Reaper of the Martial World
750 Second Trial 69
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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750 Second Trial 69

Dyon grit his teeth. Just this small bit of information changed so much. If he went in without knowing this, wouldn't he be making a fool of himself?

He was sure that Luna wouldn't know whether his father was alive or not because his past persona never let Luna see him sad because he wasn't willing to see his love cry. In addition, Luna never interacted with the rest of the clan, constantly staying in their room. She had no friends in the Angel clan, nor did she have any core information.

As for the spies of the Angel Clan, they had never held a funeral because they never found his father's body! He was just presumed dead!

The more Dyon thought about this, the more confused he became. Could it be that his father wasn't dead at all? But he hadn't seen him in more than 20 years…

Dyon shook his head. None of that mattered. Since the Moon clan thought his father was still alive, yet dared to attack, they had a trump card that Dyon had no clue how to prepare for.

"And why do you think my father didn't tell me this?"

"Pft," Veles snorted. "Do you think you would have cared? With your personality, you would have just sworn to beat him down one day and take his place. Why would a father feel a need to brag to his son? You would have found out eventually anyway."

Dyon gave Veles and odd look before bursting into laughter. In his real life, outside of this trial, weren't those the very same words he said to his own father? He lost track of how many time he lost his cool during their training sessions, swearing to the heavens that he would beat his dad one day. It was just too bad he never got the opportunity.

Seeing the laughter, but clear sad look in Dyon's eyes, a shred of pity and understanding gleamed in Veles' eyes. Although he too wasn't aware of whether or not Dyon's father was alive, what he did know was that he hadn't been in their clan for at least 20 years, or else kingship would have never passed on to Dyon.

Clearly, Dyon missed his father.

Sighing, Dyon shook his head. "Since we understand each other, we might as well continue. My only reason for saying what I said about the Moon clan's power is to tell you that the only way for us to have a 40% chance is if I have command. My orders cannot be questioned, and it will be up to you to convince your clan of accepting them."

"Yes, yes, yes." Veles waved his hand. "This is only under the condition you can convince me, something you have yet to do."

Dyon smiled knowingly. "Did you not notice who I came here with?"

Veles raised an eyebrow. "You mean Luna? Are you pawning off your wife? I have to say, she is quite the world-shaking beauty. Despite her being petite, I have yet to taste a woman of her caliber. That is indeed quite the gift."

Dyon gave Veles a 'really?' expression before rolling his eyes. "Keep your lust to yourself. I don't have a habit of sharing my women.

"I meant Merchant Brinsop." Dyon said slowly.

At first, Veles' features flashed in disappointment before confusion. But in the next instant, his eyes widened.

"That little bastard!"

Dyon grinned. "It's so nice talking to intelligent people, I don't have to waste my words."

Dyon's plot was simple. Just like Merchant Brinsop sank his hooks into the Angel clan economy, becoming a spy, he had done the same with countless other clans! Veles had just realized that Brinsop was actually a spy!

Leisurely tapping the arm rest of his chair, Dyon leaned back. "In all likelihood, the Moon clan already knows that I'm here."

Veles grit his teeth in frustration. "Ugh, how ridiculous! And after all of this, you dare to say we have a 40% chance?!"

Dyon shrugged, "Would your personality have allowed us to be incognito? You practically tried to rip my head off the moment I stepped into your territory."

Veles' features turned red with about 70% anger and 30% embarrassment before he calmed down. He knew that Dyon was right.

"With Brinsop's help, I can likely guarantee that 80% of the spies will be removed. Coupling this with a few other methods I'll give you, should you agree, I dare to say that they'll all be weeded out."

"That is… Quite the tempting offer…"

Veles knew how important it was to have intelligence on spies. There wasn't a clan in existence that could prosper without having such information. Even the Ragnor Clan from Dyon's time went as far as directly killing all of the spies they had found out about in order to prevent information of the Epistemic Tower being leaked.
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It wasn't necessary to kill them all as that would just incite the enemy to send more. But, it would definitely be good to know of them all. Then, one could feed the enemy false information to gain the advantage. The only reason Dyon didn't use this approach was because he didn't have enough time to make good use of it.

Veles knew that if he couldn't deal with these spies, his chances of ruling the cosmos would find its first road block on this small Planet Haven!


"Luna?" Nina stood, her voluptuous body glad in tight black spandex. Viserion culture was different from the Angel clan and much less conservative. But, even then, they were currently in the Imperial Harem, she could flaunt herself as she pleased.

Plus, how could Veles' first wife not be a world toppling beauty? Everything from her jet-black hair, pulled back into a pony tail, to sparkling green eyes was imbued with perfection that only fell just shy of Luna and Amphorae.

Luna shook her head, awakening from her stupor. With a smile, she reassured Nina that she was alright. "How about you give me a small tour of your esteemed palace?"

Nina clapped, happily obliging. But, she didn't notice the complicated look on Luna's features as she turned away.


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