Reaper of the Martial World
749 Second Trial 68
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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749 Second Trial 68

Dyon gave Veles a deep look before he continued. "There's a reason behind why the prince of an Emperor God Clan would stoop so low as to marry into and become the King of a mere Royal God Clan. In addition, why would they hold a tournament to announce it? Does the prince of an Emperor God Clan really have anything to prove to the princess of a Royal God Clan?

"If he took a liking to Luna, wouldn't he have just snatched her away? Furthermore, why was the tournament hosted here? On top of all of this, why did they take 30 years to start bothering my Angel clan? What Emperor God Clan would take such an insult lying down, even waiting so patiently?

"In my estimation, even if we add your million or so warriors, our likelihood of winning, even in light of King Jabari's arrogance, is only about 40%"

Hearing this, Veles suddenly laughed again. "If someone didn't know the situation, they might mistake you for being humble.

"The Moon Clan's forces are approaching 3.5 million. To top this off, their ranks are made up of their Royal God Clan along with two other God Level clans. In fact, the only reason their numbers are so few is because they've only decided to take out their elites. If they brought all of their battle-able bodies, approaching even half a billion wouldn't be impossible.

"Not only are their number almost four times ours, should I decide to join your efforts, they're also vastly superior in terms of quality. Their techniques are at the bare minimum at the peak Earth Level with their best elites even having Heaven techniques! Not a single one would be lower than the saint realm. And you actually have the audacity to say a 40% chance. How bold."

While Veles was dying of laughter, Dyon was inwardly laughing as well. The arrogance in his eyes only amplified.

He couldn't believe that Veles took having peak Earth techniques as impressive when Dyon could treat Divine level techniques like toilet paper if he so chose. Such was the benefit of having the entire library of an Emperor God Clan that stood at the top of the cosmos left to you.

Even in ancient times, Divine level techniques were matters of legend only seen by Emperor God Clans and above. As for peak Divine level techniques like Dyon's soul rend technique? Only the existences who could crush the Viserion main clan as easily as flipping over a hand would have one.

And yet, didn't Dyon have two peak Divine level techniques? Not only soul rend, but his Demon Emperor's Will could also be considered to be at that level.

Dyon found Veles' reaction to be akin to being a frog at the bottom of a well. How could he react if he knew that, with the help of the Soul Tome and since Dyon's soul had broken into the Celestial Level, his former friend could learn any Heaven level technique instantly?

Seeing that Dyon barely reacted to his scrutiny and that his eyes held a hint of mocking within them, Veles finally stopped laughing before speaking seriously.

"Since you say 40%, we'll leave it at that. However, there's something you should know about your Angel Clan."
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Dyon raised an eyebrow. For Veles to say that, there was a good likelihood that he really didn't know this piece of information, so he perked up, listening intently.

If the information wasn't about such a sensitive matter, Veles might have basked in garnering Dyon's curiosity a bit more. But, instead, he spoke directly.

"I'm not entirely sure why your father hid this from you and only have some guesses, but in the entire cosmos, there are only a handful of clans bold enough to touch your Angel Clan. I don't know all of the details, but all I can say is that no one would willingly offend that father of yours. A man who no longer has anything to protect is the most dangerous kind of man." Veles said deeply.

He obviously knew that Dyon's father was dead, but his meaning was clear. No one dared to touch you because even the shadow of your father was enough to deter them!

Dyon pondered for a bit. He had no idea what the peak existences in these ancient times were as he hadn't focused on that at all, but could there really be a man so powerful? And wasn't his father dead? Why would a dead man still be able to pressure and Emperor God Clan? Unless he was wrong about who was involved in his dad's death…

Suddenly, an errant thought made a cold sweat permeate Dyon's back.

If Dyon's father was so powerful… So powerful that even an Emperor God Clan didn't dare to take a clan of a mere 200, 000 people lightly… Then who could have been responsible for his death?

However, that thought wasn't what made Dyon freeze. If the Moon and Ahpuch clans weren't responsible for his dad's death, that likely meant that they thought he was alive. That would explain why they didn't attack Dyon for the sake of Luna, after all, Dyon's dad had still been alive when he married Luna.

But… If they thought his father was alive and yet they still had the audacity to attack their Angel Clan… What were they relying on to give them confidence in dealing with an expert as powerful as his father?!


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