Reaper of the Martial World
739 Second Trial 57
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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739 Second Trial 57

Dyon stood at the ground, looking up at the man he once called friend.

In martial world terms, the two of them, despite their talent, were nothing but children. And yet, the two of them had already been through so much. While this was good for their experience going into the future, it was apparently quite terrible for their relationship.

Both the Angel and Viserion clans of this universe were two oddities. Both were small, not even worthy of being a God Clans in the past, let alone a Royal God Clan, and yet so powerful that even the Moon Clan was wary of them. And, even more ironically, said Moon Clan wouldn't even know of their existences if it wasn't for their two princes, now Kings. It could be said that they were tied by a string of fate that was inescapable.

Now, however, King Viserion had grown, leaving Dyon behind. A clan once not even worthy of being recognized by the moon clan had expanded to the size capable of rivalling any God Clan, and a strength that even Dyon couldn't see the true depth of.

Yet, despite King Viserion's conquests and thirst for war and bloodshed, he had never once turned his eye to the Angel Clan. This was why Dyon knew he could trust this man. He completely disregarded the flames of anger in King Viserion's eyes, knowing that behind that façade of unbridled furosity, there was a man of compassion… A man who took his relationships of the past seriously.

Considering the relationship between this Viserion branch family and the Angel Clan, Dyon knew well that his friend's father likely knew as much about their clan as he did. Therefore, how could a clan with aspirations of conquering the quadrant give up such a valuable resource as the Angel Clan spiritual vein?

Although Dyon's soul was still sealed, during his break through to the celestial realm, it was necessary for his soul to accept within it, celestial energy. This was obvious, of course. As a result, during that moment, Dyon was able to use his soul to sense the world around him since a small leak in the seal was needed to accept such energy. Despite the fact he had now lost that ability, with Dyon's memory, did he really need a second attempt?

As a result, maybe only Dyon truly understood the sheer vastness of the Angel Clan spiritual vein. It was so large that it wrapped around the core of Planet Haven!

To put this into perspective, one must first understand the rarity of spiritual veins. In Dyon's time, only a King God Clan close to becoming an Emperor God Clan would have one at the very center of its empire! And even then, that spiritual vein would only span a few dozen miles, barely cracking through the crust of its planet. In fact, even an Emperor God Clan that had been established for millions of years might only have a handful of spiritual veins of that size, and only one that might span a few hundred miles.

However, a spiritual vein capable of spanning thousands of miles was nothing more than legend in Dyon's time. Such a spiritual vein wouldn't only affect the area of the clan, but rather the planet as a whole!

Understanding this, how could the Angel Clan not understand how coveted such a spiritual vein would be? Even though they were more common in these ancient times, a spiritual vein capable of spanning thousands of miles was still unseen!

There was actually a reason for this. Spiritual veins had the follow the laws of the universe it resided in. If one were to grow too large, it would begin to rival the universe's energy balance, and throw things into chaos. If there was more than one main flow of energy, it would no longer be a benefit, but rather, a detriment.

As a result, only the best and most robust universes could afford to grow larger spiritual veins. And even then, it required a stringent set of circumstances to occur. A spiritual vein was akin to a wonder of the martial world!

This said, there was one item capable of growing the large spiritual veins without effecting the universe's flow of energy at all! In fact, it could help and nurture a universe, making its life line extend and thus increase it life span. This item was without a doubt the treasure of the 33 Heavens that was currently residing within Dyon's inner world!
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The problem was that any competent clan knew this. This was why, although those 33 treasures and weapons didn't yet have the cumulative name in these ancient times – mostly because there had yet to be 33 of them, which is obvious considering Amphorae created one just days earlier – they were coveted by all. Each of them were capable of breaking a law of universe, reaching legendary status, and being capable of changing the fate of an entire clan.

So, if a clan detected the overwhelming spiritual vein of the Angel Clan, yet also noticed that their universe was also unusually stable, there was only one conclusion to make!

Dyon saw through this immediately, the moment he read through the reports of the Angel Clan. He also realized that there was no way the Viserion branch clan didn't know about this. And yet, this friend of his never attacked out of greed despite his ambition!

This was a man Dyon could go to battle with. He had no doubt.


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