Reaper of the Martial World
759 Second Trial 78
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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759 Second Trial 78

Luna spent her life accepting her fate. She realized that whatever this gift of hers was allowed her to take control of the things around her… So that's what she did…. The most ironic thing was that she took control of everything, but her own life… Maybe the only time she faintly did so was when she organized a tournament for her own hand in marriage, but even then, the results were well out of her own calculations.

She remembered that day as though it was happening the moment she recalled it. Her father had come to her speaking of marrying her off to the Viserion Clan. It turned out that during her interactions with Nina's former clan, she had caught the eye of their crown prince.

In truth, at the time, Luna was neither for it or against it. She was completely indifferent. While she had the vague idea that maybe it wasn't right for others to have such control of her life, she found herself constantly being distracted by what she did have control over. During those times, her dominatrix ply with Nina being more furious and violent, and it wasn't until Nina's cries of pleasure became true pain that she realized what was wrong.

As for Luna's father, he was ecstatic that his years of promoting his daughter as a matchless talent had finally paid off. To jump from the dregs of a Royal God clan to the heights of an Emperor God Clan were like a dream to him. He had been trying all of these years to succeed with Luna's elder sister, Laura, before he finally succeeded with his younger daughter.

While others would call him a despicable father for riding the backs of his children toward success, King Moon could hardly care. He was on cloud nine.

The day that Prince Jabari came to finalize marriage matters with the Moon Clan, Luna had happened to be there. The result was something even she didn't expect… A wave of powerlessness overwhelmed her for the first time in her life… It was as though she had been distancing herself all this time, only for reality to refuse to be ignored. With her intelligence, how could she not have seen through the goal of her father all along? But it wasn't until then that she finally felt disgusted.

In a fit of defiance, Luna made Jabari fight for her in the upcoming Universe Tournament. She didn't know what she expected from the outcome, but maybe she was just finally looking for some control outside of her immoral actions in the bedroom…

Thus, the Universe Tournament was held in the Moon Clan. While Luna's father was apoplectic with rage when her daughter purposely provoked the crown prince of an Emperor God Clan, he could do nothing about it because the words were already spoken. With Jabari's arrogant attitude, how could he ever think he was going to lose?

Luna had no idea what she wanted at that time. In fact, she wasn't really expecting to escape the marriage at all… After all, Jabari was most definitely the highest talent of this generation. While the Viserion clan had a crown prince of similar caliber, he was already centuries old at the time. As such, how could he participate? So, the Ahpuch Clan didn't take Luna's stance as a slight against their dignity at all. If anything, they found the last act of defiance by a small girl quite adorable.

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However, that was when her husband swooped into her life. For the first time, her father no longer controlled her… The powerful clans no longer controlled her… Instead, a man with energy brighter than she had ever seen took hold of her life… But this time, it wasn't to gain some benefit, it wasn't to use her for her beauty, it wasn't even to satisfy some sort of basal and disgusting lust… Her husband saved her for her sake and her sake alone… For the first time, someone took control not for their benefit, but for hers.

The moment Dyon shot down her raging father, taking her in his arms and roaring for the world to hear that she was his woman, Luna's maiden heart fluttered for the first time in her life… At that moment, she caught a glimpse of her husband's handsome features… She felt the resolute beating of his heart instead of just how much vitality it moved… Instead of seeing a ball of energy, she finally saw a human for the first time in her life.

But then… It was all taken away…

With the Universe Tournament taking place in the Moon Clan, the eyes of the entire quadrant was trained onto Planet Haven. This wouldn't matter normally, but suddenly the output power of a planet that should have been low level, sky-rocketed to heights never seen before due to the sheer energy required to project images across an entire quadrant.

Unfortunately, this caught the attention of nearby quadrants. It wasn't normal for there to be such an output in those areas, so they curiously turned an eye during a spur of the moment, only to find the constitution they had been searching for, for millennia…

They descended from the skies, excited and unbridled. After all, why would they care about this small quadrant? They didn't even put the Viserion and Ahpuch clans in their eyes.

But, they had truly kicked an iron plate, because on this "small planet" was an expert they feared to the depths of their hearts. Dyon's father!


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