own. But, to insult him like this brought Dyon's anger to a new level. Maybe it was because, deep inside, he had yet to place Luna on the same pedestal as his other wives, or else how could such a petty incident make him more angry than he already was?

In the end, Dyon reclined in his chair, closing his eyes and sighing inwardly. He knew that this was the last chance he'd give Luna. She now stood at a road forked in two. Whether she'd be by his side for life, or thrown aside by him would be decided today.
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Seeing Dyon close his eyes like so, Veles waited patiently. Eventually, Dyon awoke from his thoughts, standing up.

"Now it's about time to go." Dyon said, getting ready to leave. Just as both men were about to reach the door, an outer elder of the Viserion clan burst in, an agitated and angered expression on his features. For a man of his cultivation to be breathing so hard, and for him to forget his place and burst into a private meeting, one could imagine how important the information he carried was.

Veles frowned when he saw this, but he said nothing.

Seeing his King's dissatisfaction, the elder immediately realized his error. While he might be an elder, that was only because he had managed to reach the celestial level. As for his true authority, it was piss poor when compared to the true powerhouses of the clan. For him to burst into the King's study, what right did he have?!

Bursting into a cold sweat, the elder dropped to his knees, slamming his forehead against the marbled ground. "King, please forgive this lowly servant. If it wasn't important, I wouldn't dare to act in such a way!"

Veles paused, before nodding. He understood this as well, so he didn't react immediately. Plus, his meeting with Dyon was finished anyway. If it wasn't, it would have been impossible for the elder to burst in even if he was a hundred times stronger.


Dyon remained silent by his side, a deadpan expression on his features. But, in reality, his heart was in turmoil. The feelings he had been burying for Luna came rushing to the top, boiling over and searing his veins with a heat even he couldn't handle. His breathing became shallow, and the mere split second it took the elder to answer felt as though it was stretching out to hours, even days. With Dyon's speed of thought, the fraction of a second was agonizing beyond belief.

He remembered the words he spoke to himself just moments ago. He repeated them, again and again…. 'This is your last chance…'

"Replying to his majesty," The servant didn't stand, continuing to respectfully bow. "The Barbarian Clans we assimilated a few months ago have suddenly started stirring up problems. They've sent a few of their celestials and even their dao formation experts to conquer the towns around them. We've received word of their pillaging! If we don't act soon, a good portion of our periphery territory will be eaten away!"

While Veles was so angry that steam started to mat his long black hair with sweat, Dyon inadvertently took a deep breath, almost collapsing in relief. He thought that he had finally jumped the hurtle of the emotion stamp Luna placed on his heart after he conquered her, but that moment of pain proved otherwise. The swirling emotions of betrayal and bitterness threatened to overwhelm Dyon's senses, making him, a man who usually had the utmost control of his body, nearly give up on everything entirely…

"ARE THEY TIRED OF LIVING?!" Veles' Roar shook the clan, causing the citizens to fall to their knees in worship for the second time that day.

In truth, Veles couldn't believe what he was hearing. He thought he had a mutual agreement with those barbarians. Sure, it was a slight risk to accept them into the fold, but he had had a certain level of assurance in doing so. He had even married their chieftain's daughter and accepted her as an Imperial Concubine! Knowing well how much that man doted on her. And he dared to initiate an attack of his Viserion Clan? Veles was thoroughly enraged!

The elder trembled on the ground, unable to withstand Veles' pressure despite being of higher cultivation.

In the moment, Veles' anger agitated his body, causing his blood to roar to life. For the second time that day, he broke through again, causing a rush of celestial energy to spiral through the skies, crashing into the Viserion King in a rush akin to a water fall.

His body bulged to another side, adding a half meter to his height that he immediately controlled into a dense power before shortening himself to a height about two inches taller than his original. Now he stood even taller than the 6'6 Dyon and his third stage battle form was finally consolidated!


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