Reaper of the Martial World
753 Second Trial 72
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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753 Second Trial 72

This was the true reason Luna froze when she heard her sister's voice. It was as though she was snapped back from a dream, and in that moment, she began to focus once again. The moment she focused was the moment she realized the oddity in her body. After all, after having essentially been a spy most of her life, how could such a simple thing make her freeze?

All of this only meant one thing… She had underestimated that husband of hers…

The reason none of those large characters cared about her marriage to Dyon was because they were sure that even if he took her virginity, he would never be able to take her primordial yin. All of these years of preparation were in store for only a single thing: her primordial yin!

It was no wonder Luna's mind was in a mess. Before, she wanted to help Dyon to the best of her abilities, ensuring that while the Angel Clan would suffer a bit of a loss, they would still survive. But that was all ruined!

The truth was that a key part to those old fogies' plans was the treasure the resided only in the Angel Clan, the Energy Core. Luna knew that as long as they got it, they would be bothered to deal with a pitiful Angel Clan. The only problem was that even she didn't know exactly where it was. So, the purpose of destroying the Angel Clan was to take their time to thoroughly search for it.

This was how overbearing Luna's primordial yin was. Without one of the greatest sources of energy in existence, it should have been nothing more than a pipe dream to even think of taking it for one's self! How could she know how arrogant Dyon's soul was? Would it ever allow a woman he took as his own to act so rampantly within his inner world? Luna's primordial yin had long been sealed away!

Unfortunately, this left Luna in an incredibly difficult spot. She would have been able to help Dyon as long as she got the Energy Core and retained her primordial yin. In fact, it wouldn't have mattered even if they had sex a hundred or even a thousand more times. None of it would have mattered if her primordial yin was still with her…

But now, everything had changed. Dyon had gone from a tiny blip in the plans of those fogies, to an unbearable scar at the center of all of their hearts. The moment they found out about this, it was impossible for Dyon to continue living.

If there was a technique for stealing away a primordial yin a man had already conquered, Luna had never heard of it! This meant that they would likely just kill Dyon and everyone he loved to vent their frustrations before doing the same to Luna and her family as well. Everything was ruined just because of a mere moment of lust!

The worst part was that Luna had conflicting feelings. She had finally found a man who could conquer her without outside help. He made her feel good… Better than she ever had before in her life. He even helped her to the point where she forgot all of her duties as the princess of the Moon clan. One could say that the moment she learned that her primordial yin was gone, Luna's feelings for Dyon had morphed from lust and infatuation, to an undying love.

The heart of a woman was hard to understand, even Luna hardly understood. But, after going all of her life with everyone treating her as a treasure instead of a human being, or better yet, a woman, this was the first time that a man had truly grasped her. He had taken the thing about her that everyone coveted… That everyone had spent decades trying to figure out how to pry it out of her… Was domineeringly taken under the power of one man alone…

It was as though Dyon's had proven that she was a human… That she was a woman…That she wasn't a treasure that could only be opened with other treasures… But rather, those men from before were just too incompetent to take it for themselves, so they could only rely on other things.

'That's right.' Luna tried to console herself as her long-time friend continued to bash the both of their husbands. 'They were all unworthy… Only my Dyon is worthy of me…'

But even though she believed every one of those words with every fiber of her being… Even though that it was no longer a ploy and Dyon had truly won her heart… Even though she wanted everything to just disappear and let the two of them be happy… She knew that this wasn't possible…

Maybe if Dyon had a few more centuries to grow, he would become an expert that even surpassed his father, allowing him to sweep over those old fogies who dared to toy with his woman. Luna couldn't stand the idea of another man touching her after Dyon. It made her stomach roll with unending disgust.
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Before she hadn't cared. She had resigned herself to a loveless life. She didn't even care whether Dyon took her virginity or not before… But now… She would rather die…

Luna knew she could never live with herself if she betrayed Dyon… But could she live with herself if she was responsible for the destruction of her family?...

She didn't know what to do and it was driving her crazy… At most, she had a day or so left to make a decision… A day or so to decide whether she would choose the love of her family… Or the love of her life…


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