Reaper of the Martial World
742 Second Trial 60
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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742 Second Trial 60

Sounds of thunder erupted, forcing those with lesser cultivation levels to cover their ears only for them to realize that the vibrations were reverberating through their ears.

King Viserion's emerald gem-like eyes flashed with astonishment as he watched the changes in Dyon's body. It wasn't that he didn't want to attack, but his heightened senses were screaming at him to run. Yet, unexpectedly, it only caused him to reveal a toothy green filled with jagged and sharp teeth.

Dyon's Demon Emperor's Will was far from its height. Without the ability to use demonic will, the technique itself was only half as effective as usual. This meant that Act Two's usual 16x multiplier had plummeted to just 8x. However, that was enough to bring Dyon's body, which was already close to breaking through to the celestial level, straight to the pseudo-celestial level.

The vitality that pumped through his body was incomparable to before, and yet, having perfected this technique, he felt extremely comfortable. This was partly because the technique was now much easier to use with demonic will stripped from it, and therefore put less stress on Dyon's body. However, Dyon didn't mind this as it allowed him to take full advantage. Because the technique was nerfed, it allowed Dyon's body to not grow excessively large, and he also wouldn't be forced to cut his hair again. As such, all of the energy would be used more efficiently, allowing Dyon to stay in this state for much longer.

Dyon flexed his fists, rolling his neck as though he was getting used to is new strength. Although he had reached the 8x multiplier before, how could then be compared to now? His body was so much more powerful!

However, what Dyon didn't realize was that his simple action sent the observers into an uproar. It was only when he moved that they realized that the sounds of thunder weren't from the rolling clouds in the sky, but rather came from Dyon's body!

Although King Viserion didn't say anything, his battle intent rose to a fiendish level. He couldn't hide his disappointment when he realized how easy it was to rebuff Dyon in their first exchange. He had been lonely in the past few decades because those of his generation just couldn't stack up to him. Truly, if it wasn't for Dyon, he would have no opponents at all. So, one could understand his disappointment at the apparent weakness of his former friend. But now? The danger that screamed in his mind, the excessive thumping of his heart, even the way he inadvertently clenched his fists… This was what he wanted. This was what any dragon warrior wanted. He was trembling with excitement!

No words were spoken. The had already said all they needed to say. All that was left was to decide a victor.

King Viserion no longer held back. He roared into the skies, causing every animal within hundreds of miles to shiver in obedience, not daring to raise their heads.

Dyon had no need to do the same. The thumping of his heart beat was so loud that it threatened to drown out even King Viserion's roar. He felt as though his every cell was being drenched with an overwhelming amount of energy and he faintly touched on the essence of Act Two. He had the indistinct feeling that if he spent more time in this state, he would learn something quite important.

The ground trembled. And in the next instant, the two men disappeared.

Rings of exploding air filled the skies, rippling outward with such speed that the sounds of the clashes lagged behind.

The marbled ground the had just stood on then finally exploded, as though it was confused about what caused the damage to itself in the first place.

On the ground, the celestial level characters trembled. They were all aware that these two young men were still saints, so why were their movements compared to their own?! Even the clashes were with such ferocity that they didn't dare to believe they could come out unscathed. Everyone was so focused on the fight that no one noticed a city-toppling beauty with silver hair and violet eyes had closed the latter, even while her head moved continuously. It was as though she could follow what was happening easily, yet didn't need her eyes to do so!

That said, there was another thing that these observers hadn't noticed until just now. Neither of the two were using wills, nor were they using any saint energy. They made no attempt to replenish their stamina, nor did they take any breaks. In fact, even their clashes in the air were the result of them simply jumping into the skies before crash down and jumping again. It was as though the both of them forgot about how to do anything but brawl!
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Blood flew from Dyon's fists. Every time he connected, skin would sheer off. If it wasn't for the fact they were matted in blood, the white bone beneath would be easily seen. And yet, just as quickly as they were injured, a vital golden liquid was surge forward, repairing them in an instant.

King Viserion's speed of rejuvenation didn't lag behind even a bit. His bright green scales were constantly being dented and cracked, only to fall off and reveal one even more robust. Even though neither made an attempt to replenish themselves, it was as though their bodies were too arrogant to fall behind the other.


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