Reaper of the Martial World
735 Second Trial 53
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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735 Second Trial 53

Those words made Dyon snap out of his thoughts. A low growl escaped him lips as he leapt up, shifting Luna's ass toward himself. He gripped her hips tightly, lowering his tip to her wet entrance and splitting her lips apart as he thrust forward.

He wasn't gentle, nor was he patient. He didn't even truly treat Luna as a woman anymore, to him, she was just a beast to be tamed.

Luna's voice cried out as the mixture of pain and pleasure made her mind go blank. She could feel Dyon pierce all the way to her womb, toying with the entrance as though he would force his way through before pulling back and slamming forward again.

Moans of pleasure filled the room as Luna shivered again and again, unable to control herself.

Dyon's mind with blank as well, he couldn't understand this feeling. Never in his life had he felt something so good. Luna was so tight, yet so wet… Her walls continuously convulsed around him as though they were purposely massaging his shaft.

"Husband," Luna's cries became more bestial as she grasped the cushions of the cough, almost tearing through them. "Finish inside me, don't you dare pull out."

Dyon reached down, pressing Luna's face in further down with his hand as he slapped her ass with the other. "Was that an order?"

Luna whimpered, "I'm sorry. Please."

Dyon laughed to himself. Taming this vixen was almost too easy.

However, in his glee, he hadn't noticed one thing. There was no boost in cultivation, nor was there a moment of his soul intertwining with Luna like it had for his other wives. It was almost like two mortals having sex. There were no abnormal signs at all…. It was like the universe turned a blind eye to their union as husband and wife. The problem was that they were both too lost in their world to notice.

What did happen though, although Dyon couldn't sense it, was an odd-looking primordial yin appeared in Dyon's inner world.

It was hard to pinpoint its color as it was shrouded in white fog. Only the faint flickers of silver shone through occasionally. Unlike the other primordial yins that acted as though they were sisters, this one didn't seem to resonate with the group. In fact, whenever Dyon's primordial yang tried to interact with it, an overwhelming power shut it out, causing Dyon's inner world to tremble.

Luckily, Dyon's primordial yang had his own personality and was stubborn. Although the primordial yin wanted to run away, chains of swirling colors erupted from Dyon's, wrapping domineeringly around the white fog.

The primordial yin shrouded in white fog shook in anger, somehow summoning tribulation lightning within Dyon's inner world and sending it down toward his primordial yang, wanting nothing more than to shatter it completely, ruining Dyon's vitality forever.

However, this was when Dyon's manifestation took action. It was seemingly angry that its goddess had transformed into a ball of light instead of a remaining the beauty by his side, so it wanted to vent. When it saw a woman dared to have relations with him, yet leave as though she was not his, his arrogance was ignited to another level.

6 wings of bright gold flashed outward as a roar that shook the inner world sounded out almost as though to say "How dare you!?".

It seemed that although Luna had submitted in the real world, her primordial disdained her activities. Although it wouldn't ever harm her owner, obviously, it would cripple the man who dared to take advantage of her.

Truth be told, it was surprised that it was taken into this odd world so easily. After all, it was unmatched in the world, how could a measly essence gatherer coax her here so easily? Even a half-step transcendent would be too small of a character for her. How could she withstand such humiliation?!

When she peaked out of the world with her senses to see her supposed body writhing with pleasure as it was plowed by an object that should have been much too large for her to handle, she almost felt a faint disgust toward her own self. She was raised as a prim and proper princess, and this was supposedly her virgin bed, so how did she become such a pervert so quickly?

All of those emotions whirled around until she decided to blame the man. It was all his fault. Only he could make her react like this. How often had Jabari made advances on her only to be ignored? And he was the strongest prince of an Empire God Clan of the first ranked quadrant in the cosmos! How had this man forced her into submission like this?!

The tribulation lightning stormed down from the skies, filling Dyon's inner world with raging storms and towering cumulonimbus clouds. However, the next moment shook the arrogant primordial yin to its core.

The moment the manifestation finished its roar and spread out its golden wings, the 6 flaming black-gold circles to its back started to spin visciously, only stopping when one containing a flashing arc of lightning stopped at the very top.

It flew into the skies as blinding speeds before stopping like a God amongst the clouds. Raging lightning swarmed around it as the tribulation lightning fell, holding within it the blinding red of chaos and destruction.

In the next instant, it slammed into the manifestation.

At that very moment, outside in the real world, Dyon was grasping Luna's silver hair and pulling her up and into him, wrapping one arm around her waist firmly as he held her slender neck in the other. He relentlessly slammed into her, causing Luna to drip with a sweet fragrant liquid as her moans grew louder… Only to be stopped by Dyon's rough lips meeting her own.

In the last seconds, Dyon pulled back one more time before slamming forward with a force he held almost nothing back in, releasing a gushing and thick white liquid into Luna without any thought of consequences.

At the same time, in the inner world, the streak of red lightning did nothing to Dyon's manifestation. Instead, it met endless golden arcs of lightning that formed into a dragon and roared at it, causing it to quake in submission.

In the end, the red lightning submitted as the foggy primordial yin watched in shock. The chains sent out by Dyon's primordial yang took hold of the moment to fully control Luna's arrogant primordial yin, thrusting it down and away from the group as punishment, as though it wanted it to think about its actions.

Dyon's manifestation looked down with a blaze of fury in its eyes, causing the primordial yin to tremble. "Never think of betraying me again." were what its eyes said.

Dyon wouldn't find out about having Luna's primordial yin within him for a long time, nor would he know that his primordial yang and chained and sealed it, hiding it from his presence.

No matter how arrogant Dyon's primordial yang and manifestation were, they understood just how powerful Luna's primordial yin had to be to cause such a thing in their presence… So they knew that their true body wasn't ready to handle it…

In the end, their only option was to hide it from him, waiting for the day Dyon unlocked the mystery that was Luna Sacharro.
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That said, Dyon did benefit from this. In a moment, he would realize that his Heaven's Blessing, Perception, and Presence all got a massive upgrade…


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