Reaper of the Martial World
757 Second Trial 76
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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757 Second Trial 76

Veles coughed uncomfortably, knowing that his love of martial arts might be getting the best of him, he was trying to calm down.

Dyon smiled before adding more pressure. "We will form an alliance, just like we promised to do all those years ago. I hope that one day, you'll accept me as your brother again. But, for now, I'll tell you my dream.

"I want us to be two separate powers that share the capital. Both your palace and mine will be side by side on the original Angel Clan lands, and your people will benefit from the very same training and environment my people do. We will be equals in all things."

Veles' features reddened in agitation, still coughing awkwardly. He had so resolutely refused Dyon before, wouldn't he be losing face if he accepted so easily now?

"Although," Veles coughed, "I'm not entirely sure what an abyssal core is… It sounds quite interesting…" Veles coughed again.

Dyon rubbed his nose, a bit embarrassed. He knew that these things were actually called Spirits. After all, Ri had told him, but he insisted on the much cooler name. Spirits sounded too plain. After getting used to the martial world's poor naming schemes for things, Dyon was a bit un-resigned. How could named get blander than "Soul Tome" or "Energy Core", so boring… He understood that the idea was that the simpler a name, the more powerful it was because it was likely the origin of its own power, and thus received the most straight forward name, but he still couldn't help but lament the lost opportunities.

What Dyon didn't know was that he had inadvertently gotten his wish. What kind of butterfly effect would it cause for Dyon to break out such a catchy name offhandedly? But, that was a story for another time…

Dyon didn't respond to Veles' oddly veiled attempted at changing his mind without losing too much face. After all, he had to be magnanimous. If they entered their alliance with too much of a difference in status, it would cause problems in the future.

For now, since Dyon needed help to save his clan, and Veles needed resources to strengthen himself and his warriors, it was a win-win predicated on the fact they both needed each other. In this way, there would be balance.

Maybe the only problem they had to work through now was convincing Veles to allow him to lead. As dragons were, the Viserions were hot-blooded. If Dyon didn't establish prestige, it would be difficult to make them follow his commands in battle. It might be better if Veles gave orders he was fed through Dyon. If they used that message, they could directly hop over the dissatisfaction that would without a doubt be laced. Given the fact Dyon had access to communication arrays, this method would only slow his commands down by a fraction. Although that fraction could make all the difference in war, he was willing to take such a handicap as long as he got docile troops in return.

Thinking to this point, Dyon told Veles his plan. Hearing this, Veles directly agreed. After all, much of the reason he was apprehensive was that face was a great matter in the martial world – especially in a clan of dragons. If Dyon came here, convinced him to give up his armies to his command, even though Dyon was technically the one to need help, one might think that Veles was nothing more than a dog of Dyon's leash. This solved that problem.

As Dyon continued to describe his battle tactics, everything from how he planned to use formations and the landscape, to his attack-radius formation and his communication arrays, Veles' eyes continued to widen and become brighter. He had never heard of such ingenious methods before. It was no wonder Dyon wanted to lead.

With that last bit of reservation out of the way, Veles felt content in the gamble he was about to take and Dyon was gratified that he didn't have to use his final trump card to convince this former friend of his.

The truth was that both Dyon and Veles was aware that this could be a death sentence for the both of them. But, if they came out on top, wouldn't they be like a phoenix reborn from the ashes? The path to their rise would be set. Imagine what they could do if they could remove the restrictions on the Angel Clan vein and grow this planet as their central base? If they took a few decades to raise up the quality of their warriors, they could then sweep the universe before consolidating again and turning their gaze even further outward.

As long as they took this first step firmly, the future was limitless!

Dyon smiled. "There are just a few more things I need to let you know about, Veles. If we don't scheme against those bastards, would my name still be Dyon Sacharro?!"


In a sacred level of the Viserion Palace, two country toppling beauties were creating mischief. After Nina sent away the guards, she and Luna walked into a treasure room filled to the brim with rare gems and materials. Even the Viserion's most treasured cultivation techniques rested here.

The guards didn't find it too odd when they noticed Nina's presence. Their Queen often came here with quite a few ladies. Although they didn't dare to speculate too much, even they as guards could only remain at the foot of the 100-foot-tall stair case that lead to that sacred level, so it was known to everyone that if there was one truly private place in the whole of the Viserion Clan, it was the Sacred Treasure Room.

Over the years, Nina had transformed this room into her own private playpen, filling it was luxurious beds, couches, and soft sheets, all so that she could "admire her treasures in peace".

However, there was nothing peaceful about the indecent acts and moans currently filling the room as two beauties intertwined the soft, flawless skin.
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The delicate movements… The sweet smell… The faint moistness… All riveted with euphonic sounds of pleasure and constantly arching backs and shaking legs…

One would be so enthralled by this heavenly scene that you would hardly notice the fact that the voluptuous beauty with sparkling green eyes was actually being tied down and ravaged by the supposedly petite and delicate beauty.

Maybe in the heat of your pleasure, you would miss the odd mix of pain and delight in her features.

And since you missed all of that, you would definitely miss the distracted look in the dominant, petite beauty's violet eyes, as they dashed around the room, seemingly looking for something…

Until it landed on an ancient tome – surprisingly complete for a mere branch clan – titled [Dragon Refining Arts]…


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