Reaper of the Martial World
734 Second Trial 52
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Reaper of the Martial World
Author :Awespec
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734 Second Trial 52

Luna's loins imploded with a fiery heat the moment Dyon's liquid touched her tongue. Her snow-white skin flushed completely, blazing with a fiery red. And yet, to Dyon's surprise, her eyes remained clear and unfettered by lust.

At first, Dyon thought that Luna was much better than he thought then. After all, hadn't he just been wondering what her true cultivation was? Without his soul, he had no way of checking. And if she was too high level, even if he had his soul, he wouldn't be able to. The point was that only with overwhelming power could you ignore the effects Dyon had on your body as a woman.

However, the next moment shattered all of those thoughts.

Luna stood, turning her alluring back to Dyon and allowing him to see the plump ass that filled out her petite figure.

She bent down, slowly removing her slightly transparent white panties. Dyon's vision was suddenly assaulted by a delicate pink flower that had a faint moistness to it.

"Husband." Luna didn't look back. "If you reject me today, I'll never speak to you again."

Dyon arms moved swiftly, barely allowing the words to leave her mouth before he pulled her down and into his embrace. Luna seemed so small sitting on his lap, but when she felt the heat of her husband's rod separating the lips of her pink flower, her mind went blank of any such thoughts.

"You've been teasing me all this time." Dyon voice came out in a low rumble, causing Luna to heat up even further, feeling his every words reverberate in her mind. "And you think you can just get what you want by threatening me? If you want it, I'll make you bend down on all fours and beg for me to pierce you."

Luna's breathing quickened as Dyon's hot breath played on her ears. His lips wrapped around their outer edges, gently sucking.

Luna's moans immediately filled the room as Dyon's hands went to work with a skill far beyond his age. After all, he had fully integrated with his master's memories now.

It turned out that Dyon's master had, in fact, locked away some of her most indecent memories. It was just that there were so many of them she couldn't get to all of them. As such, what Dyon had been seeing before was only a percent of a percent that his master didn't get to seal. But, once Dyon became the owner of the seal, his master no longer had the qualifications to hide anything from him. Now, he suddenly had thousands of times more experience than he had before.

One could say that Dyon now had the qualifications to make a woman who had lived hundreds of thousands of years beg for him. How could he not handle an innocent princess who had only lived a few decades?

The 25th White Mother's memories weren't simply about sex. It was dual cultivation of the highest grade. There was no secret that beasts were top class in this branch of cultivation, so it was no surprise that his master and his martial father had reached such a high class, and it was also no wonder that the Dragon King had insisted on giving Dyon a proper dual cultivation technique when his cultivation was unsealed.

Luna stood no chance.

Dyon's large hands showed a nimbleness that shouldn't have been possible, passing through Luna's slit and gently playing with her inner thighs to a level that made her hips squirm. Her teeth clenched, not saying a word, but inwardly, she was begging him to touch her directly, to play with her delicate button and to delve deep within her. But, Dyon showed a restraint that made her go crazy.
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And then, it got worse.

All this time, Dyon hadn't once used his aurora flames. He had only relied on his body to send Luna to the edge, only to pull her back before she got there each and every time. It was to the point where Luna turned her head back toward Dyon, unable to stop from glaring at him before forcing her lips onto his.

The moment their tongues intertwined, the purple-gold aurora flame stone hanging from Dyon's neck began to glow.

The combination of Dyon's saliva dripping down her throat and the sudden surge of gentle flames coursing through her made Luna's mind go blank.

Suddenly, Dyon's fingers made their way to her clit, tapping lightly.

In the next instant, Luna's back arched as her first orgasm exploded out from her. "Oh God!"

Luna's exclamations were so loud that the personal guard following them on this trip could almost hear it clearly, causing them to look at each other and grin before pretending as though they hadn't heard anything. After all, they were all Dyon's best friends, the only thing they liked more than one of their brothers getting women was themselves getting a woman.

However, the two older dao formation experts looked at the young men and just shook their heads, pretending they too hadn't heard anything.

Unfortunately for Luna, Dyon no longer had the ability to put up concealment formations as easily as he once used to. But, in the state she was in now, Dyon think she cared about being heard anyway. She was lost in her own little world because Dyon's hands didn't stop, nor did they show any remorse.

He held Luna's petite body against him tightly, stopping her from escaping the pleasure.

"I need it." Luna gasped, breathing out her words and no longer caring.

Dyon grinned. "What was that?"

He allowed Luna to get up, watching her intently as she crawled along the couch. Her plump ass stuck in the air, waving around seductively as she obediently placed her soft cheek on the couch.

"Please punish me, my King." Luna's eyes were no longer clear. They were completely overwhelmed by unbridled lust.

Dyon was almost at a lost for words. It was only now that he understood just how serious Luna was about liking forcefulness. She didn't just like the fact her senses were being overwhelmed, she liked the fact she was being held down and wasn't allowed to escape it. She was, without a doubt, a full-blown masochist.

At this point, another odd thought flashed by in Dyon's mind. If this was Luna's true face, it was no wonder she'd betray him. How could such a perverted woman survive without being touched by her husband for so long? Dyon could only imagine the things she did to herself while he was gone.

"Please." Luna's voice pleaded, thinking that she hadn't been clear enough with her begging. "You can have any hole you want."


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