Reaper of the Martial World
744 Second Trial 62
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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744 Second Trial 62

The truth of the matter was that it defied the rules of the universe for humans to meld together with the bloodline of beasts. Under normal circumstances, there were only a few ways for this to work out naturally.

The first way was for a beast to take the human path. By doing so, having a child with a human would result in a baby with both beast and human blood.

The draw back to this method is that the legacies of this baby would be most sealed away. This is because by choosing the human path, the beast parent, him or herself, would have also sealed those legacies away from themselves.

Ri was a child of such a union. This was why learning ice will was difficult for her despite being a member of the Snow family. Although she could access those legacies with a bit of practice and help, her mother wasn't by her side during her childhood, thus she had no one to support her in doing so.

That said, even if Kawa had been by Ri's side, the legacies they could access would be highly limited. Although it was possible to eventually unlock all legacies, even including the core bestial ones that Kawa gave up, the payment and time required to do so would vastly outpace that of a normal beast child. And, often, it would require core secrets of its clan of origin.

Although this may sound simple, it was highly difficult. The clan of origin might not necessarily be the family you were born into. The Snow family was a lower tier True Deity bloodline. While in terms of the martial world as a whole, this was ridiculously impressive, in terms of the supreme beasts of the Kitsune as a whole, they were near the bottom. This meant that their legacies likely didn't originate from themselves and most likely came from stronger ice and water based Kitsune clans like the River or Ocean families.

This was only not too much of a problem for Ri because she had access to the entirety of the Void Clan Kitsune. A clan that stood at the top three of all Kitsune.

The second method was for a beast to have a child with a human after choosing the combined bestial-human path. This path was excessively difficult to navigate, and was also the path Little Black chose. It allowed having children with both beasts and humans alike, and almost as though in compensation for the difficulty, it also allowed any children birthed with humans to have a much easier time accessing bestial legacies.

The third method was a method Dyon himself had used. This was for the owner of the beast blood to have died and to choose to pass their blood on to you. For obvious reasons, this was incredibly rare and it wouldn't be surprising if Dyon was the only one to have such a privilege.

In line with this, the reason Dyon was able to have the demon qilin blood essence without the expressed consent of his master's husband is because her husband first handed ownership of his essence to his wife, who then transferred it to Dyon. So, this was a pseudo-fourth method. As long as the chain of consent existed, it would work.

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As far as the universe was concerned, these were the only four ways for a human to infuse beast blood within themselves. Trying to artificially imbue yourself with such blood would end horribly, and often in death. This was why Dyon didn't rashly tell his Demon Generals to try and fuse with the dragon reversal scales despite planning to do so in the future.

This said, there was a fifth method that broke the laws of the universe. And that was obviously the Spirit Body treasure of the 33 Heavens. Originally, Dyon thought that he would have to find this treasure in order to go forward with his plans. But, didn't the Viserion's give him another option just by existing? It was clear that there was some sort of ancient method, lost to time, that likely only their clan had access to. This was too good of an opportunity.

The problem was that the legend of that method was playing out before Dyon right now, and it was pushing him back viciously. His once toned and body was filled with bloody claw marks that were rushing to heal, only to be clawed through again. His bones felt like they were collapsing with every strike he forcibly withstood. And he couldn't even remember the last time he took the initiative to attack.

Because of how heaven defying the methods of the Viserion clan were, there was also a steep learning curve and great difficulty in using them.

The first stage of integration allowed the Viserions to have increased bodily constitution akin to a Heaven level constitution. This, in itself, was quite good. Even better than what was provided by being an Elf. This, with it, came improved cultivation speed and body cultivation talent.

The second stage provided the first of three levels of Dragon eyes. This may seem like a small upgrade, but it was no less useful than the observation abilities that Dyon's soul gave him. Fights against those at your cultivation level would be exceedingly slow to yourself. And this was just the first level!

Among those born into the Viserion clan, only about 20% reach the first stage. As for the second stage, less than half of that!


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