Reaper of the Martial World
754 Second Trial 73
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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754 Second Trial 73

"Ugh," Nina continued her rant. "If it wasn't for those beautiful ladies in the Imperial Harem that that chauvinist let me play with, I would have gone to find myself a nice gigolo to play with a long time ago.

"Can you believe that on our marriage night he promised to fuck me everyday? That bullshit promise only lasted for a month before that cultivation maniac went into seclusion. Then, when he came out, it's only 4 or 5 times a week now! Does he take me as some old lady on menopause? I have needs!"

The moment Luna's attention snapped back to Nina, she heard this and burst into a peal of melodious laughter. Only this friend of hers would find 4 or 5 times a week too little. This was especially funny because there was no doubt in Luna's mind that Veles was also enjoying that harem of 100+ women he had. For him to still have so much time for Nina, it could be said that she was quite lucky.

"What are you laughing for?" Nina said in a pout, before a devious grin spread on her features. "Should I attack you like I used to? It's been a long time since I've felt those soft breasts you hide so well."

Luna pouted her adorable lips, "I still haven't forgiven you for stealing my first kiss. You're the one who deserves some punishment."

Nina covered her lips with her slender fingers in shock, "How could you say such a thing? Belittling our love like so?"

"Love?" Luna's lips slanted in mock disdain.

She remembered the first time she met Nina. Just like the Princess of a King God Clan ought to be, she was arrogant. However, at the same time, she was sexually frustrated. One might faint of shock if you ever saw Nina's toy collection. Her father might have died of anger if he knew what that girl had their family's treasured weapon's smiths working on.

When Nina saw Luna, her eyes lit up immediately, thinking she had found a worthy plaything. As for her maidservants, they breathed a sigh of relief, realizing that Luna's existence might finally allow them some reprieve. After all, they knew their young mistress's fondness for… "beautiful" things, but they also knew that Nina wouldn't dare give up her chastity to a man because that would cross over her father's bottom line. So, since Luna was, on the surface, a mere Princess of a small Royal God Clan, it was no wonder that Nina thought it would be easy to take advantage of her.

Long story short, Nina brought Luna into her fold under the pretext of being friends and stole away her first kiss. At first, she had wanted to take it slow so that Luna would eventually enjoy it as well. She thought that she was being "better than a chauvinist who would just take your chastity and not allow you to enjoy it" as she put it. In fact, she was optimistic since it didn't seem that Luna was all that opposed. But, that was when her father reprimanded her the next day, informing her of how sensitive Luna's identity was. It was only then that Nina didn't dare go any further.

That said, that didn't mean that Nina didn't take advantage of her Little Luna once in a while. However, that was under the umbrella of her being a friend as opposed to treating Luna like a plaything.

"Don't be like that," Nina whined, "I would have taken really good care of you."

Luna giggled, not taking her friend too seriously. After all, despite what Nina thought, she helped alleviate some of her boredom. Plus, it had felt nice to be wanted for something other than that primordial yin of hers. And, she knew that Nina would have treated her well too because her maidservants were all treated well.

"You don't need about those rumors," Luna said mysteriously, "My husband is actually quite good in bed. Even better than you."

"What?!" Nina's playful persona shattered as though she had really just been offended in the worst way possible.

"Mhm," Luna nodded with clear pride in her eyes. "He can make me purr like a little kitten with that Emperor's rod of his."

Nina thought back to all of her interactions with Luna. She knew this little sister of hers as a playful girl, but she was also quite clear of the endless pride and competitiveness within her. In fact, Dyon knew of this too because their sexual exploits were all triggered by their husband and wife pair trying to one up each other. So, the fact her prideful Luna had said such a thing, could only mean that it was true! She would never say anything that belittled herself as a joke!

Even more glaringly, despite her interaction with Luna, she was very clear on who was the top and who was the bottom of their relationship. The Luna she knew was a sadist. But right now… Why did she sound like such a masochist?! "Purr like a little kitten"?! Did she hear correctly?!

A sudden unbridled lust flashed in Nina's green eyes. Not only for Luna, but for that husband of hers. For him to be even better than her, what kind of pleasure would having him on top of her bring? But, she had to banish the thought. Regardless of what she said to her good friend Luna, she wouldn't have allowed her father to marry her off if she didn't love Veles. So, while she would enjoy the occasional woman, that was because she knew he wouldn't mind. However, tasting another man was a betrayal that even her nymphomaniac tendencies wouldn't allow.

That said, wasn't her Luna also quite good in bed? After all, she never said the he was better than herself.

As if reading Nina's mind, Luna smiled lightly, using you slender finger to lift her friend's delicate chin. Nina trembled under her touch, anticipation and a dash of servility clear in her eyes.

"I won't lie to you, he's even better than me." Luna said lightly. "However, I've learned quite a lot from him. Why don't you take me to the usual place an I'll show you? Here isn't appropriate."

Luna's voice suddenly became domineering, causing Nina's head to bob up and down like an adorable pecking chicken, trying to ignore the growing moistness between her legs. She immediately stood and began to lead the way, completely missing the complicated look on Luna's face.
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Only Luna knew that her asking Nina to bring her to that place would set a plan in motion that she no longer had the right to regret…

Watching Nina's perfect body excitedly hop away, Luna finally stood and followed. 'I'm sorry husband… This is all I can do.'


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