Reaper of the Martial World
738 Second Trial 56
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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738 Second Trial 56

It could be said that the two of them were once close friends, and although the young prince had taken a liking to Luna before the tournament, it wasn't to the point where he hated Dyon for having her. After all, he hardly knew Luna at all until those days.

No. The reason Viserion hated Dyon was because of his change in personality.
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Dyon had once been a man who feared nothing of the world right along with him. Their ages were very similar, it was just that Dyon broke through to sainthood a hair earlier than he had.

In their younger days, they had sworn to take the quadrant by storm together and form the first alliance of Emperor God Clans before sweeping through the rest of the cosmos. It wasn't that they were bloodthirsty, it was just that they understood the way of the martial world, and if they weren't strong, it would be their friends and family that suffered to their enemies. Their fathers would die, their mothers and wives raped, and their children murdered. How could they stand for such a thing?

And yet, the moment Dyon became Luna's husband, his perspective on the world seemed to change completely. Instead of using merchants of larger clans like Viserion had, Dyon tried to integrate them into his society, even to the point of trusting them. Instead of storming through his cultivation and reaching for the peak of the martial world, Dyon's cultivation had stalled while Viserion's was ready to break into the celestial level despite the short time that had passed. How could Viserion not be disgusted?

So, he cut off all ties with the Angel Clan when he took control of the Viserions from his father. To him, an ally like that would only stab him in the back. With such weak character, wouldn't Dyon crack at the first sign of pressure? How could he trust him?

"This lowly one is Merchant Brinsop." Brinsop stepped forward with incredible humility. Since he wasn't a true member of the Angel Clan higher class, it wouldn't belittle Dyon if he acted this. But, if he was a member of the Angel Clan, this would be highly disrespectful to Dyon. "I am here with Angel Clan King to seek an audience with the young Viserion King."

Surprise colored the features of the guards, but disdain overwhelmed them. They, of course, knew about Merchant Brinsop as he had passed by these gates before. The trouble was that him coming here with another King, while he was meant to be neutral… Didn't that mean that the Angel Clan King betrayed the Viserion's just how their young king had predicted? Why would they allow them in knowing this?

"Leave!" The guards boomed with their silver armor shining under the bright sun lights, "We don't accept cowards and traitors here!"

Dyon shook his head. He too didn't expect for Viserion's attitude to seep into the masses of his clan. It seemed he was much better at moving the hearts of his people than his once best friend.

That said, Dyon didn't expect Brinsop to be too useful for this clan. His role would become more important for the others. As for this alliance? It was a matter of the heart. As for his role in this one? It was accomplished. He allowed them to get to the gates without being stopped be the outposts in the further beyond radius.

"LITTLE GARDEN SNAKE!" Suddenly, Dyon's voice boomed with such volume that it covered the entire few ten thousand square mile area of the Viserion clan. "ARE YOU GOING TO KEEP HIDING WITH YOUR HEAD IN THE SOIL? OR ARE YOU GOING TO COME OUT HERE SO I CAN WHOOP YOUR ASS AGAIN?!"

Dyon's voice was powerful, but it was also laced with ridiculous amounts of Presence that made the guards at the gate shudder. Even the protective formations couldn't stop his voice from penetrating through the clan.

This was the ultimate sign of disrespect. Dyon's Presence was causing citizen after citizen of Viserion's clan to bow down to him! How could a King tolerate such a thing! Even the guards at the front who were battle worn veterans felt their knees weaken.

However, what truly shocked Dyon was the power his outputted… Last he checked, his Presence was at the initial to lower Duke levels… So when did it reach the peak of King?!

Dyon didn't have time to mind this as a smirk spread across his features. Taking Luna's hand, he kissed her on the forehead before pushing her between the two dao formation experts and his personal guard. "Don't interfere." He said strictly.

Just as those words left Dyon's mouth, a roar the shook the heavens sounded out as the top of a Palace in the distance burst into dust.

"COWARD! YOU DARE COME HERE AND STRUT AROUND IN MY CLAN?!" Viserion's voice boomed, tearing through Dyon's Presence with sheer oppressive power. Although many experts appeared around him, they did nothing to stop him. This was clearly a direct challenge to their King, so they would only step in during a life or death situation.

Luna's eyes sparkled as she looked at the strong back of her husband. Even while his personal guards quaked, he stood unmoved. This was the man she had always wanted!

It took Viserion a mere instant to appear before the eyes of everyone, staring down at Dyon with unquenched anger. There were no complex feelings in his eyes, nor was there any remorse. Only a thick killing intent permeated. Today would be the day he killed this traitor and put the Angel Clan out of its misery!

With his appearance, it suddenly became clear to every why Dyon called this man in the air "little garden snake", although it also made their lips twitch at the sheer incredulous nature of such a name.

The first reason Dyon wanted to ally with the Viserions was to strengthen himself. However, the second reason was even more selfish.

When his memories awakened after mending his ties with Amphorae, he had learned something outstanding. The Viserions were originally a human clan that managed to integrate perfectly with their God Dragon bloodline to form a new humanoid-drago True Deity bloodline, even forming their own reverse scales at the silver-gold level!

The King Viserion that stood in the skies right now wasn't just a human. His skin was covered in thick bright green scales that gave him a vicious appearance. It was no wonder he tore through Dyon's Presence so easily… His reverse scale was almost at the King level!

The problem was… Despite his green scales… Maybe only Dyon would dare to call him a little garden snake…



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