Reaper of the Martial World
756 Second Trial 75
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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756 Second Trial 75

At this point, Veles would be lying if he said that he wasn't interested. Who in this cosmos didn't know how domineering Dyon's father was when he appeared? He would only ever do so for two reasons. One was to remind the world of his power and give them the reason why to never provoke the Angel clan – a father truly as arrogant as his own son. And the second reason? To run rampant through the most powerful Legacy Worlds to ever appear!

Over the course of the years, who knows how many treasures he had accumulated? However… This still wasn't what enticed Veles the most.

As a long time friend of the Angel Clan, both Veles and his father knew of how overwhelming the Angel Clan's spiritual vein truly was. If it wasn't for expertly placed and maintained formations, there was no doubt in anyone's mind that they would have long since been exposed and coveted. The only thing that that father-son pair didn't know was that the spiritual vein was the result of the most valuable treasure Dyon's father had ever found: the Energy Core. However, what they did know was the result.

Everyone knew the benefit of spiritual veins, it was just that they were exceedingly difficult to cultivate. But, once you did, the benefits were nearly unmatched. And for an Angel Clan who maximized those benefits with their formations, the impact was even greater!

As described before, spiritual veins, if grown too large, can disrupt the flow of a universe and lead to its destruction. That was why even the highest grade spiritual veins only spanned a few hundred meters, let alone the hundreds of miles the Angel Clan's achieved. The only thing that wasn't thoroughly explained was exactly why this happens.

While spiritual veins provide an accumulation of energy, what was dangerous was the way in which it did so.

Spiritual veins were capable of moving large clumps of not only energy, but wills itself! The base requirement for the energy of a spiritual vein was on a level higher than even the legendary enigmatic energy that only dao formation experts could manipulate. And that was Gama energy!

That's right. The reason why tempering veins with Gama energy was so rare was because it required a clan to have a spiritual vein! In addition, you could only use Gama energy to temper your veins if it reached the appropriate level. For example, a spiritual vein that was too small, might only be capable of providing energy at the meridian formation level, or one or two steps higher. And even then, it would only be able to do so for a very small number of individuals.

The truth of the matter was that the celestial meridians Dyon had seen as a reward after his first trial was the upper limit that was possible! Spiritual veins capable of providing dao formation level Gama energy would only be found in a universe that was collapsing under its power!

So, why was this so dangerous? Think about it. The entity that the Daiyu and his servant were so afraid of… Wasn't he also accumulating vast amounts of Gama energy? And how did he balance it? Wasn't it by sacrificing the talent of billions of people? If a process takes so much sacrifice, how could it not be dangerous?!

However, what can be said is that things that require sacrifice often come with the most benefits…

Why was the energy core so sought after? It wasn't just that it provided stability to large veins, even in its absence, it was what the accumulation of those veins resulted in!
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During his very first night in the Angel Clan, after setting Luna down to sleep, Dyon launched himself into the air, studying the landscape of the land and trying to find the best Feng Shui points so as to create the best formations all while lamenting the fact Meiying wasn't there to make it thousands of times easier. However, what he found was shocking!

At each and every one of the Feng Shui points he found, there was an abyssal core of potent power!

There was a wind valley that Dyon was sure could slice up even dao formation experts as long as they weren't proficient in the dao of wind. There was an active underground volcano that was seemingly prepared to erupt at any time and made the Origin flames in Dyon's inner world tremble with excitement. There was a forest of woods with such a dense nature energy that Dyon almost fell asleep immediately, filled with endless comfort and healing. There was even a long stretch of mountains erupting with perpetual earth quakes and gravity fields that Dyon barely escaped from. Had he stepped more than a foot into it, his life would have been sealed for sure.

Why did all of these overwhelming abyssal cores appear? And all of them in close proximity to the Angel Clan? The reason was obvious! The Energy Core and the Spiritual Vein it created were responsible!

Wasn't Gama energy just the accumulation of every will in existence combined with every form of energy? And all of that was rushing toward the spiritual vein to help nurture it! So, what would happen if this potent Gama energy had to pass by a strong Feng Shui point before it reached its destination? Wouldn't that Feng Shui point take advantage to power itself by taking the energy it was most compatible with?!

The Angel Clan wasn't only powerful because of their bloodline. Within their own territory, in expertly maintained and confined spaces, they had quality abyssal cores one couldn't find even if you searched the entire quadrant!


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