Reaper of the Martial World
752 Second Trial 71
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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752 Second Trial 71

Luna giggled, raking her violet eyes over Nina's voluptuous and spandex clad body. "What are these rumors exactly?"
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Nina harrumphed, pouting her red painted lips. "That fool doesn't know what's good for them. He's a pretty face that I would love to pin down, but unfortunately, I'll only have the chance to experience one man in this lifetime. So hypocritical."

Luna laughter only grew at these words because she realized how even Nina, herself, was being a hypocrite as well.

How could Luna not know what these rumors were? Nina was berating Dyon for not taking advantage of the beauty of a wife before him, but at the same time, she was complaining about her husband taking in too many beauties. If that wasn't hypocrisy, then what was?

As for the reason Dyon ignored her sexually for the vast majority of their marriage, Luna was very clear on the true reason, but she held it to herself. However, knowing the reason is exactly why she never truly hated that block-head husband of hers. In fact, keeping her virginity was supposed to be in line with their plans… But, before Luna even realized it, she had lost it willingly.

She could no longer make heads or tails about how she would deal with that dilemma going forward. To be real, she had been so lost in pleasure that she hadn't thought straight from the moment she took Dyon into her mouth. She even suspected for a moment that her husband had drugged her, but she knew her own body better than anyone else. Even the vilest poisons in the world wouldn't have an effect on her. That could only mean one thing… She had wanted it…

Knowing this, Luna had decided to help Dyon to the best of her abilities. Wasn't that the least that the man who took her chastity deserved? There was no doubt in Luna's heart that over these years, Dyon had grown on her, especially in these recent few days. It was as though he was back to the man who shouted out that she was his woman even in the face of the anger of her father.

After this, Luna knew that she would have to separate from Dyon because in the end… What was done was done.

However, just a few moments ago, Luna realized something that shook her to her core.

Before this, it didn't matter if Dyon took her virginity. After all, what those people wanted wasn't her virginity, but what her virginity meant. No matter how beautiful she was, those major clans wouldn't bat an eye. At most, their more lecherous princes and kings would just steal her away. This wasn't Ancient China. While those men cared for the chastity of their wives, if they just wanted a plaything, why would they bother with whether they were virgins or not? If they cared for such things, wouldn't brothels have gone out of business long ago?

But, almost inconceivably, Luna's primordial yin was gone! She was so infatuated and lost in Dyon's handsomeness that she hadn't even noticed!

Normally, woman would hardly notice such a thing unless they had special instruments to test it. These were the very same instruments used in Dyon's time to check whether or not a woman was a virgin or not. However, in the very same fashion, it was possible to check in other ways, if your senses were far more acute than others!

Dyon knew that Evelyn was no longer a virgin because his sensitivity to things was nearly unmatched due to his overwhelming soul talent. The only reason he didn't realize he had four primordial yins within him at the time his life was teetering on an edge, was because he didn't have enough martial world knowledge to understand it!

However, Luna was not the same! Not only were her senses arguably more acute than Dyon's, she had more than enough knowledge, and even more so, knew just how important her primordial yin was!

What confused her even further was the fact that Dyon hadn't died! For a moment, she even doubted her own identity. If her primordial could be taken away so easily, maybe her father and… That clan… were wrong? Maybe she could go back to living a normal life?

But, with her intelligence, she immediately refuted the idea. Any person who understood reasoning understood that the conclusion that took the fewest steps to reach was likely the more correct conclusion.

All her life, the evidence had been compiling. It was as though even her fragrance matched that legend. That may sound like an exaggeration, but was true.

Knowing this, how could she then say that just because of a lost primordial that everything she had come to know was wrong?

There were two points of interest here. Not only had Dyon taken her primordial yin… It hadn't killed him!

The taking of her primordial yin was one thing. After all, it was likely just the natural flow of the universe. But, everyone knew that if a male stepped too far above his station, he could be rendered impotent. However, when many weren't aware of was the fact if that step was too far, the fall would be even worse, resulting in death! It was just that primordial yins of such a caliber were the stuff of legend.

Thus, after her primordial yin was gone, the process of taking it would be stalled during Dyon's death, and because the process wasn't finished, it would come back to her.

Yet, not only did this not happen, her primordial yin was gone!


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