Reaper of the Martial World
741 Second Trial 59
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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741 Second Trial 59

So, Dyon looked up at him, rolling his wrists and neck before shedding his robes and rolling up his pants.

His caramel skin bronzed under the high sun, vibrating with vitality and reflecting veins that pumped with a faint gold liquid King Viserion couldn't help but narrow his slit eyes at.

Luna's violet eyes sparkled with desire as she looked at Dyon's tattooed back with an unconcealed longing. It was as though she didn't feel the aching between her legs at all. If anything, the pain made the wetness far more pronounced before she blinked her eyes to fight back the desire.

The moment King Viserion noticed Dyon's knew bearing, he couldn't help but immediately touch down to the ground. Could it be his friend had finally come back to him?

He was far too used to battle, and his instincts weren't any less than that of a true dragon. Everything from the determination in Dyon's eyes, to the robustness of his body, not even a tiny detail escaped his eyes.

Not only was this an added ability of fusing with a transcendent level dragon bloodline – that being overwhelming eyesight – it was also an ability that came with his Perception. Unlike humans, beasts were born with a much higher baseline of this martial art.
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This said, although King Viserion could see the changes in Dyon, he couldn't just erase 30 years of pain so easily. Unlike the fool that was Dyon's past persona, King Viserion was highly intelligent despite what his bestial appearance might denote. He had long since placed spies within the Moon Clan. After all, they were his strongest, most immediate, opponent. How could he neglect such a thing?

Therefore, he knew about their odd movements even before Dyon's trial started. And therefore, he also knew why Dyon was here. The problem was that his Viserion clan, despite his arrogance, still wasn't ready to face the Moon clan quite yet. Unless Dyon could prove to him that he was truly back, and that he could contribute as much as his Viserion clan, he wouldn't lift a finger!

Dyon smiled, noting the intelligence in his friend's eyes, "Little garden snake, it seems you've gotten more intelligent. That's good. It means I don't have to talk as much. It's also good that you've come in your battle form. Shall I beat you into submission as per usual?"

"Same pigeon brain I remember. Should I get some bread crumbs for you to peck off the ground?" King Viserion sneered, his half-step King dragon domain pulsing within him and threatening to erupt at any moment. "It might befit that cowardly persona of yours a bit more."

"Aiyah. I heard you snakes were color blind, but to think you'd see my majestic wings as comparable to a pigeon's. It seems you're only fit to continue wiggling through the soil, never knowing how high the heavens are." How could Dyon lose in a battle of wit so easily? This friend of his was going to have to try harder than that.

King Viserion suddenly laughed a sinister laugh, darkening the light of the day, "I'm going to have fun tearing that arrogant smile off that gigolo face of yours."

Dyon grinned, "Maybe if you didn't cover your face with those disgusting scales, you could be a tenth as handsome as me."

Silence reigned for what seemed like eternity as the two former friends radiating with battle intent.

The atmosphere seemed to respond, turning an eerie shade of red and black as the clouds began to swirl in the once clear sky. Violent winds wrapped around them, causing small rocks to tear through the air.

The two of them held no expression, as though none of what was happening had anything to with them. Their fists were relaxed, their eyes nonchalant, and their techniques unready.

Suddenly, they both spoke at once. "The usual?"

Two former friends grinned at each before they disappeared in a flash.

The observers immediately ran back, giving them hundreds of meters of space, grimacing as they watched the once immaculately paved marble roads destroyed beneath the feet of their two young geniuses.

And then, their fists met.

A loud bang sounded out. It was no longer as though skin was slamming against skin, but was rather akin to boulders falling from a tall cliff before being crushed against the hard ground.

Dyon's fists groaned in pain as they threatened to give way. How could his defenses compare to King Viserion's? Even if he tapped into his demon qilin bloodline, it wouldn't even remotely make a difference.

Dyon had only integrated 5% of that bloodline, an integration level that was only beneficial at the meridian formation level. That was why he hadn't bothered to use it. He also ignored his celestial deer bloodline for the same reason. The remaining percentages of both were now a part of his humanoid manifestation, but that was only helpful in aiding him comprehend and boost their related wills. So, since his wills were locked away, it couldn't help him with his battle prowess.

Even worse, even if his soul and wills weren't sealed, he wouldn't be able to use them anyway.

"The usual?" only meant one thing to these two friends. With nothing more than their body's prowess, they would fight until one of them yielded. Dyon would only have himself to fight against this dragon scaled friend of his.

And yet, he didn't have a bit of pain on his face when he was forced to retreat. In fact, he grinned like a maniac.

"Demon Emperor's Will. Act Two. Stage One. Perfection."


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