Reaper of the Martial World
746 Second Trial 65
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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746 Second Trial 65

Dyon suddenly felt his body became more robust and stronger. It was as though his multiplier of 8x suddenly became closer to 10x. He didn't fully understand why, but it wasn't something that escaped his notice.

What Dyon didn't know was that the moment his two manifestations fused and manifested themselves with his soul sealed, his mastery of them had reached a level rarely seen. A level that truly allowed ones soul talent to be translated directly to power!

While Dyon didn't have 100% access to these abilities with his soul still sealed, he would soon learn that he had finally found a method to remove many of the shackles on his soul.

The truth of the matter was that this state should have taken much more time to reach. Dyon had 6 flaming circles to fill, and only by reaching an all new state of soul would another be unlocked.

However, Dyon first unlocked his black flames prematurely. His unbridled abyssal anger when he saw the death of Miss Everdeen and the burnt orphanage pushed him over that edge. Then, when his soul broke into sainthood, he unlocked his white flames. As for the very first image of the eye, he unlocked that the very day he manifested his soul.

Keeping with this logic, his eye manifestation was meant to correspond with a foundation level soul. It had yet to be used effectively by Dyon because he only had only one true eye technique, but it was there nonetheless.

His weapon's hall manifestation corresponded with his meridian formation level soul. This was why he immediately had it the moment he manifested his soul because he already had a 3rd stage soul at that time.

His black flames were supposed to correspond with an essence gathering level soul, or a 5th stage one. However, they were triggered prematurely. Which was also why Dyon didn't trigger another manifestation until he crossed into sainthood with his white flames!

At this point, although Dyon didn't know it, he had filled 4 circles and should have still had to wait until he reached a dao formation level soul before he could unlock the 6th and last one. However… That was when he entered the trial and met Amphorae!

Not only could Amphorae's Angel bloodline have a possibility of breaking heaven's rules, she gave her virginity to Dyon! That wasn't all. She triggered the creation of a weapon of 33 heavens, thus prematurely triggering Dyon's divine lightning manifestation prematurely!

The final manifestation was meant to be a majestic crown radiating with sovereign path will, something Dyon shouldn't have unlocked until dao formation… But the process of melding his soul with Amphorae and conquering a woman of her caliber also triggered it prematurely!
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That was right. When Dyon's manifestation first matured, everyone thought he was innately born with two. This was incredibly rare, but it was also incredibly difficult to make full use. It was both a blessing and a curse. This was because while a twin manifestation was definitely more powerful than a singular one, it also doubled the difficulty of understanding and utilizing it! Unique manifestations didn't come with an instruction manual and it was essentially up to its wielders to figure it out!

However, Dyon didn't have two manifestations… He had seven!

Even worse, this wasn't including the extra three he gave himself by practicing with the ancient elvin tomes.

A normal soul could barely handle the stress of one manifestation. Yet Dyon handled ten with ease! It was no wonder he was confused about just what his Angel wings meant! His humanoid manifestation wasn't a human at all! It was a fused Hell and Holy Angel!

That said, with every bit of power came a price. Dyon now had access to power he shouldn't have until he reached dao formation. One can imagine the drain of using such abilities. Luckily, they were mostly sealed away now, or else Dyon might directly faint from fatigue.

Looking down at King Viserion, Dyon seemed to understand something. 'If you were allowed to use your energy cultivation now, I would still lose, even in this state without my soul. Unfortunately… You can't. You're no longer a match for me.'

Without waiting for King Viserion to recover, Dyon's wings flapped. They seemed to move incomparably slowly, as though each frame of movement took more than a second to go through. It was a scene of bewilderment and untold mystery… However, the truth of the matter that despite the distortion in time, Dyon was moving with a speed even the celestials watching could barely keep up with.

In an instant, Dyon could himself before a wide eyed King Viserion.

Without time to think, the green scaled former friend of his sent a fist of exaggerated size toward his head, breathing a sigh of relief when he realized that Dyon was much too close to dodge anymore.

In that moment, Dyon head was smashed to pieces, leaving his body without a body at all!

Those watching furrowed their brows. What the hell just happened? He didn't actually die, did he?

That was when they all sucked in a breath, immediately realizing what happened. Dyon's speed was so quick that his afterimage left such a tangible impression! The moment King Viserion realized this and retracted his fist, it was already too late!

The force of a thousand boulder smashed directly between his shoulder blades, narrowly avoiding his bat-like wings.

He flew through the air, smashing into a mountain in existence, spitting up blood through his jagged teeth as he tried and failed to crawl up. It seemed he was still not used to his third battle form… It was already commendable that he had lasted so long!

There was no doubt in anyone's mind. Dyon had won!


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