Reaper of the Martial World
758 Second Trial 77
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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758 Second Trial 77

Nina's feverish moans filled the once quite treasure rooms, vibrating the ridiculous amount of precious metals that surrounded them. She didn't seem to notice the ropes were chaffing her arms, instead choosing to be completely engrossed in her feelings. It was as though she had left reality, stepping to a complete other world.

Luna, however, absentmindedly moved her slender fingers through slender cracks and crevices with an expertise that was almost mind boggling. One could tell that she understood how to use her petite figure expertly. While Dyon had his own spurts of nimbleness, he, without a doubt, lost out to this wife of his.

At the moment, though, Luna couldn't seem to focus at all. Ever since her youth, she had a sensitivity to energy and the flow of it that no one could match. It was similar concept to Bai Meiying's Fenf Shui Compass will, however, it was much less niche and more of an instinct than a technique. It was as though the breath of the universe followed her wherever she went, as such, she could often understand the essence of techniques and formations without ever having had any formal training in any of them.

While this was normally a great thing, and was actually quite helpful in many aspects – even when it came to knowing exactly what a sexual partner of hers wanted, when – it was a major part of the reason her life was such a mess now. Even Luna wasn't exactly clear on what she was. Was she a member of a long-lost race? Did she have a special and rare constitution? Was she the reincarnation of some supreme expert?

The truth of the matter was that all Luna knew was that she was coveted. Not only for her talent and what it might be, but also for her ability to act as a cultivation incubator. All her life, even her own father, treated her as nothing more than a treasure that could be used to barter for a better future for their clan. The most disgusting part was that how could those old fogies even know of her existence so early if it wasn't for that father of hers?
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Even if they eventually found her centuries later, would they really have found her less than five decades into her life?! No matter how oppressive their searching abilities were, how could they scour a cosmos filled with a near infinite number of universes? Even if Dyon's time it took the Kitsune centuries to find his mother-in-law, and there were only ten thousand universes left! How could the search radius even compare to this time? Even more glaringly, it would have taken them thousands if it wasn't for Loki Ragnor purposefully leading them there in order to get rid of his biggest threat: King Acacia.

'How good would it have been if we had more time?...' Luna thought with tears threatening to spill from her eyes. Realizing her mistake, she dove her petite head into Nina's ample bosom, using the pretext of teasing her nipples to hide her emotion… Hoping that the fragrant sweat was enough to hide the much less exciting of the two salty liquids.

Even though a life where her father actually acted like a real father would mean that the Universe Tournament would have never been able to lead her husband to her, at least in that case, he would be safe. Maybe, if fate allowed it, they would meet later in life. She might not have had a right to be his wife at that point, but with Dyon's place in her heart currently, she almost didn't care what she had to sacrifice to be by his side.

Luna had absolute confidence that all Dyon needed was time… If only he had more time… There would be no one in this universe… No, the entire cosmos that could stop him.

Unfortunately, they didn't have such a luxury. Luna couldn't afford to be overly engrossed in her feelings, nor could she reminisce about what could have been. She had no choice but to move forward. She had to be callous and strong. She had to do things she didn't want to do and face things she had been hiding from for decades…

There was a point in her life where she had completely given up. She believed that maybe it was best if she just road whatever wave came her way, allowing it to happen. It wasn't that her heart was cold or unfeeling, but rather she understood all things so well that anything other than simple logic seemed foreign to her. As backwards and odd as that might sound, this was how she truly felt.

When everyone else saw the sun rise, Luna saw its steadily dissipating energy… How much time it had left to spin so brightly… How could it was to dying… When everyone else saw a flower, Luna saw its reserves, what flow would allow it to open, as well as what flow would allow it to die. When everyone else saw the love of their life, all Luna saw was a ball of energy… Maybe the only reason she knew her husband was so handsome was because his light shone brighter than everyone else's…

She just wanted to see the world for what it truly was… She didn't want to know anything and everything about the things around her. Why couldn't she just see the skin she was feeling instead of the energy of the heat coming off of it? Why was it that even the most beautiful things in life became so disgusting in her eyes? Why couldn't she just be a human being?!


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