Reaper of the Martial World
760 Second Trial 79
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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760 Second Trial 79

With the appearance of Dyon's father, something that was once seemingly a simple matter of snatching a beauty from a weak family became a complicated mess of events. Even more glaringly, Dyon couldn't remember any of these events for one reason or another, despite having supposedly unlocked all of his memories after he became intimate with Amphorae.

Luna closed her eyes, forcing herself out of her reverie. She hated the next memories… In fact, they made her hate herself even more.

She silently gazed at the Nina who had fallen into a deep sleep below her, restraining her sigh. Complicated emotions fluttered through her violet eyes, but she remained silent. Instead, she softly rolled her petite body off of the bed, spreading her arms out as the energy of the air suddenly moved under her command, cleansing her body. Even her ruffled silver hair once again rested without kinks, as though she had just spent hours combing through it.

Nina's adorable snoring filled the sacred room as Luna silently dressed herself in her white dress. In that instant, she was expressionless. It was as though her emotions hadn't just been in turmoil, and it was clear she had come to a decision.
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Looking toward the [Dragon Refining Arts] tome, Luna began to calculate.

There was no question that this was the most important treasure of the Viserion Clan. In fact, it was normally impossible for the branch clan to have the full version, yet this one did. On top of that, it was the original copy!

The Dragon Refining Arts was a technique even more ancient than these times. If one were to say that the Viserion Clan only rose because of it, no one would find it to be an exaggeration.

About two million or so years ago, the Viserion Clan was nowhere near the size of an Emperor God Clan. Yet, in what could be considered a short span of time, it elevated itself to all new heights. To use less than a million years to rise to Emperor God Clan status in these times was almost unheard of, yet the Viserions had done it!

To put things into perspective, a dao formation expert gains a hundred thousand years of life per increase in stage. Anyone who could reach that level would have access to, at worst, 9 cultivation stages, with the best having 12, with a possible 13th corresponding to half-step transcendence. This meant that the upper limit of life for even those pinnacle existences was about 1.3 million years!

This meant, that in order for a clan to raise itself from an unranked position, to that level, was the equivalent of doing so within one lifespan! To clans with deep roots, it would usually take several generations, equating to tens of millions of years, if not into the hundreds in order to achieve that result.

The reason was obvious, in order to expand, you have to conquer. And in order to conquer, you need to beat those clans that have already been solidly rooted! It was no wonder why their feat was impressive.

For their meteoric rise, the Viserions had this ancient tome to thank. Not only did their ancestor find the tome, it also came with it a vile of God level Dragon Blood. While this was only considered low-level among dragons who had Peak True Deities among the best of them, when mixed with the already decent Viserion bloodline, it managed to coagulate into a new level.

Because of these series of events, the Viserions truly lucked out. The usually arrogant Dragon Race couldn't be bothered to care about mere God level bloodlines because that was the equivalent of a mere transcendent beast. They thought it beneath them to even care about the matter. As such, not only did they achieve benefits, they made no unbeatable enemies along the way! It could be said that the originator of the technique had thought through everything for the sake of his or her successor.

Knowing all of this, Luna was certain that this was the best way to destroy her husband's attempts at forming this ally. Not only was Veles already dissatisfied with Dyon's actions from long ago, if he were to cross this bottom here, Luna knew that their talks would go up in smoke.

Luna's violet eyes silent analyzed the protection formations around the tome. 'There are three formations. One decoy. One true one. And another time sensitive one.'

The first was meant to trip robbers up and acted as a trigger to both alert and increase protection. The second was the reason Luna couldn't just reach in and take it. While the last ensured that even if the first two were bypassed, it would be able to detect the fact the tome was gone after a certain amount of time passed.

Luna saw no difficulty in this matter. She innately understood the way things works by their flow of energy, and since energy loved her, she could dissipate it with a thought. As such, dispelling all three was child's play. She could do something that even Dyon with his soul unsealed would need days to do, in seconds.

However, she purposely left the third formation alone, only tweaking it to set off based on her specifications. After all, if she stole it too perfectly, who knew how long it would take them to notice it was gone?

With a mere swipe of her hand, the tome was gone just as a tear fell to the polished ground.


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