Reaper of the Martial World
751 Second Trial 70
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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751 Second Trial 70

The two beauties leisurely walked around the castle, lightly giggling to themselves as the surrounding servants tried their best to avoid their gazes. Even some lingering nobles only dared to look after they had already passed them. But, even they looked away immediately, scolding themselves. These two were the wives of the most talented two young men likely in the history of this quadrant. Wouldn't they be sending themselves to death by coveting them?

It wasn't that they didn't know of Dyon's cowardly actions in the past few decades, but that only served to scare them even more. For a man to love a woman to the level of forsaking his own dignity, wasn't he no less than a madman? How would he react to them staring at her with any form of lust?

There were even rumors that he, himself, didn't dare to touch his own wife, treating her like a porcelain doll above all reproach. Apparently, he also completely ignored his concubines for her sake as well.

Thinking to this point, they no longer dared look at the petite silver-haired beauty despite how magnetic her presence was. Even a woman wouldn't be able to control their fiery lust while being with her. One can imagine the kind of will-power it took for a King, who was, even further, her husband, to not touch her either. That was definitely a man capable of doing anything for this wife of his.

Of course, none of this would mean anything had Dyon not just beaten their own King in front of them all! In their dragon-like society, strength meant everything!

As for King Viserion's woman, even less needed to be said. Unlike Dyon who lived in another clan, their King was right here! Even worse, with their queen's temper, she could implode herself at any moment. One day she might enjoy flaunting her body and allow their eyes to take advantage of her, but on another, she might have them beheaded for doing the same thing!

Luna, however, didn't seem to mind being stared at. For a woman like her who wasn't even embarrassed that her moans were heard by her husband's guards, would could imagine what it would take to rattle her.

Nina pulled Luna's small arm toward herself, pressing it into her almost exaggeratedly large breasts. "Little Luna," The two ladies walked into a private garden, escaping the heated gazes within the castle, before reclining on green grass by a tranquil lake. "Don't tell me the rumors about you and your husband are real?"

The truth was that both Nina and Luna had been good friends since their youth. Obviously, Nina hadn't grown up in the Viserion clan and had actually been a Princess of a King God Clan just a few universes over. During the Universe Tournament, Veles had caught her eye with his obviously impressive performance. As such, her family didn't have any reservations about marrying her to him even though he was from a mere branch clan. This was especially so since her former King God Clan was actually a subordinate clan of the main Viserion clan. Because of this, the main clan were hoping to use Nina as a way to keep tabs on Veles from afar.

One might wonder how the Princess of a King God Clan could become close with someone so far down from their station. But, the answer held the same reason as why the Prince of an Emperor God Clan would diligently try to woo her to be his first wife.
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Luna was special beyond what words could describe, but the history of the Moon clan was even more so. Many suspected that the clues of Luna's origins matched up far too perfectly with a certain mystery of her clan. Being a shrewd man, Luna's late father decided to publicize the special nature of his daughter as opposed to trying to hide something he knew he couldn't forever. Not only did this not backfire, it actually resulting in their Moon clan gaining benefits from all sides! Because no one was willing to offend even the small possibility of their notions being correct!

As for what these speculations were, that was a story for another time, with too many points of historical significance and mystery to explain in a short moment. What is of importance now though is this…

If no clan dared to offend the Moon clan lightly, then what power was capable of forcing both Luna and her elder sister into a corner? Wouldn't such a clan be of unimaginable power?... Maybe if Dyon knew about this, the list of things he had to prepare for would increase by one before he suddenly realized that maybe this was the exact reason why the Moon clan dared to attack him now despite being wary of his father!

Luna stretched her petite body, yawning adorably. The lines of her curves were exploited through her once loose clothing, seemingly allowing Nina's eyes to enjoy a feast. "What rumors could you possibly be talking about?"

Nina's eyes sparkled, not hiding her appreciation for Luna's figure at all. Those around her had always labeled her as a fierce lady, and maybe with that side of her personality came a passion for the female body that crossed the lines of light attraction.

"Your husband is the most handsome man I've ever seen. And you are the most beautiful woman I've ever seen. Wouldn't it be a shame if I could never hold such a child in my arms?" Nina inadvertently squeezed her thighs together, lightly biting her full lips.


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