Reaper of the Martial World
747 Second Trial 66
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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747 Second Trial 66

Dyon silently landed beside King Viserion's coughing figure, noticing his former friend's bitter smile. No one had ever seen such tyrannical Angel wings before, it could be said that Dyon's mutation was unparalleled. Little did they know that much of these so-called mutations were the result of Dyon's arrogant soul.

"How long are you gonna lie there for, Little Garden Snake?" Dyon laughed, patting his former friend's back as though he had no clue it sent waves of pain through him.

When the Viserion's heard Dyon's words, they almost lost their tempers and attacked Dyon and his party directly. That was their King! Who could allow such a thing to happen before them?

However, King Viserion then laughed himself, slowly getting up. The green scales that covered his body retracted along with his wings, leaving behind a handsome young man with bronzed skin. That said, he was covered in rags and had completely lost his kingly bearing.

"I didn't expect the pigeon to suddenly turn into a phoenix. Those shiny effeminate wings of yours definitely matches that gigolo face."


About a half an hour later, Dyon sat in a room alone with King Viserion. They were both intelligent and had a tacit understanding of each other, therefore, there was no need for political discourse or flowery ceremony. They both knew why this day had come and both also understood that this would not end so easily.

"As much as I'm glad that your skills haven't fallen off too much, I won't risk what I've built over the last 30 years simply to save an old friend. There's more at stake than just my own interests." King Viserion spoke resolutely. He was someone who valued relationships, but it was also impossible to forget what had happened just a few years prior. While the fight between them was enough for King Viserion to be sure that Dyon was back too his old self, sometimes regret and sincerity weren't enough to mend a situation.

Had Dyon never become the dog of the Moon clan, they would have grown together during these last few years. At that point, there would be less insecurities barring King Viserion's decision. How could he hesitate to help his friend then?

There were just too many factors to consider this time around. How could he be sure that there weren't spies in the Angel clan? With how the Moon clan had led them along by the leash in recent years, how could he be sure that their strength wasn't compromised in some way? With how Dyon's people were dissatisfied with him, how could he be sure that there would be cooperation? How could Dyon have the hearts of his people the same way King Viserion did? Aside from his personal guard, who truly followed him willingly?

Thinking through all of this, how could King Viserion agree to an alliance so easily. The Moon clan didn't dare to provoke them for a few reasons. For one, regardless of whether they're ostracized or not, they were still a branch clan of an Emperor God Clan. Considering the Moon clan's new King was the prince of their rival and only other Emperor God clan of this quadrant, the Moon clan couldn't move so easily against them lest they provoke the Viserions.

While the main Viserion branch wouldn't move a finger if Dyon's former friend's clan was attacked, after their destruction, the Viserions would have every right to retaliate. Clearly, the Ahpuch Clan saw the Moon Clan as an important asset and wouldn't want to lose them.

Thus, this acted as a first layer of protection. While the Viserions wouldn't attack the Ahpuchs directly, destroying the Moon Clan would be as easy as flipping over a hand. And, by trading auxiliary clans in this fashion, the Viserions would maintain the moral high ground.

The second reason they didn't dare provoke them was because this particular Viserion branch clan had grown powerful, all while being shrewd. They only annexed clans the Moon Clan hadn't brought under their wing, and only expanded outside of the Moon Clan territory. At the same time, they underwent various dangerous missions to discover new abyssal core sources and other resources. Thus, they never gave the Moon Clan a viable reason to turn against them.
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However, both of these shields would mean nothing if the Viserions were to be the first ones to act. By then, they would lose the moral high-ground and the main Viserion branch would lose the right to retaliate.

One might wonder why moral high-ground was needed in such cases, and the answer was simple. Although there were no Epistemic Tower related treaties in this time since they had yet to be created, it was necessary for smaller Emperor God Clans to ban together to face larger ones. In these chaotic times when there were a near infinite amount of universes, unlike Dyon's time which only bore 10,000, allies were a necessity. Therefore, dropping pretense between those two families was foolish! They could only act to regulate the power of the other if they had the moral basis to do so, or else they would never be able to face those clans that even surpassed the Emperor God Clan level.

Dyon, of course, understood all of this. However, he also knew that while he would be able to extend the time he survived if he was alone, it was a pipe dream to defeat millions with a mere 50,000 strong army, regardless of talent. He knew he needed at least ten times that to stand a chance.

Yet, despite the fact, he wasn't worried at all. In fact, the confident smile on his face while facing King Viserions unconcealed apprehension only grew.

"You don't have to repeat what I already know, Brother Veles. Why don't I explain to you why it is you have to say yes?"


Away from the discussion of the two former friends, Luna sat across from a fierce, tomboy-like beauty. She was King Veles Viserion's Queen, Nina Viserion. Yet, despite their two diametrically opposed personalities, they seemed to chat like the best of friends. It was as though Luna had that effect on everyone… Until she froze.

A voice resounded in her head, resulting from the mirror violently shaking in her spatial ring. "It seems you're no longer taking this too seriously, dearest little sister. I won't waste my time reminding you why it is we are doing this, I only called to tell you that I know that your puppet of a husband is trying his best to scrounge up allies.

"It would be in your best interest if you foiled his plans… If not… Well, I'm sure you know the consequences."


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