Reaper of the Martial World
737 Second Trial 55
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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737 Second Trial 55

Just about 40 minutes later, a celestial beauty radiating with satisfaction and endless love stepped out of a large carriage, clinging to the arm of maybe the only man that could complement her looks perfectly.

Just as they did so, the entrance of a grand clan greeted them, only to be interrupted by the whistling of Dyon's personal guards as though they were serenading a newly wed couple that had just consummated their marriage.

Dyon laughed, not minding. But, the dao formation experts gave the young men a side-eye that made them turn their heads and pretend as though they hadn't done anything.

But, maybe the most surprising thing for them was that Luna wasn't embarrassed at all. She happily held onto her husband's arm as though nothing else in the world mattered.

However, their happy moment was interrupted by the loud voices of the guards at the entrance.

"State your names and purpose! The Viserion clan is not a land to tread on lightly!"

Dyon laughed inwardly. He had been here once before and these were the exact words they said them. How full of yourself did you have to be to have your guards rehearse lines to make you sound more mighty than you really were?

At this point, Merchant Brinsop stepped forward, taking his job very seriously. He knew that Dyon had spared his life to be the figure head in their starting an alliance and he knew time was short. It usually took weeks to months of building a trusting relationship in order for such a thing to happen, but, he only had 2 days to convince 5 clans, all of which were larger than the Angel Clan. And, he also had to somehow convince them to allow Dyon to lead their troops.
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At first, he thought it was a blessing for his king to allow him to live. After all, traitors were always sentenced to death. However, when he learned more about his task, he almost felt that maybe dying would have been the better option. At least then, he would be free of all of this stress.

What Merchant Brinsop didn't know was that Dyon only needed him to get a foot in the door. He had his own plans after analyzing the landscape of Planet Haven, and was quite confident in succeeding. The only troublesome clan would be this one, because it was led by a battle crazed idiot. And, unfortunately, that battle crazed idiot was also quite the genius.

He placed 5th in the last Universe Tournament… One might think that that meant that Dyon was leagues above him for finishing first. But, the truth of the matter was that he finished 5th with the cultivation of a peak essence gatherer!

While it was impressive that Dyon was able to place first with a lower saint level cultivation. The chasm between essence gathering and sainthood was as vast as day and night!

Think about it, a saint was someone who was tempered by a heavenly tribulation!

Rumor had it that this Viserion family was actually a branch family of the second Emperor God Clan in this universe. In fact, when they saw King Viserion's talent at the Universe Tournament, they tried to do everything in their power to recruit him. After all, the entire point of branch families was to provide talented youths to their higher branches to bolster the clan's overall power.

However, King Viserion directly refused. Stating that he wanted to cultivation to dao formation first, before raising up his branch clan to overtake the Viserion Emperor God Clan!

He was arrogant beyond belief! He was angered by the fact that those higher branches and main branches had dared to dismiss him simply due to his birth. So, he vowed to eradicate them all.

He completely disdained the idea of supposed elders changing their colors just because he showed a little talent. What if he hadn't been so talented? What if he couldn't overcome the struggles of growing up on such a weak planet?

He hated the martial world's system to its core. It hardly gave those of branch families a chance, and unless you were easily 10 or more times as talented as those of the branch family, you would never rise up.

King Viserion lost count of how many geniuses he had seen that could easily match up to main branch disciples, if only they had the resources. It was like being twice as good, just to achieve half the result.

So, he completely rejected the Emperor God Clan's offer, telling them to wash their necks and wait for him to mature. Who knows what would have happened had the Ahpuch clan not stepped in to suppress them? The Viserion clan might have directly killed the young prince.

Obviously, Dyon knew that the Ahpuch clan didn't do this out of kindness. If the young prince was an Ahpuch instead, it was likely that it would have been the Viserion clan stepping in to be "righteous". In truth, both clans would like nothing more than to see the other obliterated. So what if it was done by a no name genius?

Unfortunately for Dyon, the reason why King Viserion hated him was because he thought he had no backbone. How could a man like him, who faced off against an Emperor God Clan alone, threatening to eradicate them to their faces, be okay with having a friend who was such a coward?


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